Marcus Collins – Interview with Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Marcus Collins, we talked about Gay rights, Musicals, X-Factor and more…. 


Scott – Not everyone might know this but you were in a boyband call “Eton Road” how did you find the boyband experience? Why did you leave? 

Marcus – Being in a boyband was an eye opener, I learnt a lot. Mainly that I prefer to be a solo artist but I learnt valuable lessons in the business that I believe helped me get to the finals of The X Factor  

S. We all know you from the X-Factor 2011, how was Gary Barlow as a mentor? 

M. He was great and remains a pillar for me, a great source of guidance for my future and in my career.

S. My personal favourite you preformed on the show was “Reet Petite” what was your favourite song you preformed and your least? 

M. That was also my favourite !! I really didn’t want to sing Rhianna Russian Roulette because it felt so low and not me, but I grew and spoke up for myself and the following week was much better, every week subsequently to that was an improvement 

S. You made it to the final! That must of been an amazing feeling! How has the show changed your life?

M. I was able to travel the world singing, at one point was signed to the same record label as my idol Beyoncé, I wrote my own top 10 album, performed in front of Royalty, headlined Liverpool gay pride, performed with Gary Barlow at the Royal Albert Hall! I’ve toured the UK with my band, I’ve starred in musical theatre and been on the West End and made a better life for myself and family. It was worth all of the hard work.

S. Your debut album was released in 2012, what was it like recording the album? Did you choose all the tracks yourself? Which was your favourite? 

M. It was a little rushed recording the album but I really enjoyed the process. I chose and wrote 8 out of 11 on the album – my favourite is probably ‘Feel Like I Feel’ or ‘It’s Time’… Or ‘Don’t Surrender’ in fact I love ‘Break These Chains’ they all hold a place in my heart and take me back instantly to true feelings at the time of writing. 

S. We seen you take the musical stage in hairspray and kinky boots, was this something you were always passionate about? 

M. Always! I’ve always loved musicals because I love singing and dressing up, dancing and everything dramatic! Haha! I trained in school and college and love it! 

S. Will we be seeing you in anymore musicals? 

M – Hopefully… I’d love to be Lola in Kinky Boots or Fiyero in Wicked 

S. What’s your favourite musical movie? 

M – Probably Hairspray as it blows my mind every time… Or Dreamgirls

S. Being in a open gay relationship, what is your thoughts of same sex couples becoming parents? 

M – I think the more the merrier ! If you are capable and willing and have enough love to spare then you should have a family if you want one.

S. It was a big story about Winston on celebrity big brother saying about it being child abuse! What’s your thoughts on it? 

M – He’s a prick!  Simple as! 

S. Will we be seeing you and Robin tying the knot any time soon? 

M – Haha it’s early days 

S. Finally, what will we be seeing from you in 2016? 

M – Stay tuned…. 🙂


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