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Mason Noise Interview By Scott McGlynn

Scott: We all know you from last years X-Factor, How’s life been since then?

Mason: It’s been one hell of a ride. And more than anything a massive learning curve. For me to learn more about myself as a person and who I want to be as an artist. But it is true what they say. It does change your reality drastically.


SM: What’s the most difficult thing being on a big show like the X-Factor? 

MN: When you watch the show you don’t realise how gruelling the routine is to get the show the way it looks when you sit down on a Saturday and Sunday to watch it.

The lack of sleep and food. The constant camera takes. The singing lessons the dance rehearsals. It’s a test of mental strength more than anything.


SM: What you thinking so far of this years XF? Anyone caught your eye yet?

MN: I think there are some talented people on the show. But I also believe there are some people on the show who don’t deserve to be there and have taken the place of worthy people. This was the reason I dropped the mic when I did. The X-Factor should not be the entertainment factor at the expense of people’s lives.


SM: Any advice would you give for judges houses / live shows?

MN: Sleep. LOTS. Eat right. Stay mentally focused and healthy.

Nothing is worth sacrificing your bodily needs. The rest will follow. But also have the most fun you have ever had and live in the moment. It’s over very fast.


SM: You brought out some music a few years ago, are you working on anything new right now?

MN: My new single Heat has just been release on YouTube and will be on iTunes later this month (October).

Check it out here.. HEAT

SM: We met briefly at the Joshua Kane fashion show earlier this year, We know you love your fashion, Whats your Top 3 designers and Top 3 places to shop?

MN: Designers would be…

+ Haider Ackerman

+ Mike Amiri

+ Off white

Top places to shop. I find boutiques online and on Instagram where I think you can get the most individual items


SM: What was your first CD your bought? 

 MN: Black Eyed Peas  – Where is the love


SM: Who did you grow up listening to? Who inspired you to be a singer / performer?

MN: I’m lucky that I had such a diverse influence from bob Marley to Eric Clapton to MJ. But Pharrell and the Neptunes movement really made me want to start producing and writing.


SM: I brought out my first book called “OUT” its my true life story, about getting bullied for who i am, and how i over come it, Did you ever suffer from bullying in school or in any environment? 

MN: Yes I was bullied in school. But I really think that it stems from the other persons fear of being accepted. And not the victims.

You are a beautiful  individual and someone has taken notice of that.


SM: We all know you speak your mind and I love you for that! Recently people have been questioning your sexuality from the “Gay Times Magazine” feature.

I love that you took to social media saying it doesn’t matter who i am, it don’t change you as a person at all! Being a gay guy myself and been turned away from jobs for being gay! 

It don’t matter if your straight, bi, gay you are who you are! Is there anything you like to comment on here about it?

MN: Who we chose to love is nobodies concern but our own. It is our lives we are here to experience.

If everyone on this planet was really true to themselves and didn’t conform with the standards society and religion set. Didn’t worry and judge other people on standards they have failed to meet in themselves. The world would be in a different dimension.


SM: What is next for Mason? Any projects coming up you can tell us about…

MN: I have my single HEAT. I have an EP in the spring/summer.

I have an exciting school tour about all of these subjects funnily enough. So exciting times are ahead!



I don’t own any rights to images used in this interview

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Scott McGlynn

Jon Klaasen Interview By Scott McGlynn

American Idol & X Factor USA star Jon Klaasen exclusive interview with myself,

We talked JLO, Bullying and the Perfect Date…



Scott: Tell us a little about yourself Jon?

Jon: I am 18 years old, 19 in January.  I have one younger brother who has been accused of being my “twin” since we were little.  I was born and raised in Indiana and I’ve been singing since I could talk.  I’m doing this for the impact I can have on the lives of others who can relate to the music I write and because it’s what I love.



Scott: Tell us 3 facts about yourself that no one else knows? 


-I LOVE sports.  Growing up in Indiana I played a lot of sports as a kid.  Basketball being the main one.

-I have a little birthmark in my hair on the back of my head.  I’ve never seen it but my hairstylist always comments on it!

-My family and I are big milk drinkers.  It’s not surprising if we go through 2 gallons a day.



 Scott: You appeared on US X-Factor and American Idol, How were these experiences for you?

Jon: They were great!  It’s an awesome opportunity to have and I really appreciate it.  My favourite part by far is hanging with the other extremely talented contestants.  You get the best jam sessions you’ll ever be a part of. I’m still really good friends with a few of them!



Scott: What are the audition processes like? 

Jon: They can be pretty nerve-wracking on both shows.  You see a lot of people crying or just looking down when they come back out.  Very few come back with a smile.  In the end, it’s more of an adrenaline rush.



Scott: You had amazing comments from Harry Connick Jr,Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez that must have been a huge confident boost, right? 

Jon: At first, yes, it can be!  Too many people let it get to their head though.  If you’re not humble in this business, you’ll be torn to shreds.  But yes, it’s pretty nice to hear those things from people as experienced and gifted as the judges.



Scott: You made some awesome music like “Coming Back,” “Persistence,” and now your new song “Irreplaceable”.  All of them had great feedback and your fans loved them.  How would you describe your music genre, or do you like to experience all types of music? 

Jon: I don’t really have a name for my genre yet.  It will probably be categorised under the pop genre.  Pop is such a large and vague description, I like to describe it as acoustic-driven-pop-rock-with-sub-bass!



Scott:The X-Factor in the UK has just started have you seen any episodes? If yes, who do you like so far?

Jon: I haven’t yet actually.  I have recently been extremely busy with several projects which you might find out more about in a little bit 😉



Scott: What advice would you give someone trying to break out as an artist or thinking about going on shows like X-Factor / American Idol?  

Jon: Don’t forget yourself as an artist.  Too many people try to be the next Justin Bieber or the next Taylor Swift.  The thing is, there is already a Justin Bieber and a Taylor Swift.  Be yourself, and create a brand for yourself that stands out.



Scott: Will we be seeing you on Tour any time soon? And any plans for the UK?

Jon: There are talks but I can’t make any promises yet.  If you follow me on all my social media as soon as I know about any shows you will too!



Scott: If you could perform with any artist in the world who would it be and why? 

Jon: It varies, but right now it would be twenty one pilots.  I recently got to go to their show and it was honestly the best concert I’ve ever experienced.  I would LOVE to be a part of that.



Scott: What are your plans for 2016 / 2017? 

Jon: Well, I will definitely have more songs coming out.  Music videos as well!  I’m also moving out to California!  I am in Cali a lot but currently live in Indiana, so the official move will be happening soon.



Scott:What would be your perfect date? 

Jon: Skydiving, then driving up to a gorgeous look out at night.  So, if you’re down to skydive… hit me up!



Scott: I brought out my first book earlier this year called “OUT” its my true life story about getting bullied for who I was and how I overcame it. Did you ever suffer from bullying in school or in your life? 

Jon: I did get bullied at some points.  Mainly in middle school because I was a late bloomer and didn’t grow much until my junior year of high school.  Some of the athletes would pick on me because I wanted to grow up to be a “rockstar”.  I always had my family’s support and that helped a lot.  The main thing that helped me get through was my faith.  Whenever I felt alone I just remembered God’s love for me.  It sounds cliché, I know it does, but it made a big difference in my life.


Follow Jon on Twitter here… Jon Klaasen

Kye Sones Interview By Scott McGlynn

From X- Factor to Calvin Harris Kye Sones has stormed his career performing with top artist’s and releasing his EP, I caught up with him to see what’s new and what the future holds…



Scott: When did you realise that you wanted to be a singer / performer? 

Kye: I was very young probably about 8/9 and my older brother , cousin and me we’re all big Michael Jackson fans. We’d always be playing the Bad album and dancing around to it. Then I was lucky enough to be taken to see the Dangerous tour at Wembley stadium and that’s when I thought yes I wanna do that!

Scott:  Who was your idol / inspiration growing up?

Kye: Michael Jackson! 

Scott:  You wrote music for some amazing people, Can you tell us more about it. How it all came about?

Kye: Sometimes it’s easier to write for other people than for yourself as your less judgemental with it. Most of the people I started writing for where friends first which makes it easier as there’s no ego in the room. Then I started looking to who I’d like to work with and I’d write a song with them in mind and send it over to them. In Dance music this works better as they generally don’t write songs they focus more on production.

Scott:  What will be your advice to anyone trying to break the music industry now? 

Kye: Do it for love not for money. Because it’s getting harder and harder to make any money out of working in music. My advice to my self has always been ” never give up”. You take a lot of knocks and many times you think about doing something else but if you stay strong and never give up you’ll get something out of it. Eventually…

Scott: Your EP “Seven” on Itunes what can you tell us about it, Why did you call it “Seven”?

Kye: Seven’s always been my lucky number and it just felt appropriate for the EP. It’s essentially a break up record. The few years surrounding it were tough so it’s a breakup record with those few years really and everything in them.


Scott:  Can you remember the first record you bought?

Kye: I remember having Bad and Dangerous. The first one I actually bought though I think was Maria Carey music box.

Scott:  If you could choice to perform / write for any artist who would it be and why?

Kye: At the moment I’m in the dance world and writing for a lot of guys in that genre. I’d like to write with and for anyone like Calvin Harris, Diplo and Major Lazer Chain Smokers etc. Then also be the featured vocalist and perform with them.

Scott:  You shared the same stage as Calvin Harris, How was that experience? 
Kye: Ibiza rocks was one of the best experiences as a performer I’ve had. The energy was incredible. It’s something I’ll never forget.

Scott:  Whats your plans for 2016 / 2017 ? 

Kye: I have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline. We almost have a video ready for a song called “Colors” which is with a guy called ATTLAS who is Deadmau5s main man and signed to Mau5trap records. I’m very proud of that song and ATTLAS is an incredible talent and a really nice guy. It’s been a pleasure working with him. Then I have a song on quite a big up and coming album out in October. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who yet. But his last 3 songs went to number one in multiple countries so I’m super excited to be a part of his album. I then have another few singles out on Armada records. One at the end of August called ” beautiful enemies” with an artist called JYRA. Then one caller ” eyes wide shut” on the new MOWË album which is also out on Armada and then another in November with JYRA again.

I’m hopefully going to release another EP before the end of the year too and generally see where life takes me. I’m open to life.

Sam Callahan interview with Scott McGlynn

I met with Sam Callahan, A X-Factor UK star, Who’s music career has rocketed, We chatted about X-Factor, Louie Walsh, New Music and The Perfect Date…



Scott: We know you from the x-factor 2013 tell me how did you find the experience?
Sam: X Factor was an incredible experience. Don’t get me wrong it deffo matey had its ups and downs, it was practically an emotional rollercoaster but it created so many amazing opportunities for me that I’m so lucky to have as a young artist in the industry and I got to perform a whole two month arena tour after would’s which is a dream come true for me!
Scott: Louis Walsh was your mentor how did you find him? And if you could of chosen any judge who would it be and why?
Sam: Louis was really funny, he’s a good guy! I think the British public believe that the mentors have more to do with helping you along your way in the show than they actually do though. My personal feeling is that I got to where I got in the show because I didn’t stop working.
I was last to bed each night and first up in the morning, if I wasn’t filming I was practicing and that would remain the same no matter who my judge was… However if I had to choose a judge… It’d be Nicole. Say no more. Ooft!!!
Scott: This year will be the last year of the X-Factor on ITV, Do you think its time the show needs a break?
Sam: They say that every year though don’t they? I do think so to be honest, in 2013 the did 42 arena dates and sold most of them out but last year they did 14 and I think sold out about one!
Also Louisa’s song bless her didn’t do as well as previous winner singles. Which baffles me, because personally I believe she’s one of the best things to come out of the show.
I think the public are just getting tired of X Factor now, I also think they see through a lot of the fake side of tv with the show now.
Scott: Recently you done a interview and photo-shoot with GT magazine how was it getting half naked for the camera?
Sam: I have to say I’m not usually shy to take my kit off, it’s the sort of thing I’d do anyway when I’ve had a skin full and can’t walk straight with my friends.
However the only awkward thing was the videographer who was dotting about, because whilst concentration on the actual shoot, you had to make sure you weren’t giving him any strange or intrusive angles! It was slightly off putting to be honest!
Scott: Your new single “I Love It When You” released 12th April 2016, Can you tell us about it?
Sam: Sure I’d love to!
After X Factor I spent a while very confused about my artistic direction. Partly down to the vast amount of different advice and opinions you get fired at you from all angles whilst you’re in a show like that.
But In the show they made me out to be like a Essex boy / Ken doll, who would sing a little too… that was never my niche market!
I love all sorts of music so dipped in and out of a couple of genres, released an EP called “BiggerThings” in November 2015 which I’d say was along the lines of ‘The Script and Lawson’ still a sound I feel very passionate about, however NOW finally I’ve found my sound, the place in music where my writing and vocal belongs and sits perfectly.
Dance music! I got together with a group of producers and DJs called ‘AudioFreaks’ and created ‘I LOVE IT WHEN YOU’.
Before being fully released the song hit Number 1 in a DJ chart called ‘KingsOfSpin’ in the USA, then hit top 10 best selling preorders here in the UK on iTunes and was fighting for a spot with Zayne Maliks new track!
Then on the day it was released wen number 5 in the iTunes chart, number 5 in the MuiscWeek Commercial pop chart UK and top 20 in the RunDMC Pop chart!
The song went mad!!!
I even heard it played in a club when I was in Miami for one night by pure coincidence!
Safe to say that this is where my future is at and that ‘I LOVE IT WHEN YOU’ has been my first real successful release.
‘ILOVE IT WHEN YOU’ is now being licensed with different major record labels around the world for release in many different countries whilst I work with the boys from AudioFreaks, Soulshaker and the the likes of Freaktone records to create my next big thing… and boy it’s going to be huge!
Scott: Will we be seeing a album to follow?
Sam: Yes there will fingers crossed, but right now I’m creating a genuinely credible hype in the dance music industry with some of the biggest DJs, mixers and dance producers on the planet and that is something that has to be handled with care if I want to carry on doing so!
So I’m taking my time on this one.
Scott: Will we be seeing you on tour this year?
Sam: I’m not sure yet. There has been a lot of talk about but nothing concrete that I can reveal just yet. With things finally doing as well as they are in music for me, that’s the most important thing for me to be concentrating on. I love seeing my fans and of course I want to travel around and meet them all, but I believe you can’t call yourself a musician if you’re not making music.
Right now is for me about being the best version of myself that I can be and focusing on the next musical project at hand.
Scott: If you have to choose to be on Celebrity Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity or Strictly which one would it be and why?
Sam: ‘I’m a celebrity’, would deffo be more suited to me. I’m a little wild myself and Without blowing my own trumpet, I literally have no fears, so I reckon I’d be pretty good at it!
Shall we give it a go do you think? Haha.
Scott: Finally, what would be your perfect date?
Sam: My perfect date would be something out of the box, a little wild. Maybe, sky diving, a quad bike safari, something along those lines. I don’t like to sit in silence on dates munching on food.
I want a girl with a bit of bite to her, so let me see that exciting side!
I don’t own photos used in this interview


Sam Official Site – www.callahanofficialmusic.com

Twitter Page – CallahanMusic_

Instagram – itssamcallahan

Lucie Jones Interview with Scott McGlynn

I’ve known the amazing talented Lucie for a while, and I couldn’t wait to have a interview with her for you all enjoy….


Scott – Firstly congratulations on the engagement, have you got any dates when the big day might be?

Lucie – Thank you so much! It’s all very exciting… We have a few dates in mind but nothing is set in stone just yet. Definitely not until 2017 though as this year is going to be very busy. 

Scott – We saw you on the x-factor in 2009, what do you think of the show now and Dermot O’Leary saying it should take a break?
Lucie Everyone knows the show isn’t the same as it used to be- whether those changes are for the positive or the negative is personal opinion. Dermot knows the show better than most so I’m sure most would agree with him.

Scott –  What do you think of Louisa Johnson being crowned the winner?
Lucie – I love her voice. She’s uber talented!  

Scott –  Are you still contact with Dannii Minogue or any of the contestants?
Lucie – Yes I am still in contact with Dannii she is a truly wonderful human. I am in touch with loads of people from the show- not just contestants from my year and other years shows but the crew on the show and the security guys and the Label and production company ect. It was a huge experience so keeping the friends I made there is very important to me. 

Scott –  Recently you did ghost the musical the Asian tour, Can you tell us about it and your experience? 
Lucie – Playing Molly in Ghost the Musical was a fantastic experience. I played the role of my dreams whilst travelling through countries I never expected I would spend good time in. It was hard work but absolutely worth it. LOVED IT!

Scott –  We saw you in ITVs Midsomer Murders, Will we be seeing more of you on TV or Film in the future? 
Lucie – Midsomer Murders was so much fun, I was very lucky to get that role! Yes I will be doing more TV soon.
Scott –  We just found out you be playing Elle Woods in legally blonde musical (my personal favourite) can you tell us about it?
Lucie – YES! Elle baby- SO EXCITING! Another dream role of mine. I loved the film growing up and the musical played the westend for a few years and I saw it a few times. It’ll be fun to play such a bubbly, girlie yet intelligent character.
Scott –  What was the audition process like?
Lucie – Audition processes are always completely different. Sometimes you do 5 or 6 auditions- sometimes just 1 or 2! In this case I did 2 auditions but was working in Cardiff at the time so hurrying back to london to sing and read scenes with the director.
Scott –  If you wasn’t singing/performing what do you think you be doing?
Lucie – Probably working in production. I would love to organise and produce events and concerts. 

Scott – You travelled all over the world, Which place did you personal enjoy the most and would go back tomorrow? 
Lucie – I have been to some amazing places and had some incredible experiences. I really loved Shanghai last year and would love to go back and visit, although I love NYC and am looking forward to working there- hopefully! 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/luciejones1

Facebook Page –  https://www.facebook.com/luciejonesfans/?fref=ts

Chloe Jasmine Q&A with Scott McGlynn

I met the gorgeous Chloe, being a fan of hers for a while I jumped to the opportunity for an interview!

We talked Modelling, X-Factor, Skin Care and 2o16


Q .  Chloe you been on some amazing TV shows which one was your favourite?

 Chloe – Every show is special in its nature. It truly inspires if the production team are kind and enthusiastic.

Q. Your mentor was Naomi Campbell in “The Face” how was she? Do you still speak?

C – She was absolutely majestic. A timeless legend.I must say, I would not have traded working with Naomi for the world.

Q. I personally love your voice, How was the X – Factor for you?

C – Thank you kindly. It’s an aquired taste 🙂 I suffer terribly with nerves, and saw it as a personal challenge.

Q. How is Cheryl to work with? What tips did she give you?

C – Cheryl was phenomenal to work with. I have great respect for her as an artist and a human being. She encouraged me to simply be myself, and to ignore the harsh and untrue press stories which nibbled away at my confidence.


Q. We saw you and Stevi in the Celebrity Big Brother house how was that experience for you? Do you regret anything? 

C – Try everything once and twice if you like it is my motto 🙂 There was a plethora of personalities gracing the establishment, and it was a delight to study them all. I’m very happy go lucky, but for some reason (haha!)really felt the cameras on me and it turn it highlighted my insecurities, which we all have. Lucky us !

I don’t believe in regrets, I see them as lessons. Take any couple , thrust them under the public gaze and every flaw is evident.  I was so elated Janice was in there. I found being around copious amounts of alcohol very hard.


Q. What does 2016 hold for you? Will we be seeing some music from you or on any TV shows?

C – That would be telling. Hold on to your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy ride ! On a serious note, I believe you should only do something if it makes you happy.  Isn’t it wonderful to wake up daily being gloriously excited?


Q. What do you love doing the most Modelling or Singing?

C – In a photoshoot I sing round the studio. See you CAN have it all 😉


Q. What the main 3 things you can’t live without?

C – Oxygen. Love. Faith… Practically speaking 🙂


Materialistically : Skincare !

The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the human the body and immediately denotes when you are working too resistantly – Curse that epidermis and its telling ways.

Luckily Amanda Elias introduced me to her fantastic brand http://www.bravuralondon.com/ and my lacklustre skin healed within two days.

The Perfect Peel products from Medica Forte The Perfect Peel, The Perfect A, The Perfect C and The Perfect Cleanser http://theperfectpeel.co.uk/. Recommended to me by Kelly Saynor are also my skin saviours, My complexion is very fair and my sensitive skin being plastered in make up constantly for shoots and gigs spells trouble with a capital T.


I picked up some incredible hydrating and refreshing facial mist from a recent visit to The Hart Spa http://www.moniquehart.com/bleeding-hart-mist/ which is packed with a gorgeous array of essential oils to soothe and calm. It has been appointed a permanent position in my handbag.

Also http://www.apple-apartments.com/ the only luxury home away from home you could ever wish for when staying out of town. Recently they have expanded to Europe and the States and are located in prime positions all over the UK. Opulent and pragmatic.

chloe 1

Twitter – https://twitter.com/CHLOEJASMINEW

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chloejasminemodel

Marcus Collins – Interview with Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Marcus Collins, we talked about Gay rights, Musicals, X-Factor and more…. 


Scott – Not everyone might know this but you were in a boyband call “Eton Road” how did you find the boyband experience? Why did you leave? 

Marcus – Being in a boyband was an eye opener, I learnt a lot. Mainly that I prefer to be a solo artist but I learnt valuable lessons in the business that I believe helped me get to the finals of The X Factor  

S. We all know you from the X-Factor 2011, how was Gary Barlow as a mentor? 

M. He was great and remains a pillar for me, a great source of guidance for my future and in my career.

S. My personal favourite you preformed on the show was “Reet Petite” what was your favourite song you preformed and your least? 

M. That was also my favourite !! I really didn’t want to sing Rhianna Russian Roulette because it felt so low and not me, but I grew and spoke up for myself and the following week was much better, every week subsequently to that was an improvement 

S. You made it to the final! That must of been an amazing feeling! How has the show changed your life?

M. I was able to travel the world singing, at one point was signed to the same record label as my idol Beyoncé, I wrote my own top 10 album, performed in front of Royalty, headlined Liverpool gay pride, performed with Gary Barlow at the Royal Albert Hall! I’ve toured the UK with my band, I’ve starred in musical theatre and been on the West End and made a better life for myself and family. It was worth all of the hard work.

S. Your debut album was released in 2012, what was it like recording the album? Did you choose all the tracks yourself? Which was your favourite? 

M. It was a little rushed recording the album but I really enjoyed the process. I chose and wrote 8 out of 11 on the album – my favourite is probably ‘Feel Like I Feel’ or ‘It’s Time’… Or ‘Don’t Surrender’ in fact I love ‘Break These Chains’ they all hold a place in my heart and take me back instantly to true feelings at the time of writing. 

S. We seen you take the musical stage in hairspray and kinky boots, was this something you were always passionate about? 

M. Always! I’ve always loved musicals because I love singing and dressing up, dancing and everything dramatic! Haha! I trained in school and college and love it! 

S. Will we be seeing you in anymore musicals? 

M – Hopefully… I’d love to be Lola in Kinky Boots or Fiyero in Wicked 

S. What’s your favourite musical movie? 

M – Probably Hairspray as it blows my mind every time… Or Dreamgirls

S. Being in a open gay relationship, what is your thoughts of same sex couples becoming parents? 

M – I think the more the merrier ! If you are capable and willing and have enough love to spare then you should have a family if you want one.

S. It was a big story about Winston on celebrity big brother saying about it being child abuse! What’s your thoughts on it? 

M – He’s a prick!  Simple as! 

S. Will we be seeing you and Robin tying the knot any time soon? 

M – Haha it’s early days 

S. Finally, what will we be seeing from you in 2016? 

M – Stay tuned…. 🙂