Chloe Jasmine Q&A with Scott McGlynn

I met the gorgeous Chloe, being a fan of hers for a while I jumped to the opportunity for an interview!

We talked Modelling, X-Factor, Skin Care and 2o16


Q .  Chloe you been on some amazing TV shows which one was your favourite?

 Chloe – Every show is special in its nature. It truly inspires if the production team are kind and enthusiastic.

Q. Your mentor was Naomi Campbell in “The Face” how was she? Do you still speak?

C – She was absolutely majestic. A timeless legend.I must say, I would not have traded working with Naomi for the world.

Q. I personally love your voice, How was the X – Factor for you?

C – Thank you kindly. It’s an aquired taste 🙂 I suffer terribly with nerves, and saw it as a personal challenge.

Q. How is Cheryl to work with? What tips did she give you?

C – Cheryl was phenomenal to work with. I have great respect for her as an artist and a human being. She encouraged me to simply be myself, and to ignore the harsh and untrue press stories which nibbled away at my confidence.


Q. We saw you and Stevi in the Celebrity Big Brother house how was that experience for you? Do you regret anything? 

C – Try everything once and twice if you like it is my motto 🙂 There was a plethora of personalities gracing the establishment, and it was a delight to study them all. I’m very happy go lucky, but for some reason (haha!)really felt the cameras on me and it turn it highlighted my insecurities, which we all have. Lucky us !

I don’t believe in regrets, I see them as lessons. Take any couple , thrust them under the public gaze and every flaw is evident.  I was so elated Janice was in there. I found being around copious amounts of alcohol very hard.


Q. What does 2016 hold for you? Will we be seeing some music from you or on any TV shows?

C – That would be telling. Hold on to your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy ride ! On a serious note, I believe you should only do something if it makes you happy.  Isn’t it wonderful to wake up daily being gloriously excited?


Q. What do you love doing the most Modelling or Singing?

C – In a photoshoot I sing round the studio. See you CAN have it all 😉


Q. What the main 3 things you can’t live without?

C – Oxygen. Love. Faith… Practically speaking 🙂


Materialistically : Skincare !

The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the human the body and immediately denotes when you are working too resistantly – Curse that epidermis and its telling ways.

Luckily Amanda Elias introduced me to her fantastic brand and my lacklustre skin healed within two days.

The Perfect Peel products from Medica Forte The Perfect Peel, The Perfect A, The Perfect C and The Perfect Cleanser Recommended to me by Kelly Saynor are also my skin saviours, My complexion is very fair and my sensitive skin being plastered in make up constantly for shoots and gigs spells trouble with a capital T.


I picked up some incredible hydrating and refreshing facial mist from a recent visit to The Hart Spa which is packed with a gorgeous array of essential oils to soothe and calm. It has been appointed a permanent position in my handbag.

Also the only luxury home away from home you could ever wish for when staying out of town. Recently they have expanded to Europe and the States and are located in prime positions all over the UK. Opulent and pragmatic.

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