Mason Noise Interview By Scott McGlynn

Scott: We all know you from last years X-Factor, How’s life been since then?

Mason: It’s been one hell of a ride. And more than anything a massive learning curve. For me to learn more about myself as a person and who I want to be as an artist. But it is true what they say. It does change your reality drastically.


SM: What’s the most difficult thing being on a big show like the X-Factor? 

MN: When you watch the show you don’t realise how gruelling the routine is to get the show the way it looks when you sit down on a Saturday and Sunday to watch it.

The lack of sleep and food. The constant camera takes. The singing lessons the dance rehearsals. It’s a test of mental strength more than anything.


SM: What you thinking so far of this years XF? Anyone caught your eye yet?

MN: I think there are some talented people on the show. But I also believe there are some people on the show who don’t deserve to be there and have taken the place of worthy people. This was the reason I dropped the mic when I did. The X-Factor should not be the entertainment factor at the expense of people’s lives.


SM: Any advice would you give for judges houses / live shows?

MN: Sleep. LOTS. Eat right. Stay mentally focused and healthy.

Nothing is worth sacrificing your bodily needs. The rest will follow. But also have the most fun you have ever had and live in the moment. It’s over very fast.


SM: You brought out some music a few years ago, are you working on anything new right now?

MN: My new single Heat has just been release on YouTube and will be on iTunes later this month (October).

Check it out here.. HEAT

SM: We met briefly at the Joshua Kane fashion show earlier this year, We know you love your fashion, Whats your Top 3 designers and Top 3 places to shop?

MN: Designers would be…

+ Haider Ackerman

+ Mike Amiri

+ Off white

Top places to shop. I find boutiques online and on Instagram where I think you can get the most individual items


SM: What was your first CD your bought? 

 MN: Black Eyed Peas  – Where is the love


SM: Who did you grow up listening to? Who inspired you to be a singer / performer?

MN: I’m lucky that I had such a diverse influence from bob Marley to Eric Clapton to MJ. But Pharrell and the Neptunes movement really made me want to start producing and writing.


SM: I brought out my first book called “OUT” its my true life story, about getting bullied for who i am, and how i over come it, Did you ever suffer from bullying in school or in any environment? 

MN: Yes I was bullied in school. But I really think that it stems from the other persons fear of being accepted. And not the victims.

You are a beautiful  individual and someone has taken notice of that.


SM: We all know you speak your mind and I love you for that! Recently people have been questioning your sexuality from the “Gay Times Magazine” feature.

I love that you took to social media saying it doesn’t matter who i am, it don’t change you as a person at all! Being a gay guy myself and been turned away from jobs for being gay! 

It don’t matter if your straight, bi, gay you are who you are! Is there anything you like to comment on here about it?

MN: Who we chose to love is nobodies concern but our own. It is our lives we are here to experience.

If everyone on this planet was really true to themselves and didn’t conform with the standards society and religion set. Didn’t worry and judge other people on standards they have failed to meet in themselves. The world would be in a different dimension.


SM: What is next for Mason? Any projects coming up you can tell us about…

MN: I have my single HEAT. I have an EP in the spring/summer.

I have an exciting school tour about all of these subjects funnily enough. So exciting times are ahead!



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