Scott McGlynn Q&A with Laura White

I sat down with the gorgeous Laura White before her sold out show in Manchester, We spoke about her new EP, X-Factor and more…


Q:  We all know you Laura from the X-Factor so what have you been up to music wise?

L: It is still funny that so many remember me from doing the xfactor because it was so long ago and i am someone who never came off the show being signed etc.. i have been an independent artist proudly for many years and have written all of my own material and worked with my fans on everything we have built together. The show didn’t take me to where we are today but i am also grateful that the show allowed me such a platform to be heard. I’ve been writing for many years, playing so many amazing shows that me and my fans filled, released an EP that was the number one singer songwriter EP UK iTunes chart in the UK and also writing for many other artists.

Q: Are you releasing any new material for 2016?

L: I have released my 2nd EP ‘NO 95’ which is ready now for pre-order on iTunes! Check it out and its all my own written music that I am so proud of. Just cool, real songs that I love. I Collaborated with an amazing LA rapper Wes Period on one of the tracks too, 2016 I am going to drop a lot of music for the fans!

Q: So do you agree with Dermot O’Leary by saying X-Factor should take a year break and go back to room auditions?

L: I think the room auditions were more authentic and raw on hearing the voice and seeing the performers and who they are! I think back in 2008 it had more realness I think its just people now have seen too many people saying the same, performing the same, there isn’t as much authentic artistry.

Q:  Have you got any performances coming up soon where we can all come and see you?

L: I just played two sell out dates at The Bedford in Balham and Manchester..I will be playing all over the country this year and announcing daily on my twitter @laurawhiteoffic and Facebook –

Q: We all know you are a fantastic songwriter so who have you written for?

L: I wrote the Rita ora song ‘NY Raining’ which also featured on Empire the TV Show which got grammy nominated 2016. Its been an amazing year! I also have pitched songs for Alicia Keys, Fifth Harmony, Paloma Faith, Janelle Monae and of course Laura White material!

Q: If you wasn’t doing music what do you think you be doing?

L: Music is everything i am and ever will do.. but if i didn’t do it i would be a writer but a book writer! I love to read and i love words!

Q: If we were to collaboration with an artist who will it be?

I would love to collaborate with another rapper, I love Jcole, Kendrick Lamar… Or a beautiful song with my lady Aretha Franklin!

Q: What was your first single you bought?

The first song I ever bought was Spice Girls wannabe on tape and also Alisha attic- i am i feel.

Q: I’m excited to hear your new EP NO.95 coming out 12 feb can you tell me much about it?

L: The EP is called ‘NO.95’ because I wrote it all starting in my old house at 95 Portobello road in Notting hill, It’s a mix of old school, New York sounding Piano realness. Classic 🙂

Q: I see on your twitter you love your emoji’s tell me if you had to pick one to describe you what will it be?

L: Yes i love it! I would be the punch hand because I am a girl who believes in being brave.. and also I love the girl flicking her hair i use that every message i send almost!

Laura’s new EP will be released on 12th February pre-order yours today by clicking the link – No.95


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