Jonathan Sothcott Interview By Scott McGlynn

Jonathan Sothcott a independent film producer based in London,  He’s created a number a great films. I caught up with Jonathan for a Q&A about future projects, will he work with Danny Dyer again, and who would he want to work with?      Scott McGlynn: Growing up, did you always know you wanted to getContinue reading “Jonathan Sothcott Interview By Scott McGlynn”

Marc Zammit Interview By Scott McGlynn

British actor Marc Zammit has been inspiration to many people in the acting industry!  Being in number of amazing Movies / TV I sat down with Marc to find out his back story on how he became a successful actor, How he deals with Dyslexic, Bullying and His future features coming in 2017!  Scott McGlynn: Tell usContinue reading “Marc Zammit Interview By Scott McGlynn”

Richard Mylan By Scott McGlynn

Richard Mylan, A welsh actor that has appeared in amazing shows the  likes of BBC Waterloo road, Bad Girls and Where the heart is. I met up with Richard to see who his inspiration is, Future project’s and much more.. Scott: Who was your actor idols growing up? Richard: I wasn’t big on actors as aContinue reading “Richard Mylan By Scott McGlynn”

Alex Reid Q&A With Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Alex Reid for a good chat and what 2016 plans Scott – I know you like your martial arts tell me what did you learn, what’s your favourite and why? Alex – I initially found studying at school very dull, so my Peter Pan mind-set would often travel to adventures fighting bad guysContinue reading “Alex Reid Q&A With Scott McGlynn”