Alex Reid Q&A With Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Alex Reid for a good chat and what 2016 plans


Scott – I know you like your martial arts tell me what did you learn, what’s your favourite and why?

Alex – I initially found studying at school very dull, so my Peter Pan mind-set would often travel to adventures fighting bad guys and monsters Being ever so slightly boisterous and getting into trouble, learning Kung Fu to emulate my hero Bruce Lee was natural. I was amazed by the big kicks, seemingly being able to fly through the air. I’d often practise flicking off light switches with my feet around my mums house as a kid. I can’t remember breaking too many things so I guess I worked it out quite quickly!

Scott – You played “Jason in Hollyoaks” how was it? How come you left?

Alex – My character Jason was captain for the England football team and ended up moving to Spain on a transfer. Also my character’s then wife Gerrie, (Joanna Taylor) left the show, so as Jason was brought in mainly as side story for her, it made more sense for me to go. But in the show, Jason is still alive. As they often bring back people from long ago in soaps, who knows, Jason could return to Chester? That would be fun!

Scott – We all know you from cage rage, what did you do to prepare yourself before a fight?

Alex – I used to live in the gym. My routine involved training with weights, running, swimming, kickboxing, wrestling, Jujitsu, boxing, yoga, hypnosis and eating a super clean diet. It doesn’t sound like much fun but it was incredible.

Scott –  If you were to give any advice for someone starting “Cage Fighting” what will it be?

Alex -You not only have to believe in yourself but it’s so important to get a good team behind you who believe in and support you. I started off pretty much on my own but went on to find the right support network which brings so much more to your performance and what you can bring to a fight.

Scott –  You keep yourself in good shape tell us what is your fitness routine?  

Alex – I train when I feel like it these days, but I continue to really listen to my body. Sometimes I push myself to train when I don’t feel like it, but generally I only train if I’m motivated. I plan on training every morning for about an hour before breakfast

Scott – You won celebrity big brother in 2010! Tell us what was the experience like? Do you still speak to any of your fellow housemates?

Alex – It was like being in a very surreal dream to be honest. Unfortunately I don’t speak to anyone from my experience in the house, though I’m sure if I bumped into anyone we’d have a nice friendly chin wag.

Scott –  If you could pick any actor or actress to work with who would it be?

Alex – Wow I admire so many but top of my list would be Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Richard Burton. No longer with us but I just loved their era. As well as being simply fantastic actors, I so admired their charm, sophistication and their voices! They were class acts.

Scott – You always look smart and well groomed, tell me what’s your top 3 brands you like to shop?

Alex – I’m not a label snob when it comes to clothes, I wear what makes me feel good. On a designer front I do like D & G &  Reis, although I’m equally comfortable in Marks and Spencer’s or Primark!

Scott – What will we be expecting from you this year?

Alex – This is a busy year. I have an autobiography coming out, there are various documentaries in production also. There will be a little more acting, my own stage show and on top of that a new health and fitness workout! I like to keep myself occupied and this is just the start.


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