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Jonathan Sothcott Interview By Scott McGlynn

Jonathan Sothcott a independent film producer based in London,

 He’s created a number a great films.

I caught up with Jonathan for a Q&A about future projects, will he work with Danny Dyer again, and who would he want to work with? 




Scott McGlynn: Growing up, did you always know you wanted to get involved in movies? 

Jonathan Sothcott: Most of my earliest memories are of watching movies – Return of the Jedi, Octopussy, One Million Years BC (the film, not my age) – i craved the escapism of the movies and consumed them like some sort of film junkie. My family rented 3 or 4 films a week and i’d watch my favourites again and again… The Karate Kid, Masters of the Universe, Big Trouble In Little China, The Monster Squad…

I knew I wanted to be involved but it was tough… i grew up in the middle of nowhere and there was no internet… so i knocked on a lot of doors and when they all remained closed i snuck round the back and slipped in an open window! A metaphorical one, obviously! Actually i really owe it all to the actor Martin Kemp, one of my best friends, who really believed in me and got behind me in my twenties which opened a huge amount of doors. I’ll never forget that. The world would be a better place with more Martins.

SM: Can you remember the first movie you bought? 

JS: When i was a kid we rented videos rather than buying them really. But when i was a teenager that all changed. I bought hundreds and hundreds of ex-rental videos. I loved – and love – 80s movies. All those synth scores and neon lighting. I still go to HMV and buy DVDs and blu rays every week… i like physically owning films (and books)… digital just isn’t the same.

SM: You made some awesome movies, Which one in your eyes, Your most proud of and why? 

JS: Thank you mate. I think the best film I’ve made so far is Vendetta, it was a powerful bit of film-making with a great central performance, maybe his best, by Danny Dyer. I’m also proud of We Still Kill The Old Way. Both of these films are vigilante movies which is a theme that resonates with audiences. We made a sequel to We Still called We Still Steal The Old Way and are making another. Having a franchise is rather wonderful.


SM: You’ve worked with some major UK actors like Danny Dyer, Martin Kemp, Dexter Fletcher and April Pearson to name a few, Would you like to get all these back in one huge movie? 

JS: At one point we talked about a team up of Vendetta, We Still Kill and Age of Kill but none of the films are really big enough.. and it’d just look cheap… Chavengers Assemble. I would like to do one great British crime movie mixing all the usual suspects with a generation of new talent. Its so important in my game to give emerging actors a chance.

SM: What are your top 3 all time movies, You could watch over and over…

JS: Jaws, Star Wars: A New Hope and The Dark Knight Rises. There are dozens more but they really resonate me. I’m a huge James Bond fan too. I know them all backwards.

SM: What Actor or Actress would you like to work with and why? 

JS: Actress is easy – Billie Piper. I just adore her, she’s mesmerisingly brilliant. Also Sharon Stone (my favourite actress) and Scarlet Johansson. Actors – Sir Michael Caine. Sir Roger Moore. They were my two favourites growing up. Going younger, John Simm (just brilliant), Ross Kemp (nobody else like him in the UK, so much charisma) and Robert Downey Jr because he’s just the coolest guy in the world.

SM:  Have you got any embarrassing stories you can share that’s happened on set? 

JS: A couple of the actual movies are pretty embarrassing!!! Last year on Eat Local we had the wonderful Charlie Cox who plays Daredevil. He had a remarkable stunt double. One day i introduced his double to set visitors thinking it was Charlie. Not my finest moment… thank god they didn’t ask for a selfie.

SM:  What projects are you working on now? Any spoilers you can give us? 

JS: We are in pre-production on a US horror film called Tormented which is about sleep paralysis. It was my idea as its something I’ve experienced… and i’m very proud of the script Adam Stephen Kelly has written. We have two film releases on the horizon – We Still Steal The Old Way in April and Bonded By Blood 2 in May – both fun sequels to earlier films. I’ve also branched out into publishing with my business partner Damien Morley and we are making some big moves in that area later this year.

SM: GQ said you are “A Film producer behind a whole new generation of on-screen hardmen” you must of felt proud right? 

JS: Well I do stand behind a lot of tough guys!! Haha. Yes its a huge compliment and i do enjoy making these sort of alpha male movies. So long as people keep buying them i’ll keep making them.


SM: What 2017 planned for Jonathan Sothcott?

JS: Well i’m in LA at the minute and ultimately i want to move here. Its basically a mining town where they mine films. I hate the London attitude of just talking about stuff rather than getting on and making things happen. I’m the most driven, ambitious person you will ever meet. As I said we are also in the publishing game now – print titles as well as online. A holiday would be nice though. Somewhere hot!


Marc Zammit Interview By Scott McGlynn

British actor Marc Zammit has been inspiration to many people in the acting industry! 

Being in number of amazing Movies / TV

I sat down with Marc to find out his back story on how he became a successful actor, How he deals with Dyslexic, Bullying and His future features coming in 2017! 


Scott McGlynn: Tell us 3 facts people may not know about you?

Marc Zammit: 

1. I’m Dyslexic
2. I love painting
3. I want to learn how to surf!

SM: You started acting from age 12! How was it growing up on stage / TV?

MZ: It’s been hard! Extremely hard I don’t think there is one day where I have not spent less than 2 hours a day on my acting since!

Everyday has been about it! But its an amazing journey, I learnt a lot about myself also as a person, also the strengths of self motivation, handling objections and rejection, self development, self confidence, how to better myself, how take in and absorb and take on board criticism,

I’ve just learnt so much as a person within myself as much as I have an actor.


SM: Do you think acting boost’s up your confidence?

MZ: 100% I’m dyslexic and I was bullied when I was younger, So my confidence was so so low!! It was a hard thing to over come, but I am so glad I’m dyslexic I like that fact I have to work harder.

Funny enough I was on set today for “Knight Of The Damned” and we was just going over some ADR with our lines, and I was asked if I wanted to read my lines from the script as it’s only sound no camera, and I said I could not read off script as it’s harder for me. 

I would struggle more so I was doing that off script, I’m grateful I was bullied, and rather than hate those or hold grudges to those who bullied me I thank them, Because I am so motivated because of that, The confidence that was damaged healed itself, I built up so much confidence because of my acting, I didn’t not just over come that I come with a’lot of ammo and shield.


SM: Your new movie “Pandorica” which you play “Ares” how did you get yourself prepared for this role? 

MZ: HAHA! I wanted to nail the accent so I watched all season of the “Vikings” within days barely any sleep.

Taking down notes, repeating after the characters acting like them, I had a whole script of notes, It’s hard to explain my notes! I took note of every word and sentence. I got a layout of how I want the character to be, Read a lot of articles and researched on tribes and tribal cultures, and combined them all into one really.

When I’m on set Tom Paton the director knew how I worked he told me to go off and soak into Ares, Everything about Marc had to be emptied out and I had to invite Ares in.


SM: I’ve personally known you for a while, I know each acting role you have to change your look etc, What’s been your most dramatic change? 

MZ: My most dramatic change I think we know that answer… My long hair!! Being used to having short hair for such a long time, It was a change!

It’s all about the roles / acting jobs I’ve had from playing, the business man, innocent looking lad, or normal general modern look to viking, alien, warrior, zombie killer, weasel, villain, surfer, and sci fi characters.

SM: What advice is someone reading this, Is looking to start out in acting world, TV, Film and Stage? 

MZ: I always say this in every interview every actors career is so so so different we all take different journeys, different routes, some go drama school some don’t, a job you get leads into another job, into another job into another job.

All I can say is find a path and just act, but if you are wanting to be a actor, just remember it doesn’t happen over night!!!

If you start acting come in with the mind set your not going to give up just because the universe hasn’t decided to give it to you when you want it.


SM: A perk to your job is that you get to travel the world, Where’s the most memorable place you been to and why? And do you get homesick? 

MZ: Well one place I am looking forward to filming is Brazil and Canada!!

I have landed a supporting lead in a feature film called “Zamo” It’s a beautiful script, When I was told I will be filming in Brazil and Canada my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

So i will say that will be on the card as most memorable place, To be honest every job I do in my career is memorable! Each one has special moments. 


SM: Who was your inspiration growing up? 

MZ: Tom hanks I am sure many people have figured this out by now!

Just love him as an actor a serious inspiration, also Antony Hopkins, as he’s also dyslexic every performance by him is just sublime. 


SM: Who are your favourite actor, actress and director? 

MZ: Actors – Tom Hanks & Antony Hopkins

Actress Kathy Bates

Directors Robert Zemeckis, John Hillcoat, Paul Greengrass & Elia Kazan

Composer Hans Zimmerman 


SM: What are your top 3 movies?


1. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Jack Nicholson) 

2. What Is Eating Gilbert’s Grape (Johnny Depp & Leonardo DiCaprio)

3. Cast Away (Tom Hanks) 


SM: On you IMDb page we can see you have a busy 2016 / 2017, What are you currently filming? 

MZ: I have quite a lot happening I have Feature Film “Knights of the damned” What I currently just wrapped on, Very exciting projects and been speaking to the Producer Ben Holmes about the sequel.

I have new Feature film called “Glow” Being Directed by Tom Paton, Director of “Pandorica”, also just wrapped playing the 2nd lead on “Invasion Of The Quite Not Dead”

Also just been attached to a incredible short film and feature film with Patrick Ryder, the short is called “Chimera” cant really announced the feature until the news is out!

Feature Film Pegasus Bridge, by Director Lance Neilson,  A supporting lead in Feature film “Zamo” I’m filming in Brazil and Canada, I have my feature film “Homeless Ashes”

Just landed a series in the states filming dates have yet to be confirmed but its called  “Man With The Demon Hand” for role called Daemon, Who is “The Man With The Demon Hand” I read the script and  could not say no!

Currently in discussion for 7 others films, so as you can imagine! It’s extremely busy but I can not complain! 


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Richard Mylan By Scott McGlynn

Richard Mylan, A welsh actor that has appeared in amazing shows the  likes of
BBC Waterloo road, Bad Girls and Where the heart is.
I met up with Richard to see who his inspiration is, Future project’s and much more..
Scott: Who was your actor idols growing up?
Richard: I wasn’t big on actors as a kid… Apart from Michael Jackson, I was a massive Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire fan… Still am.

Scott: When did you know acting was your passion and wanted it to be career of yours?
Richard: I trained as a dancer & started out in the musicals (I played ‘Flat Top’ then ‘Electra’ in Starlight Express)… I kind of just fell into acting, loved it, never looked back.

Scott: You been in some amazing programmes like “Bad Girls” “Where the heart is” and “waterloo road” how was the auditioning process?
Richard: The audition process is always tough & that will never change. You have to develop thick skin very quickly in order to manage inevitable rejection… The upside is, it makes success taste even sweeter when it comes around & you learn to appreciate every second.


Scott: You also produced some projects, Will we be seeing more from you?
Richard: I’m always writing & developing projects. It keeps my creativity flowing. I’m currently co writing & directing the comedy series ‘TownHill’ with my good friend Stefan Pejic. Very excited about it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.

Scott: What advice would you give people starting out in acting?
Richard: Keep busy- find projects, share your talents. Above all- do it because you love it & always maintain belief in your abilities.

Scott: Who would you love to work with? Actor & Actress?
Richard: Woody Allen… Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Spacey- I could go on & on.

Scott: It is hard to break any industry, did you have hard times not getting parts you wanted?
Richard: Yes definitely. It really tests your metal! You have to go through those times. It makes you stronger & ultimately, better.

Scott: Will performing on stage be interesting to you? 
Richard: Absolutely!!! I cannot wait to get started! I love the theatre as much as film & television.

Scott: What projects do you have coming up?
Richard: http://franticassembly.co.uk/productions/things-i-know-be-true-uk-tour/

Scott: What’s your best inspiring quote you seen?
Richard: The world seems saturated with inspirational quotes these days… They’re getting slightly annoying tbh. I’ll make one up…
“Don’t live your life by quotes… Especially this one”
Richard Mylan
Follow Richard on Twitter Richard Mylan
Please support his Charity Action for Autism – Action4Autism

Alex Reid Q&A With Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Alex Reid for a good chat and what 2016 plans


Scott – I know you like your martial arts tell me what did you learn, what’s your favourite and why?

Alex – I initially found studying at school very dull, so my Peter Pan mind-set would often travel to adventures fighting bad guys and monsters Being ever so slightly boisterous and getting into trouble, learning Kung Fu to emulate my hero Bruce Lee was natural. I was amazed by the big kicks, seemingly being able to fly through the air. I’d often practise flicking off light switches with my feet around my mums house as a kid. I can’t remember breaking too many things so I guess I worked it out quite quickly!

Scott – You played “Jason in Hollyoaks” how was it? How come you left?

Alex – My character Jason was captain for the England football team and ended up moving to Spain on a transfer. Also my character’s then wife Gerrie, (Joanna Taylor) left the show, so as Jason was brought in mainly as side story for her, it made more sense for me to go. But in the show, Jason is still alive. As they often bring back people from long ago in soaps, who knows, Jason could return to Chester? That would be fun!

Scott – We all know you from cage rage, what did you do to prepare yourself before a fight?

Alex – I used to live in the gym. My routine involved training with weights, running, swimming, kickboxing, wrestling, Jujitsu, boxing, yoga, hypnosis and eating a super clean diet. It doesn’t sound like much fun but it was incredible.

Scott –  If you were to give any advice for someone starting “Cage Fighting” what will it be?

Alex -You not only have to believe in yourself but it’s so important to get a good team behind you who believe in and support you. I started off pretty much on my own but went on to find the right support network which brings so much more to your performance and what you can bring to a fight.

Scott –  You keep yourself in good shape tell us what is your fitness routine?  

Alex – I train when I feel like it these days, but I continue to really listen to my body. Sometimes I push myself to train when I don’t feel like it, but generally I only train if I’m motivated. I plan on training every morning for about an hour before breakfast

Scott – You won celebrity big brother in 2010! Tell us what was the experience like? Do you still speak to any of your fellow housemates?

Alex – It was like being in a very surreal dream to be honest. Unfortunately I don’t speak to anyone from my experience in the house, though I’m sure if I bumped into anyone we’d have a nice friendly chin wag.

Scott –  If you could pick any actor or actress to work with who would it be?

Alex – Wow I admire so many but top of my list would be Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Richard Burton. No longer with us but I just loved their era. As well as being simply fantastic actors, I so admired their charm, sophistication and their voices! They were class acts.

Scott – You always look smart and well groomed, tell me what’s your top 3 brands you like to shop?

Alex – I’m not a label snob when it comes to clothes, I wear what makes me feel good. On a designer front I do like D & G &  Reis, although I’m equally comfortable in Marks and Spencer’s or Primark!

Scott – What will we be expecting from you this year?

Alex – This is a busy year. I have an autobiography coming out, there are various documentaries in production also. There will be a little more acting, my own stage show and on top of that a new health and fitness workout! I like to keep myself occupied and this is just the start.


Official Website – thealexreid.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AlexReid