Loren Green Interview with Scott McGlynn

The gorgeous Loren Green is well known for “EX ON THE BEACH” S2, I sat down with her to talk blogs, make-up, selfie tips and Mr right!



Scott – What can you tell us about  your experience on MTV Ex On The Beach?

Loren:  At the time it was so strange as it’s totally out of my comfort zone. I’m more of a homely shy girl but I’m glad I done it, it boosted my confidence and made me grow up and learn a lot about people.

Scott –  Any regrets doing the show?

Loren: No regrets

Scott –  Do you still see / speak to anyone?

Loren: Speak to a couple of them occasionally 🙂

Scott –  You have your own blog site what can you tell us about it?

Loren: It’s all about beauty fashion and the occasional lifestyle posts. My own personal diary basically.

Scott –  Is it been something you always been interested in?

Loren: I’ve always loved arriving notes and keeping a diary and have had a blog for sometime but never had the courage to go public with it. And finally when I did I’m so happy with how it’s going – it’s been madness this month but so worth it.

Scott – You have some good selfie photo on your instagram what tips can you give?

Loren: All about lighting and a good camera. I’m not a fan of phone cameras so my blog one is perfect for that quick snap. + knowing your good side is a bonus as well, most my pictures are facing the same way.

Scott –  Some girls asked me on twitter… which make-up are you using right now? and which ones to stay well away from?

Loren: I LOVE Mac and sleek. My skin doesn’t take to well to a lot of brands they can make me come out in spots so i tend to stick to the same brands.

Scott –  how is your love life? met that Mr right?

Loren: Yes I’ve been with my boyfriend Steven for over a year now. He’s the one!

Scott – who inspires you?

Loren: My boyfriend – he’s always motivating me and telling me I can do things even when I think I can’t. He gives me confidence when I don’t have it.

Scott –  is there anything you can tell us what to expect from you in 2016?

Loren: YouTube will be happening for sure I can’t wait just to expand my blog and reach out to more people.


Follow Loren on Twitter – https://twitter.com/LorenGreen__

Loren blog website – http://www.loren-renee.com/

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