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Jack Black : Face Moisturizer Review




Firstly welcome back and thank you for all your feedback / comments / likes and shares on my last post, Hence why I’m going to tell you my other must have skin product its from “Jack Black” (Not the actor) its called Double-Duty Face Moisturizer which I’ve been using since May 2017, Have not looked back since… Guys looking for something new or girls for your partners Christmas gift? Needs a try trust me, Before I get into what I love about it so much here’s more about the product: 


“Ideal for daily use, this lightweight moisturizer is an advanced facial treatment product with a built in sunscreen, SPF 20.

The emollient formula visibly improves skin’s overall appearance and provides lasting hydration without oiliness or heaviness. Contains potent antioxidants and vitamins, and offers broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to help shield skin from premature aging due to sun exposure” 

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Like I mentioned I been using it for around 7 months now, I’m always up for trying and experimenting new products hearing about the reviews and other peoples stories I gave it ago, After cleansing the face, using serum and Solid Water Essence (Previous post) I apply this light weight moisturizer to my face, A pump and 1/2 I use and that’s enough for my face and neck, It sinks in and smells great I like have products that smell like cream which it does in a manly way.

Within seconds it’s in your skin soaked up, and smoothness after it just terrific, Specially now winter is around the corner, my skin suffers from the cold goes dry and tight this is been helping me easily, and it stays moist pretty much all day, I’m always running around doing this for The Scott McGlynn Show  8 hours later still feeling and looking good! People tend to forgot that car heating and central heating cause a lot more damage to the skin by drying out, and if your like me blasting the heaters in your car to 30 degrees. 

Also if your a shaver and use the blade along your skin, Which causes dryness, and damaging the Double-Duty Face Moisturizer will help get the oils and moisture back into your skin.

I Rate Double-Duty Face Moisturizer 5/5 

If you like to purchase see links below,

UK Get Jack Black UK 

USA Get Jack Black 



James Hughes Interview By Scott McGlynn

James Hughes from Glasgow, Hit our screens this summer appearing on The X Factor getting through to 

Nicole Scherzinger judges houses.

I met up with James to talk about X Factor, Up Coming Gigs, Matt Terry and Honey G!



Scott McGlynn: We seen you get to Nicole Scherzinger’s judges houses, Tell me about you X-Factor experience?

James Hughes: I loved the the whole X Factor experience. Its unforgettable, there are ups and downs and its a tough!

I feel you have to be emotionally prepared for The X Factor or else it will slowly brake you. I’m happy I auditioned for The X Factor and I’m happy I’ve seen what the show can do to peoples lives.

SM: I honestly loved your audition and six chair challenge song choice “Tina Turner – Proud Mary” Your a fan of the classic i noticed, Did you grow up listening to the old divas / classics?

JH: I don’t think your much of a performer if you didn’t listen to old diva classics. The soul and passion in that music tells its own story and is nothing like the “MUSIC” we hear today.

SM: Do you think you will audition again next year (2017) ?

JH: I’ve been changing my mind so much when asked this question. I would go back if I was guaranteed to make it to the live shows, if not then i wouldn’t go back!

SM: Who are you loving on the show and why?

JH: There’s only one person left on the show that I like and its Matt Terry! I didn’t think Matt would be able to handle live shows but he’s proven me wrong and is smashing it every week. Apart from Matt I don’t really see anyone on the same level.


SM: I’ve seen on your Twitter your not a fan of Honey G can you tell me why? What was she like behind the scenes?

JH: I’ve been pretty harsh on Honey G, She’s done well to get where she has got but she has no talent and doesn’t deserve a place in that competition!

That’s what Britain’s Got Talents is for, joke acts.

SM: Being on the XF  gives you a platform, Will we be seeing you performing anywhere soon?

JH: I have lots of things planned and I’m really excited about them! I’m going to be performing in a lot of different placed and I can’t wait to tell everyone what I have planned!

SM: Do you ever suffer from nerves? If you do how do you prepare yourself?

JH: I don’t suffer from nerves, I’m a very confident individual.

Everyone gets nervous including me but I think I control it well. I just go into my own little world and do what I do best which is perform.


SM: Can you tell me your first single you bought?

JH: I think the first single I bought was “Love on Top by Beyoncé” I’ve bought so many!

SM: Who are you loving in the charts right now?

JH: I’m not really loving anyone in the charts at the moment, I don’t really think their’s any soulful songs with meaning so I’m not really interested with any current music.


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Tom Wilson Interview By Scott McGlynn

Tom Read Wilson exclusive he’s appeared in

“The Voice UK” & The hit E4 show “Celebs Go Dating”

I had the privilege to sit down with him and talk about his career, also I had to ask how he get’s them perfect eyelashes…


Scott McGlynn: Some people may not know that you appeared in the

“The Voice” this year, Tell me about your experience on the show?

Tom Read Wilson: I was so beautifully looked after. David, the musical director had such style and his band arrangement was heavenly.

SM: Your voice is so unique, I love it! Do you still perform? If so where and any future dates? 

TRW: I do! I’m hoping I’ll have a little sing at the Crazy Coqs this Christmas.

SM: Being the front man on “Celebs Go Dating” have you ever had any usual phone calls? 

TRW: Actually I often feel that people are on their best behaviour on the phone as I’m the first port of call, so I try to penetrate the carapace.

SM: How did you get involved in the show?

TRW: I was asked aboard as a known romantic. I’m a hopeless romantic you know.


SM: You must of had a favourite celebrity from the show, Can you tell me who and why? 

TRW: Well the one that made me swoon was dear Joe.

SM: I’m a huge fan of your Instagram account with your vocabulary videos, What’s your favourite and why? 

TRW: I’m so delighted! Today’s was “fettle” which I love: condition or state.

SM: Tell me 3 juicy facts about yourself?

TRW: Juicy? Gosh!

  1. I’m a potty mouth after the watershed.

  2. My great vice is coffee cake.

  3. I always sleep in my birthday suit!

SM: I have to ask how do you get them perfect eyelashes? 

TRW: The secret is coconut oil from root to tip!

SM: What’s your Top 3 dating tips?


  1. Celebrate your ideosyncracies! “The one” will love you warts and all

  2. Listen: our nerves make us inclined to gabble.

  3. Wear a lovely perfume. If a smell lingers as you hug goodbye so will you.


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De’Jon Pier’e Interview By Scott McGlynn

Fashion Designer De’Jon Pier’e brought out his collection in August 2015 .

Taking the industry by storm and the success he’s had, I had to get the lowdown on how it all come about, Future Design’s, LFW and MUCH more… 




Scott McGlynn: Was Fashion / Designing something you knew you wanted to do growing up? 

De’Jon Pier’e: I always use to get complimented with the way i dress from when i was young, which to be fair my mum and a part to play in this. as i was growing up i just always love dressing preppy but smart casual and i have always loved fashion and clothes.

SM: Who are your Fashion icons? 

DJP: I am in love with Calvin Klein, the way the brand is is what I aspire to how i would like DJP to go in years to come.

SM: De’Jon Pier’e has been such a sucess, How did it all come about starting your own brand?

DJP: I have always loved fashion and it was my Dad who said call your clothing line by your name as its unique and stands out so cheers Dad HAHA!

SM: How long did it take setting up De’Jon Pier’e?

DJP: It took me three years and then August 2015 I decided to release it and just see what happens i was so nervous because i done everything all by myself.

SM: De’Jon Pier’e offers Men & Women clothing, Which items do you find always sell out? 

DJP: At the moment my snapbacks always sell really quickly and one of the new items the men’s slim fit shirt is selling pretty well also.

SM: Will we be seeing a De’Jon Pier’e show at LFW 2017?

DJP: Possibly 2018, i think 2017 is a bit to close at the moment a few more achievements as at the moment I’m working with a PR company and we are in the middle of creating a team.

SM: What advice would you give someone looking to start their own brand?

DJP: Know your vision, talk to manufacturers and never stop, it will be hard it is suppose to be but never stop.

SM: Any sneak peaks of future collections?

DJP: Sure, Our ladies collections is expanding here’s a sneak peak,


SM: Tell me you fashion DON’TS?

DJP: DON’T STOP, DON’T follow other people, don’t take no for an answer that’s what i have done and it is working for me.

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Helen Lederer interview with Scott McGlynn

Being a fan of Helen’s from the first time I saw her in Ab Fab, I was honored to have a interview with her, She is amazing, talented, funny woman!  I love her! 




Scott; We seen you in some amazing projects, Before we get to that, What made you want to become a actress?

Helen; I always seemed to want to devise plays as a child and somehow  ended up being the MC for a circus show. Maybe this was a start to being a stand-up comic. I was also an elf for a Christmas show. I loved being hysterical and comedy performing was a step towards that.


Scott; Most people know you from Ab Fab, How did all that come about your audition process etc? 

Helen; Well I was around on the stand up circuit in the 80’s and although Jennifer and dawn were 3 years ahead of me..they knew my work and it sort of stemmed from  there. At first Jennifer liked to have people she knew around her. And then it grew and grew and grew!


Scott; I am very EXCITED for the Ab Fab – Movie! What was it like getting all back together? Did it feel you never left the AF family?

Helen; It was a laugh as ever.. we are older and some of us wiser (not moi) but the affection is still there -very proud to be invited back especially as my role is small but fun.


Scott; Your one of my favourite comedians, Does it just come naturally to you being funny? 

Helen; I  have always wanted to laugh…and it has got me into trouble..there’s always one in every class isn’t there.. I was fat and asthmatic  as well which helped..


Scott; I’m into my comedy acting & being funny, If i wanted to join a comedy sketch show / series what would be your tips? 

Helen; Be yourself. Authenticity is the best.. although lots of people choose copying and bossy agents to get ahead. Guess which one I favour ?


Scott; You had some amazing feedback from you novel “Losing It” being a author myself to my autobiographical  story “OUT” whats your experience like being a author? 

Helen; I LOVE writing..it brings peace when it goes well, and stress when it doesn’t…keep at it write every day and watch out for my next book called  ‘HAVING IT’




Scott; You made the word “MId-Lit” for your book, Have you copy right this yet? 🙂

Helen; shit no.. how do I do that. Everyone copies me all the time…I can smell  it..


Scott; How has been your experience on Hollyoaks & Splash (2013) how were they for you?

Helen; Splash has given me a bigger fear of heights than before and hollyoaks was fun fun fun..also I was killed but maybe I can go back as a ghost..it has been known? …


Scott; Being a fellow welshly, Do you still visit your home town? Anything you miss from Wales?

Helen; I was born in llandovery and just did HTLGI festival  in hay on wye which is near I LOVE that  country -warm friendly  and top singing in pubs.


Scott; What’s to come for 2016 / 17 for Helen? 

Helen; Abfab movie in June finish  my book ‘having it

– and praying  it will all be OK  and that people will go on amazon and leave a five star review for ‘losing it’ while they wait for ‘Having it :  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Losing-Helen-Lederer/dp/1447267648/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1433441727&sr=8-1&keywords=losing+it



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Lucie Jones Interview with Scott McGlynn

I’ve known the amazing talented Lucie for a while, and I couldn’t wait to have a interview with her for you all enjoy….


Scott – Firstly congratulations on the engagement, have you got any dates when the big day might be?

Lucie – Thank you so much! It’s all very exciting… We have a few dates in mind but nothing is set in stone just yet. Definitely not until 2017 though as this year is going to be very busy. 

Scott – We saw you on the x-factor in 2009, what do you think of the show now and Dermot O’Leary saying it should take a break?
Lucie Everyone knows the show isn’t the same as it used to be- whether those changes are for the positive or the negative is personal opinion. Dermot knows the show better than most so I’m sure most would agree with him.

Scott –  What do you think of Louisa Johnson being crowned the winner?
Lucie – I love her voice. She’s uber talented!  

Scott –  Are you still contact with Dannii Minogue or any of the contestants?
Lucie – Yes I am still in contact with Dannii she is a truly wonderful human. I am in touch with loads of people from the show- not just contestants from my year and other years shows but the crew on the show and the security guys and the Label and production company ect. It was a huge experience so keeping the friends I made there is very important to me. 

Scott –  Recently you did ghost the musical the Asian tour, Can you tell us about it and your experience? 
Lucie – Playing Molly in Ghost the Musical was a fantastic experience. I played the role of my dreams whilst travelling through countries I never expected I would spend good time in. It was hard work but absolutely worth it. LOVED IT!

Scott –  We saw you in ITVs Midsomer Murders, Will we be seeing more of you on TV or Film in the future? 
Lucie – Midsomer Murders was so much fun, I was very lucky to get that role! Yes I will be doing more TV soon.
Scott –  We just found out you be playing Elle Woods in legally blonde musical (my personal favourite) can you tell us about it?
Lucie – YES! Elle baby- SO EXCITING! Another dream role of mine. I loved the film growing up and the musical played the westend for a few years and I saw it a few times. It’ll be fun to play such a bubbly, girlie yet intelligent character.
Scott –  What was the audition process like?
Lucie – Audition processes are always completely different. Sometimes you do 5 or 6 auditions- sometimes just 1 or 2! In this case I did 2 auditions but was working in Cardiff at the time so hurrying back to london to sing and read scenes with the director.
Scott –  If you wasn’t singing/performing what do you think you be doing?
Lucie – Probably working in production. I would love to organise and produce events and concerts. 

Scott – You travelled all over the world, Which place did you personal enjoy the most and would go back tomorrow? 
Lucie – I have been to some amazing places and had some incredible experiences. I really loved Shanghai last year and would love to go back and visit, although I love NYC and am looking forward to working there- hopefully! 

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