The Millionaire Miracle Worker with Scott McGlynn

You seen her on ITVs This Morning, Newspapers and magazines it’s the Lady Nadia Essex interview with Scott McGlynn!

I’ve been a fan of Nadia for a while, I got very excited when I got ask to a One on one chat & Q&A with her..

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Q: We all know you as the Queen of Relationships & Celebrity Love Coach can you tell me who’s the most famous person worked with?

Nadia – Probably Kellie Maloney and going to be working with Casey Bachelor next month also.

Q: Your the lady for romance tell me what’s the most romantic thing someone’s done for you?

N – I think being whisked to Monaco on a first date for Lunch at Cafe De Paris was probably the most romantic date. I truly felt like Pretty Woman and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be there. It set the bar really high and I’m always on the look out to top it sooner rather than later.

Q:  Are you going to do any TV shows or have any lined up?

N –  Yes I have a few TV shows currently in development. Watch this space as no doubt I will be on your TV screens in 2016.

Q:  I know your a fan of CBB as am I, Tell me what do you really think of Stephanie and Jeremy “relationship” ? And do you think Steph’s current boyfriend Sam should ditch her?

N – Well I think this has been my favourite series ever. I say this every series but this series has been truly amazing. I have a huge problem with women like Stephanie, she is deeply insecure and therefore abuses her boyfriends trust purely because she wants to feel wanted by men. In particular Jeremy who is the easiest and best target in that house. She gives women a really bad name. I’m all for women supporting other women however I can never support Stephanie and her lack of responsibility in this matter. It’s everybody else’s fault and Stephanie is the innocent victim, in her mind, that’s how she justifies it and she couldn’t be more wrong, we’ve seen the footage she is the instigator she’s the one with the boyfriend she is 100% wrong. If Sam stays with her once she gets out of the house I guarantee they won’t last the year. Once trust has gone in the relationship, once respect has gone in the relationship, there is no relationship. It’s over. Sam deserves better.

Q:  What’s the secret on finding a good match?

N – Believe you deserve it. The most important part of my coaching is helping people find the confidence to believe they deserve a partner that is truly amazing. Once they have the confidence that’s half the battle already won. Love yourself and respect yourself and you’ll meet somebody who loves you and respect you too.

Q What is your perfect date?

N – A Romantic dinner with good food good wine and great conversation. The rule I stand by is….

Coffee is cheap

Drinks are an audition
Lunch is an interview 
Dinner is romance

Q: What movie would you pick for a first date “Dirty Dancing” or “Ghost” ?

N –  Oh gosh neither!! A movie is the worst idea for a first date. You can’t speak and get to know each other it’s pointless. Also I don’t believe in Netflix and Chill. It’s gross and just an excuse to get laid, on a first date that is a big no no.

Q: What’s your thoughts on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth possibly getting back together?

N – Well I’ve never known anybody that blatantly flaunts the drug taking on their Instagram page like Miley, what a terrible role model!!! But if that’s his thing, being with a druggie pot head, then good luck to them. I think she looks like a homeless bum who hasn’t washed in weeks and I don’t understand how someone as hot as Liam could find that attractive. Yuk.

Q:  What is the thing you can’t live without?

N – Lipgloss!! My lips are so dry I need to reapply around 20 times a day, also without a good lip colour no matter how much make up I wear I look really washed out. Ohhhh and the other thing is a painted nails, naked nails are so lazy and not chic.


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