Catch : Dog Food Review

    As many of you know I have 5 dogs, my babies which I love and adore, Seeing them on my social media pages here Instagram I’ve openly said about my white standard poodle Florri being a super fussy eater, I mean we tried tons of brands for her, from frozen food – dry, She doesContinue reading “Catch : Dog Food Review”

Steves Peeps : 2000’s Fashion

Meet Steves Peeps: Huge into early 2000’s fashion. I wear Von Dutch. I love sitcoms, salad. I always start trends never follow them. I am obsessed with post modern art. I love to draw. I like to paint. I have been creating since I was 5. I have a small cameo in Lifetime’s Married at firstContinue reading “Steves Peeps : 2000’s Fashion”