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Jinkx Monsoon Interview By Scott McGlynn

Winner of Season 5 RuPaul’s Drag Race Jinkx Monsoon exclusive Interview

By Scott McGlynn 

We talked about RuPaul, Bullying and Future plans. 


Scott McGlynn: When did you realise you wanted to do drag?

Jinkx Monsoon: I knew from a very early age that there was something that made me different from other little boys…

I remember stealing pieces of my mom`s wardrobe; Halloween costume pieces, lingerie, makeup, accessories etc…. I would sneak these things our of her room and wait till everyone was asleep, then I would get up in the middle of the night to dress up and see what I looked like. When I saw my first drag show at age 14, I knew it wasn’t gonna be long before I was doing it myself… and it wasn’t! I started doing drag legitimately at age 15!

SM: You were AMAZING on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” how was the hole experience for you?

JM: Thank you! You wanna know about my “hole experience?”

HAHA! My whole experience on drag race was surreal. I mean I can look back on those filming days and I remember details as though it happened last week!

Overall the experience was nerve wracking! It truly is the Olympics of drag… actually its more like, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire… You know? The Tri-wizard cup and all that? It was like, every day someone could be taken by mermaids or swallowed whole in a hedge maze and you just had to keep chugging along.

SM: To top it off you won season 5!

How’s your life been since winning the show?

JM: Life has been worth living Scott. Ha ha.

No, honestly I worked my ass off before drag race and working my ass off now…

The only difference is I do it on a global scale now instead of a “local scale.” To have a career in this business, It’s not just about notoriety, Attitude, work ethic, commitment, and passion are what make you successful in this field… And going on TV helps!

SM: Your album “The Inevitable Album” a HUGE hit!

Have you got any plans for another?

JM: Thank you so much! “The Inevitable Album” was a passion project between me and my music partner, Major Scales. Major and I have been working together for almost 8 years now, so WELL before drag race happened for me. He is a brilliant composer, and amazing partner to have on stage, and beyond all of that, one of my best friends. He is gracious enough to share his original music with me and let me be the voice that brings it to the forefront. I LOVE the Bette Midler/Barry Manilow vibe we have generated together and its a blessing to have him on my team.

We ARE working on a  second album. Whereas the first one was quite distinctly a cabaret influenced, jazzy, torch song album- this next one is going to be much more Rock and Ska influenced with a  bit of a 90s garage band throwback sound to it.

It is going to be almost entirely original music by Major and Myself, we are working on some wonderful collaborations and guest features on the album, and its going to be called “The Ginger Snapped.” Everyone at Monsoon Enterprises is VERY excited about this project.

SM: What advice would you give to someone starting drag?

JM: Everything you need to know is on YouTube. If you have a question about how to do something and can’t find someone in your neck of the woods to teach you, YouTube is your friend.

Beyond that drag is a community thing, It is very much an experience to be shared with friends, I don’t make any decisions on new looks, new numbers, or new projects without consulting my beat friends who I trust and have a mutual respect for. No one is good at EVERYTHING.

Drag is about playing to your own strengths (and having others help you mask your weaknesses. ha ha)


SM: Has suffering from narcloepsy effected your work in the past? 

JM: It is an obstacle that I have to overcome, But it doesn’t stop me in any way. I was just in rehearsal today where I had to take a little nap just so that I could get through the evening schedule… So it can be frustrating and it can prove challenging, But it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’ve suffered from my symptoms since I was 17, so I have a pretty good handle on them now at 29. OH GOD!

SM: How do you manage, Do you have any secret remedies? 

JM: You know, its just all about listening to your body. But that goes for anything! I am a very privileged person in the fact that I get to set my own schedule to some degree, and I am in a position of power within my career, so I am able to shape my data round what I need to be my best.

When I was working muggle jobs and trying to fit into the real world, I just had to power through. I was taking Guarana supplements just to keep me wired and awake throughout the day… only to later find that that self treatment was exacerbating my symptoms. So my best advice is- talk to a doctor and be %100 honest with them.


SM: Earlier this year I brought out my first ever book my memoir called “OUT” dealing with my sexuality from age 11 and getting bullied throughout school and work, Now i’m working on a show to meet people of all ages getting bullied to help them, And help people needing advice coming out.

How was your coming out experience?

JM: I had a very privileged coming out experience I was born and raised in a very progressive liberal city (Portland, OR) and my family made it very clear to me that there was nothing I could do to make them stop loving me.

Not every kid gets that… not every kid has a family that would accept them for deviating from the norm in that way. It makes me extremely sad and frustrated, because I know it is our society telling families that they can’t love their queer kids not the families themselves.

People get indoctrinated by societal sheep mentality and they forget to love unconditionally… It breaks my heart. Which is why I have always tried to pay it forward. I was so blessed by having such a supportive family and community, that I have committed much of my life to being an advocate for queer rights and have tried to spread a message of love to anyone who will hear it.


SM: Have you EXPERIENCED bullying in school or work life? 

JM: Absolutely!! I mean not to the extend of some of the queer bullying horror stories you hear… but I was harassed and tormented in high school not only for my sexuality but also my gender presentation.

Being queer and expressing yourself outside of the gender binary, While within the American public school system it’s ROUGH! Their’s no way around that.

It gets better every year… but until the leaders of our country treat queer and trans individuals like unquestioned equals, you can’t expect the bullying in the schools to ever stop completely.

SM: Tell me 3 facts about yourself?


1. I don’t eat eggs… like cooked eggs by themselves? Scrambled, sunny side up, omelet…. none of it! I just can’t stomach them.

2. I have a bit of scent fetish. A guy can win me over with his smell.

3. When I am REALLY hooked on a video game, I have dreams about it. I was just having dreams about “Overwatch” because I am separated from my PS4 currently.

SM: Tell me 3 things you can not live without? 


-Bubble Baths

-Video Games

-Red Hair Dye

SM: What can we expect from the FABULOUS Jinkx Monsoon in 2016 / 2017?  

JM: My new album will be coming out in the spring/summer of 2017.

I continue to work on creating new materiel and original shows, so that I may continue to globe trot around bringing my original work to any country that’ll take me in.

OH! and I have talked with a very good friend of mine an AMAZING author Sam Lansky, who has just published his first memoir “The Gilded Razor,” which is already getting huge acclaim… Sam and I spoke briefly about collaborating to write my own memoir. Writing a book about my crazy upbringing and telling my story form my own perspective has been an idea of mine for sometime. But I don’t claim to be as skilled a writer as I am a performer… so with Sam’s help, Hopefully this dream can become a reality!

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Sam Stanley Interview with Scott McGlynn

Sam Stanley has become the first English rugby union player to come out last year, I caught up with Sam to see how life’s been after coming out, His career and much more…


Scott: How did you get involved in rugby? Was it something you knew you always wanted to do?

Sam: I had an uncle who played for New Zealand. I think all of his brothers, including my dad were going to try and get their kids into rugby in some way. I was 4 when I first got involved and haven’t looked back.


Scott: What advice would give someone that is wanting to get into rugby? 

Sam: I’ve had many memories over the years of playing and have met some wonderful people along the way. It is a great way to meet new people and the environment is very friendly. As with most things you’ll never know unless you try but trust me the memories that can be made last a life time, on and off the field.


Scott: What is your strict fitness routine preparing for a game? 

Sam: Throughout a match week there’d around 3 training session with possibly two intense session and the other to go through a captains run making sure everyone knows the plan for the opposition being faced. There’s a lot of weights and also recovery sessions so you’re not too tired come game day.


Scott: What is your favourite exercise thing to do? And why?

Sam: My favourite exercise in the gym is bench press as it works a number of muscles and is functional for rugby.


Scott: You come out last year, How was it? What was everyone’s reaction like?  

Sam: That’s correct. It’s been amazing for my state of mind and I’ve never been happier since having done so. The reaction from team mates, coaches and the public for that matter has been overwhelmingly supportive. I could never have imagined I’d be able to be myself and play rugby. It’s really is great!!


Scott: Did you find coming out made any change to you career?

Sam: I think it is really too soon to say. I’ve had a few serious injuries in the past that have halted my progression to really push on with my rugby and people know about them no matter how I’m playing. I think for coaches they don’t like to take risks on previously injured player especially with the run I’ve had. Last year wasn’t the best season for me as I just wasn’t being selected to play but I don’t think it has anything to do with me being gay. I hope!


Scott: Being a open gay guy myself, I brought out my first book earlier this year called “OUT” its about my true life story being gay, getting bullied in school and work places growing up. Did you ever experience anything like this?

Sam: Wow, Scott. Congratulations. I really kept myself to myself as a youngster growing up and although I had feelings different to my friends I made sure I put them aside and pretended to be something I’m not. Luckily I guess being a rugby player was seen as a macho thing to do so when you’re young people respect that. I was always nice to people and wouldn’t stand for people bullying others.


Scott: What will be your advice to anyone getting bullied right now? 

Sam: Tell someone with authority and please don’t keep anything like that to yourself. There are many people that will help you do something about it so find someone you trust will fight your corner because it should never be tolerated at any age.


Scott: What can we be expecting from you in 2016? 

Sam: I can’t believe we are half way through 2016 already. The first half for me wasn’t great and I found myself in a pretty toxic environment, which didn’t help my development as a rugby player at all. I’ll be getting my head down once the season kicks off and trying to work my way back up the ladder. I attended my first London Pride at the weekend and it’s great to attend events like this without having to look over my shoulder anymore. I’ve done a few talks here and there sharing my story to LGBT groups within companies, which has been a great experience. Hopefully in some way I’ve been able to help people.

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Vangelis Polydorou Interview – Scott McGlynn

BBC The Voice 2016 Vangelis Polydorou amazing talented guy with a powerful voice, I met him in London to talk about Boy George, The Voice, LGBT, Boyfriends and things he can’t live without…


Scott – We seen you on The Voice this year, Your blind audition you sang  “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”, Was it a reason you choose this song? Does it mean anything to you? 

Vangelis; I was originally meant to sing Wings by Birdy for my Blind Audition but I didn’t think it was the right song. The team rang me up and agreed and said ‘We don’t get alot of voices like yours on The Voice and we want to create a different arrangement that will help to showcase your unique voice even more’  Do You Really Want To Hurt Me was just an idea at first, it wasent always going to be the song. I got sent a rough demo and worked on the vocals on the weekend and then I came together with the band and told them some of my own ideas for the track. The funny thing was it was so rushed and I didn’t think about it too much but it just worked. I felt like we had made something special and it was the perfect song for me to audition with. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Scott – What made you choose George as your mentor?

Vangelis; I like his honesty. If he doesn’t like something he’s telling you. He keeps you on your toes and although I still find him a little intimidating he has helped me a lot throughout the process. I won’t say he’s like a father figure because he’d hate that! Haha 

Scott – Your done some awesome songs on the show, What was your favourite moment and why? 

Vangelis; I loved Do you really want to hurt me of course but I also loved Here Comes The Rain Again. I nearly didn’t do it because I was scared of doing something upbeat. It showed a different side to me though and I was really fighting to stay in that week. I was thinking to myself I need to fight for this shit, and I did. Thankfully the public voted me through to the next round. I hated beautiful though. It was a rushed suggestion from one of the team and I didn’t like the arrangement but I did the best I could with what I was given. I did feel like I was being thrown under the bus that week and I knew I would go. 

Scott –  Your a LGBT supporter, I brought out my 
autobiographical story about being gay and bullied in school & workplaces, how was it for you?

Vangelis; Yes I’m heavily involved in the LGBT scene. I actually sang and closed the LGBT awards which was a great honour. When I was younger I always knew I was different. I was eally shy going to new places incase people would notice that I was different. I did get name called alot but my bullying stories were nothing compared to some people. I was lucky because I went to great schools they didn’t tolerate that. I just think it’s awful what people have to go through. 

Scott – If you could say one thing to bullies what would it be?
Vangelis; Get a life and stop trying to ruin other peoples. 

Scott – You been doing some gigs around the UK, Where will we be seeing you this summer?

Vangelis; Yes. I’m doing London, Oxford, Warwickshire, Stoke-on-Trent and Leicester Pride. I’m not just doing Pride though, i’ll include a list below. 

Scott –  I love your new hair! What was the process like getting to sliver?

Vangelis; I had to get it bleached 3 times on the same day and then come back a few days later to get a permanent colour. I had scabs on my scalp from the bleach and then got bad dandruff. I know this is way too much info but I want to keep it real ha. It got better though, but my scalp felt a bit traumatised. It’s hard to maintain so as the permanent colour started to fade I used a semi permanent silver toner which you have to use weekly to keep it that way and my hair is starting to feel healthier again. 

Scott –  Who were your role models growing up?

Vangelis; I loved Celine Dion! I always wanted to sing like her and hold the notes and she was just amazing and still is and Whitney and Mariah. I just loved that big diva sound. 

Scott –  Its news going around about the Spice Girls getting back together, Excited?

Vangelis; So excited! I actually met Mel B at the LGBT awards. I had a dress run where I had to sing in front of Mel and Duncan James from Blue. She came up to me and said ‘Hi I’m Mel’ and all I could think is ‘I am talking to a spice girl and going to be singing infront of her’ she was lovely though and they both clapped me afterwards. 

Scott –  Is there a guy in your life? OR are you still looking for love?

Vangelis; There is someone in my life. Tony Fran AKA Fantasy. He does Drag and he’s a very arty person. I think he will do big things. Here is a link to a short film he made which I feature in.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haI5cSA54sc

Scott –  Top 3 things you can’t live without?

Vangelis; Cup of tea….Blow Jobs…..Singing


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Scott McGlynn Book – OUT 

Hello everyone..

This is a little different from my regular blog. But some of you might not know I brought a book out called “OUT” it’s about…

Years of being bullied for being gay and how I overcame them, It takes a close look at my experiences growing up and learning to accept my true self.

My mission is to end bullying once and for all my autobiographical story about my struggles with peer pressure and coming to grips with my sexuality at a young age gives readers a personal insight into the life of a young man’s growth and my newfound ability to embrace who I am. My aim is to inspire people of all walks of life so that they can be proud of who they are.

First page…

Page 2..

I like to share with the world worldwide that if this is you right now, everything will be ok and i never change who you are!

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My New Book! OUT!!

Hello everyone! 


Today’s the day my new book is officially OUT!

It’s available on amazon worldwide, barns and noble, and more to come…

If you didn’t noticed on my twitter page – @scottymcglynn

I’ve been talking about it A LOT!

Here’s what my book’s about…

OUT is a memoir that chronicles 28-year-old Scott McGlynn’s years of being bullied for being gay and how he overcame them. His writing takes a close look at his experiences growing up and learning to accept his true self. His mission is to end bullying once and for all.

McGlynn’s autobiographical story about his struggles with peer pressure and coming to grips with his sexuality at a young age gives readers a personal insight into the life of a young man’s growth and his newfound ability to embrace who he is. His aim is to inspire people of all walks of life so that they can be proud of who they are.


Here’s the link to my new book paperback and kindle versions if you did like a little read 🙂


I’ve done some press as well have a little look at my Daily Mirror interview here..


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Trent and Luke – Interview with Scott McGlynn

Gay YouTube couple Trent and Luke has been a big hit worldwide!!

I recently been in contact with them for a interview for you guys to discuss future plans, wedding, favorite videos and more!! Enjoy… 


Scott:  You guys have a very successful YouTube channel, What made you decided to start it?  

Trent – Well I actually had a YouTube channel myself before I met Luke! (Now known as TrentAndLuke Extras) It wasn’t massive but had a respectable audience..

Luke – We both loved editing and being creative so when the followers loved seeing us together in Trent’s videos we started to make a joint channel!


S: How did you guys first meet? And what was your first date?

L – We actually met at an event where we were both clients for the same Agency (Acting & Modelling) 

T– My Best Friend Zoe was one of the Agents who introduced us both, at the time I lived up in Harrogate with her so when we decided to plan our first date, Luke came up north and we had a 2-Day sleepover date

Where we are Chinese food and watched Horror Movies.


S: I personally love your channel! Which is your personal favourite video? Trent?…… Luke?……


L – I would say the ‘How well do we know each other’ video – We bounced off each other really well and was a lot of fun to film, usually when you film a video you are thinking about a lot of things and what you need to say but for that one we just let loose!

T – My Favourite would have to be on of our old videos called ‘Our Ghost Haunting’ It was so fun to film, it was done over a few days and it was one of our first videos that we got more creative and used a lot of editing plus we introduced a new character onto our channel, Medium Margret 😉

S: Being a LGBT supporter’s, Do you have people ask for any advice from you guys?

L – Yeah all the time, sometimes it’s hard to respond to everyone as there is literally thousands of Messages, the main message we like to get out there is to be yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down for doing that.

S: Have you been offered to do some strange things in the years? If so, what was it?

T– Not overly strange things! Which I guess is good 🙂 when we first started YouTube we were offered to be part of Gay Times Naked Shoot .. which we did, it was strange being naked in front of so many people but at the same time was weirdly liberating 

S: Your little baby pup Benji is so cute! Will you be thinking on getting any more? 

L – Yes! We want another 100 haha – but seriously when we moved to Australia we defiantly want Benji to have a little brother (or a teacup piglet)  

S: Trent – I know you done some acting! Will we be seeing you on the screens again any time soon? 

T – Yes! YouTube has kind of taken over my life and I kind of took a break from it, I was doing a stage show but I was very quiet about it – This year I’ve pulled out all the stops and I’ve went back in head first, so here’s for hoping!

S: Luke – Your mum Tracy is very supportive, How was coming out to her?

L – The easiest and the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! It was easy because I knew 100% she supported me no matter what but also the hardest because it’s her opinion is what matter to me the most

S: Your both ambassadors for Being Me Campaign, What can you tell me about it?

L – Yes, it’s a really great new campaign run by my Mum & Kieran Stanbridge  – It’s all about Being Yourself and Accepting Your differences as Quirks that make yourself unique which I think is a really great message.

T – Both Tracy & Kieran have a lot of experience behind them and have had so much interest with the campaign – There is a lot of people involved some you may recognise and some who are just kind everyday people.

S: You have plans to re-do your vows, Have you got a date set? 🙂

T– YES! But no dates set, It will be set in Australia, so as soon as they decide to catch up with the rest of the world and legalise Gay Marriage, we will be there! 

S: If their’s 1 message you would give bullies and haters of LGBT community what will it be?   

L – As much as we disagree with Haters & Bullies, we’ve learnt that no amount of words will ever change their Narrow Minds, So honestly we don’t really waste our breath.

T – But honestly in this Day and Age it’s crazy how many people can still be so hateful and Narrow Minded, but those people aren’t even on our radar, Bye Felicia  


S: What will be seeing from you both this year? 

T– Hopefully quite a bit! We are working a lot harder on our YouTube and Also our brand outside of YouTube – There’s so many cool things planned that we can’t really say yet but wish we could!



Catch the boys weekly videos on their channel here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAdiXO33UddpduWY47bkoYA

Trent’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/trentowers

Luke’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/boyshayler

Being Me Campaign Twitter – https://twitter.com/beingmecampaign