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Hello everyone..

This is a little different from my regular blog. But some of you might not know I brought a book out called “OUT” it’s about…

Years of being bullied for being gay and how I overcame them, It takes a close look at my experiences growing up and learning to accept my true self.

My mission is to end bullying once and for all my autobiographical story about my struggles with peer pressure and coming to grips with my sexuality at a young age gives readers a personal insight into the life of a young man’s growth and my newfound ability to embrace who I am. My aim is to inspire people of all walks of life so that they can be proud of who they are.

First page…

Page 2..

I like to share with the world worldwide that if this is you right now, everything will be ok and i never change who you are!

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Connor Hunter Interview with Scott McGlynn

MTV ex on the beach hunk Connor Hunter interview we talked about drama, TV shows, Fitness, grooming tips and underwear….


Scott – You appeared on MTV Ex on the Beach, How life been after? 
Connor –  very interesting…

Scott – EOTB is full of drama, Whats your life like? Drama or Drama free?
Connor – I always seem to have drama follow me.

Scott –  Love your soundcloud site, Has DJing always been a interested of yours? 
Connor –  yeah i’ve been djing for about a year now, i’ve played around UK and last summer abroad.

Scott – Will we be seeing you coming around clubs DJ soon? 
Connor  – yes this year i will be smashing it 100%

Scott –  Your into fitness, How do we get a body like yours? 
Connor – yes i love to train and keep healthy that’s for sure, specially with the amount of partying i do aha

Scott – What is your fitness daily routine?
Connor  – i train 6 days a week for around 1.5 hours a day, i do try to diet but not as strict as when i was competing.

Scott –  Modelling we can see the camera loves you, What’s been your best shoot so far?
Connor – yeah i really enjoy modelling, i don’t have a favourite as I’ve loved them all and cant wait to do more

Scott –  Have you been offered any other TV shows like “The only way is Essex” or game shows like Big Brother?                                                                                                                  Connor – yes me and my manger have had several talks with possible TV shows.. but cant confirm anything 😉

Scott –  I think most of the ladies will love a 2017 calendar, Can you make this happen? 
Connor  – yes one is being done very soon

Scott –  Out of CK and Hugo Boss which underwear would you wear? 
Connor – CK all the way there NAWTY

Scott –  What your top 3 grooming tips, and why?  
Connor – cheeky Tan that’s on point , fresh hair cut , good eye brows .


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Sam Callahan interview with Scott McGlynn

I met with Sam Callahan, A X-Factor UK star, Who’s music career has rocketed, We chatted about X-Factor, Louie Walsh, New Music and The Perfect Date…



Scott: We know you from the x-factor 2013 tell me how did you find the experience?
Sam: X Factor was an incredible experience. Don’t get me wrong it deffo matey had its ups and downs, it was practically an emotional rollercoaster but it created so many amazing opportunities for me that I’m so lucky to have as a young artist in the industry and I got to perform a whole two month arena tour after would’s which is a dream come true for me!
Scott: Louis Walsh was your mentor how did you find him? And if you could of chosen any judge who would it be and why?
Sam: Louis was really funny, he’s a good guy! I think the British public believe that the mentors have more to do with helping you along your way in the show than they actually do though. My personal feeling is that I got to where I got in the show because I didn’t stop working.
I was last to bed each night and first up in the morning, if I wasn’t filming I was practicing and that would remain the same no matter who my judge was… However if I had to choose a judge… It’d be Nicole. Say no more. Ooft!!!
Scott: This year will be the last year of the X-Factor on ITV, Do you think its time the show needs a break?
Sam: They say that every year though don’t they? I do think so to be honest, in 2013 the did 42 arena dates and sold most of them out but last year they did 14 and I think sold out about one!
Also Louisa’s song bless her didn’t do as well as previous winner singles. Which baffles me, because personally I believe she’s one of the best things to come out of the show.
I think the public are just getting tired of X Factor now, I also think they see through a lot of the fake side of tv with the show now.
Scott: Recently you done a interview and photo-shoot with GT magazine how was it getting half naked for the camera?
Sam: I have to say I’m not usually shy to take my kit off, it’s the sort of thing I’d do anyway when I’ve had a skin full and can’t walk straight with my friends.
However the only awkward thing was the videographer who was dotting about, because whilst concentration on the actual shoot, you had to make sure you weren’t giving him any strange or intrusive angles! It was slightly off putting to be honest!
Scott: Your new single “I Love It When You” released 12th April 2016, Can you tell us about it?
Sam: Sure I’d love to!
After X Factor I spent a while very confused about my artistic direction. Partly down to the vast amount of different advice and opinions you get fired at you from all angles whilst you’re in a show like that.
But In the show they made me out to be like a Essex boy / Ken doll, who would sing a little too… that was never my niche market!
I love all sorts of music so dipped in and out of a couple of genres, released an EP called “BiggerThings” in November 2015 which I’d say was along the lines of ‘The Script and Lawson’ still a sound I feel very passionate about, however NOW finally I’ve found my sound, the place in music where my writing and vocal belongs and sits perfectly.
Dance music! I got together with a group of producers and DJs called ‘AudioFreaks’ and created ‘I LOVE IT WHEN YOU’.
Before being fully released the song hit Number 1 in a DJ chart called ‘KingsOfSpin’ in the USA, then hit top 10 best selling preorders here in the UK on iTunes and was fighting for a spot with Zayne Maliks new track!
Then on the day it was released wen number 5 in the iTunes chart, number 5 in the MuiscWeek Commercial pop chart UK and top 20 in the RunDMC Pop chart!
The song went mad!!!
I even heard it played in a club when I was in Miami for one night by pure coincidence!
Safe to say that this is where my future is at and that ‘I LOVE IT WHEN YOU’ has been my first real successful release.
‘ILOVE IT WHEN YOU’ is now being licensed with different major record labels around the world for release in many different countries whilst I work with the boys from AudioFreaks, Soulshaker and the the likes of Freaktone records to create my next big thing… and boy it’s going to be huge!
Scott: Will we be seeing a album to follow?
Sam: Yes there will fingers crossed, but right now I’m creating a genuinely credible hype in the dance music industry with some of the biggest DJs, mixers and dance producers on the planet and that is something that has to be handled with care if I want to carry on doing so!
So I’m taking my time on this one.
Scott: Will we be seeing you on tour this year?
Sam: I’m not sure yet. There has been a lot of talk about but nothing concrete that I can reveal just yet. With things finally doing as well as they are in music for me, that’s the most important thing for me to be concentrating on. I love seeing my fans and of course I want to travel around and meet them all, but I believe you can’t call yourself a musician if you’re not making music.
Right now is for me about being the best version of myself that I can be and focusing on the next musical project at hand.
Scott: If you have to choose to be on Celebrity Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity or Strictly which one would it be and why?
Sam: ‘I’m a celebrity’, would deffo be more suited to me. I’m a little wild myself and Without blowing my own trumpet, I literally have no fears, so I reckon I’d be pretty good at it!
Shall we give it a go do you think? Haha.
Scott: Finally, what would be your perfect date?
Sam: My perfect date would be something out of the box, a little wild. Maybe, sky diving, a quad bike safari, something along those lines. I don’t like to sit in silence on dates munching on food.
I want a girl with a bit of bite to her, so let me see that exciting side!
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Tim Oliver Interview With Scott McGlynn

Tim Oliver is best know as a Ricky Gervais lookalike, We talked what it’s like living the life of being a lookalike and the show channel 4 show lookalikes.


unnamed (1)


Scott –  We all seen you on the TV show “LookALikes” as Ricky Gervais how did it come about?

Ive been in the entertainment industry for many years and have been a Ricky double for 12yrs. When Ricky became famous as David Brent in “the office” I was running my own entertainment business. I was constantly being asked “are you that bloke from that documentary on BBC2?” or “oi mate, do that dance” etc
My secretary finally convinced me to be a Lookalike in 2004 and I had a photo shoot and sent my pictures to lookalike agencies. I immediately got a booking from an agent called Fake Faces, the owner Jez Lee, asked me where I had been hiding, he said he has Del Boy, Basil Fawlty, Ali G, but he had been searching for two years for the latest and funniest comedy character to come out of Britain, a David Brent. I haven’t looked back since.
Scott – Was there any audition process for the show? If yes what did you have to do?
Tim – I was approached a long time ago, along with Andy Harmer aka David Beckham & Martin Jordan aka Gordon Ramsay, by Knickerbokerglory the production company for Lookalikes. We were on BGT in 2010 as “The Chippendoubles” where we got through to the live semi finals. We have had over 40 million views on youtube and still perform together at many different events. After BGT, we were asked to be on Louie Spences Showbusiness and had cameo rolls on five episodes, we kept in touch with Knickerboker after that and were asked to head up Lookalikes last year. Series one has been such a overwhelming success, we have been asked to work on story lines for series2.

Scott –  Do you get stopped in the street people actually thinking you are Ricky Gervais? 
Tim – People are funny!. When they have had a drink you get approached all the time, but during the day its not so often, however, a woman walked past me in Victoria the other day and paused and said hi, I said hi back and thought, where do I know her from, have i seen her on tinder? but then I realized, she thought I was Ricky. Even after this long, I sometimes forget i look like Ricky. 

Scott –  What so far has been a highlight of yours?
Tim – I have many highlights, the five that stand out the most, are when I was asked to be Rickys body double on the Muppet movie. Meeting Ricky and chatting for a couple of hours. being asked to perform in Australia for two weeks. Performing on BGT with my 6 brothers the chippendoubles. Staring on the Lookalikes TV show for Channel4.

Scott – Have you got any embarrassing moments you can share with us? 
Tim – A lot, but cant really share them with you, however, heres one just to give you something. I was meeting & greeting at an event as David Brent, fully in character at the front door. A pregnant lady walked through the door and I said “alright love, we met before” she said “really” I said “yeah, about 9 months ago hahaha” as David Brent would, she said “fuck you mate, im not fucking pregnant you cunt”. suffice to say, ive not made that mistake again.

Scott –  I know you met Ricky, What was he like? What was his reaction like meeting you?
Tim – We had a great laugh, he said he reckons his Dad shagged my Mum, He looked at my teeth and said “your fangs are straight and mine are crooked, you should have plastic surgery to look more like mine” i said, “no Rick, im not having anymore plastic surgery operations to be like you, ive already had a penis reduction, boom!…. He pissed himself laughing.

Scott –  Has there been anyone else people say you lookalike?
Tim – I sometimes I get mistaken for George Clooney or Ryan Reynolds

Scott – Can people higher you for events and personal appearances as Ricky? 
Tim – Yes, I have relied on that fact for over 12yrs, I host award ceremonies (Golden Globe Ricky style) I do personal appearances and speeches at Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries etc, I perform spoof motivational speeches as David Brent at conferences and sales meetings etc. I produce Corporate Videos for all types of businesses, but my favourite thing is my recent performance as a David Brent Tribute Act, singing all of Ricky’s songs from his upcoming movie “Life on the Road, with David Brent”
Scott –  The show is full of comedy, Is this something you always been into? Have you ever done stand up comedy?
Tim – I am a massive fan of Ricky and comedy in general, I often perform stand up as a mix up of Ricky Gervais and David Brent with a bit of Derek rolled into the mix, I like to get some audience participation as it makes the whole evening more personal to them and if the customer has the budget, I bring a brilliant Gareth Keenan aka Brett Sirell into the stand up with his health & safety presentation and a bit of close up magic thrown in, its hilarious and its my favourite thing to do.

Scott – What advice can you give someone starting out in the lookalike business or acting?
Tim – Don’t just take it from ya mum saying, “ooh, you really look like them”….No, If you are approached on the street by absolute strangers during the day, then take it seriously, learn your character, hone your craft and focus on the most famous and recognizable thing your celebrity has done. Its the most rewarding thing you will do. Its a fact you look like a celebrity, don’t waste it, embrace it, it will be the best thing you have ever done.


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Damien O’Brien interview with Scott McGlynn

Damien O’Brien is well known magician to the stars and TV from Alexandra Burke to Kesha, He’s travelled worldwide to show his amazing talent, I caught up with Damien for a Q&A enjoy…

unnamed (7)
Scott – We seen you on “BBC 3 Killer Magic” what was it like? Did you enjoy the experience?
Damien – Killer Magic was a lot of fun to film , it gave us all a chance to show off our talents and to also reach a new audience , I personally loved the experience as I got to work with 4 amazing magicians incredible directors and producers plus I got to try out big illusions and tricks I have always wanted to do what was fun.
Scott – Your well known for your tricks with celebrities who has been your favourite and why?
Damien –  I would have to say Nelly has still been my favourite just because of his reactions he was so chilled out and just loved every second of it , but Alexandra Burke is a close second for me as she goes cray when you pull off a trick to her , see for me its not always about who I’m performing to its more about getting that great reaction
Scott – Out of everything you do from magician to hypnotist which is your number 1 trick is your personal favourite? 
Damien – Hmmmm that’s a tough question as I have so many , but I think my favourite trick was from Killer Magic doing the card in the fish as it was so random and the guys just went absolutely crazy when the found their signed card in the fish , its reactions like that what makes magic so much fun for me.
Scott – Has there ever been a time something went wrong? If yes explain what happened.
Damien – Yeah sometimes things ain’t gone right and I have to fix it like I might get the wrong card and then I just have to make it lookalike I did that on purpose and recover you would never know I did something wrong as a good magician can recover.
Scott –  Have you got any plans doing a UK tour visiting city’s?
Damien  – I don’t have plans for a UK tour as I’m not really a stage magician so all my work is private booked but who knows maybe one day ill decide to create a stage show.
Scott – I recently brought out my book called “OUT” dealing with sexuality and bulling in school, If you have something to people getting bullied in school or workplaces what would it be?
Damien – It would be don’t be afraid to talk to people and let others help sometimes we are to proud to admit these things and to admit we need help , so my advise is you should never have to be bullied by anyone so never be afraid to ask people for help.
Scott – Is their anyone you like to meet to do tricks on that you haven’t already? 
Damien – I always wanted to do magic to Eminem I grew up listening to his music the man is a genius so that would 100% be my first choice.
Scott – Now with BGT back on our TV screen, any magicians you enjoyed watching?
Damien – I think there has only been one magician i haven’t  watched to much of BGT I never do , but the one I saw he seemed OK hopefully we will see some more magicians.
Scott – What advice would you give young magician’s starting out?
Damien – PRACTICE !!! and perform as much as possible as it will help so much I know so many magicians who are skilled but can’t perform , the performance is everything I say its a good 80% and the other 20% is pulling of the trick so practice and perform as much as you can.
Scott – *This is a request question from your fans* Do you have snapchat?
 I have snapchat a lot of time its me posting up food and photos after the gym my add is the same as my Twitter , Facebook and Instagram DamienMagician , if you want to watch my tricks in action then subscribe to my YouTube channel
unnamed (8)
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Loren Green Interview with Scott McGlynn

The gorgeous Loren Green is well known for “EX ON THE BEACH” S2, I sat down with her to talk blogs, make-up, selfie tips and Mr right!



Scott – What can you tell us about  your experience on MTV Ex On The Beach?

Loren:  At the time it was so strange as it’s totally out of my comfort zone. I’m more of a homely shy girl but I’m glad I done it, it boosted my confidence and made me grow up and learn a lot about people.

Scott –  Any regrets doing the show?

Loren: No regrets

Scott –  Do you still see / speak to anyone?

Loren: Speak to a couple of them occasionally 🙂

Scott –  You have your own blog site what can you tell us about it?

Loren: It’s all about beauty fashion and the occasional lifestyle posts. My own personal diary basically.

Scott –  Is it been something you always been interested in?

Loren: I’ve always loved arriving notes and keeping a diary and have had a blog for sometime but never had the courage to go public with it. And finally when I did I’m so happy with how it’s going – it’s been madness this month but so worth it.

Scott – You have some good selfie photo on your instagram what tips can you give?

Loren: All about lighting and a good camera. I’m not a fan of phone cameras so my blog one is perfect for that quick snap. + knowing your good side is a bonus as well, most my pictures are facing the same way.

Scott –  Some girls asked me on twitter… which make-up are you using right now? and which ones to stay well away from?

Loren: I LOVE Mac and sleek. My skin doesn’t take to well to a lot of brands they can make me come out in spots so i tend to stick to the same brands.

Scott –  how is your love life? met that Mr right?

Loren: Yes I’ve been with my boyfriend Steven for over a year now. He’s the one!

Scott – who inspires you?

Loren: My boyfriend – he’s always motivating me and telling me I can do things even when I think I can’t. He gives me confidence when I don’t have it.

Scott –  is there anything you can tell us what to expect from you in 2016?

Loren: YouTube will be happening for sure I can’t wait just to expand my blog and reach out to more people.


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Olivia Walsh Interview with Scott McGlynn

I sat down with the Ex on the Beach star, The gorgeous Olivia Walsh we talked Rumors, Snapchats and Fashion…  



Scott –  We’re seeing you on Ex On The Beach S4, How was/Is the experience? 

Olivia – It was the craziest but best experience. It was emotionally challenging with me being around my ex but I am so glad I did it as it gave me the closure I needed to move on from him and be happy
Scott –  You we’re with some familiar faces Megan & Scotty T how were they to work with?
Olivia – I love Scotty T, he’s hilarious and someone you could really talk to ! Megan really had my back in the villa too!
Scott –  EX on the Beach has drama, Is your life drama free or does it follow you? 
Olivia – I hate drama!! Some people thrive off it but I am the most chilled out person, my life is a drama-free zone!
Scott –  We seen some successful people come off the show, What would you like to have after filming?
Olivia – I have a few things in the pipe line that I’m working on and can’t talk about as of yet but watch this space 😉
Scott –  Your into your fitness, What’s your weekly routine?
Olivia – I love fitness! If I’m honest I have slacked the past couple of weeks but my strict routine begins next week!
I do 40 minutes of cardio a day and also spend around 30-40 minutes using weights on different muscle groups each day
Scott –  Any tips or advice you can give the ladies to get your gorgeous figure?
Olivia – I’m quite lucky as I could eat what I want and not gain much weight. But I do see a huge difference when I cut out carbs from diet and even just doing 40 minutes of exercise every other day you will feel fab!
Scott –  I love your snapchats, Do you have some odd random people sending you things? 
Olivia – I have my snapchats set so only my friends can send them to me, I had it open for a bit and a man sent me several pictures of his willy next to various random objects. So that was the end of that one for me!
Scott – You have amazing taste in fashion, Is this something you like to get more involved in? 
Olivia – I would love to get involved with fashion. I am a massive lingerie lover, it’s a slight obsession so that is something I’d love to get into. I have a degree in International Fashion Marketing so could put it to use 😉
Scott –  Have your heard or read some things about you, That is just not true and like to clear up? 
Olivia – I haven’t read anything I feel that needs clearing up. Just as the show aired I read an article that I was with Scotty T and waiting for him to leave Big Brother which wasn’t true! we are just friends 🙂
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Alex Reid Q&A With Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Alex Reid for a good chat and what 2016 plans


Scott – I know you like your martial arts tell me what did you learn, what’s your favourite and why?

Alex – I initially found studying at school very dull, so my Peter Pan mind-set would often travel to adventures fighting bad guys and monsters Being ever so slightly boisterous and getting into trouble, learning Kung Fu to emulate my hero Bruce Lee was natural. I was amazed by the big kicks, seemingly being able to fly through the air. I’d often practise flicking off light switches with my feet around my mums house as a kid. I can’t remember breaking too many things so I guess I worked it out quite quickly!

Scott – You played “Jason in Hollyoaks” how was it? How come you left?

Alex – My character Jason was captain for the England football team and ended up moving to Spain on a transfer. Also my character’s then wife Gerrie, (Joanna Taylor) left the show, so as Jason was brought in mainly as side story for her, it made more sense for me to go. But in the show, Jason is still alive. As they often bring back people from long ago in soaps, who knows, Jason could return to Chester? That would be fun!

Scott – We all know you from cage rage, what did you do to prepare yourself before a fight?

Alex – I used to live in the gym. My routine involved training with weights, running, swimming, kickboxing, wrestling, Jujitsu, boxing, yoga, hypnosis and eating a super clean diet. It doesn’t sound like much fun but it was incredible.

Scott –  If you were to give any advice for someone starting “Cage Fighting” what will it be?

Alex -You not only have to believe in yourself but it’s so important to get a good team behind you who believe in and support you. I started off pretty much on my own but went on to find the right support network which brings so much more to your performance and what you can bring to a fight.

Scott –  You keep yourself in good shape tell us what is your fitness routine?  

Alex – I train when I feel like it these days, but I continue to really listen to my body. Sometimes I push myself to train when I don’t feel like it, but generally I only train if I’m motivated. I plan on training every morning for about an hour before breakfast

Scott – You won celebrity big brother in 2010! Tell us what was the experience like? Do you still speak to any of your fellow housemates?

Alex – It was like being in a very surreal dream to be honest. Unfortunately I don’t speak to anyone from my experience in the house, though I’m sure if I bumped into anyone we’d have a nice friendly chin wag.

Scott –  If you could pick any actor or actress to work with who would it be?

Alex – Wow I admire so many but top of my list would be Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Richard Burton. No longer with us but I just loved their era. As well as being simply fantastic actors, I so admired their charm, sophistication and their voices! They were class acts.

Scott – You always look smart and well groomed, tell me what’s your top 3 brands you like to shop?

Alex – I’m not a label snob when it comes to clothes, I wear what makes me feel good. On a designer front I do like D & G &  Reis, although I’m equally comfortable in Marks and Spencer’s or Primark!

Scott – What will we be expecting from you this year?

Alex – This is a busy year. I have an autobiography coming out, there are various documentaries in production also. There will be a little more acting, my own stage show and on top of that a new health and fitness workout! I like to keep myself occupied and this is just the start.


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Marcus Collins – Interview with Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Marcus Collins, we talked about Gay rights, Musicals, X-Factor and more…. 


Scott – Not everyone might know this but you were in a boyband call “Eton Road” how did you find the boyband experience? Why did you leave? 

Marcus – Being in a boyband was an eye opener, I learnt a lot. Mainly that I prefer to be a solo artist but I learnt valuable lessons in the business that I believe helped me get to the finals of The X Factor  

S. We all know you from the X-Factor 2011, how was Gary Barlow as a mentor? 

M. He was great and remains a pillar for me, a great source of guidance for my future and in my career.

S. My personal favourite you preformed on the show was “Reet Petite” what was your favourite song you preformed and your least? 

M. That was also my favourite !! I really didn’t want to sing Rhianna Russian Roulette because it felt so low and not me, but I grew and spoke up for myself and the following week was much better, every week subsequently to that was an improvement 

S. You made it to the final! That must of been an amazing feeling! How has the show changed your life?

M. I was able to travel the world singing, at one point was signed to the same record label as my idol Beyoncé, I wrote my own top 10 album, performed in front of Royalty, headlined Liverpool gay pride, performed with Gary Barlow at the Royal Albert Hall! I’ve toured the UK with my band, I’ve starred in musical theatre and been on the West End and made a better life for myself and family. It was worth all of the hard work.

S. Your debut album was released in 2012, what was it like recording the album? Did you choose all the tracks yourself? Which was your favourite? 

M. It was a little rushed recording the album but I really enjoyed the process. I chose and wrote 8 out of 11 on the album – my favourite is probably ‘Feel Like I Feel’ or ‘It’s Time’… Or ‘Don’t Surrender’ in fact I love ‘Break These Chains’ they all hold a place in my heart and take me back instantly to true feelings at the time of writing. 

S. We seen you take the musical stage in hairspray and kinky boots, was this something you were always passionate about? 

M. Always! I’ve always loved musicals because I love singing and dressing up, dancing and everything dramatic! Haha! I trained in school and college and love it! 

S. Will we be seeing you in anymore musicals? 

M – Hopefully… I’d love to be Lola in Kinky Boots or Fiyero in Wicked 

S. What’s your favourite musical movie? 

M – Probably Hairspray as it blows my mind every time… Or Dreamgirls

S. Being in a open gay relationship, what is your thoughts of same sex couples becoming parents? 

M – I think the more the merrier ! If you are capable and willing and have enough love to spare then you should have a family if you want one.

S. It was a big story about Winston on celebrity big brother saying about it being child abuse! What’s your thoughts on it? 

M – He’s a prick!  Simple as! 

S. Will we be seeing you and Robin tying the knot any time soon? 

M – Haha it’s early days 

S. Finally, what will we be seeing from you in 2016? 

M – Stay tuned…. 🙂