Cecil Interview By Scott McGlynn

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Cecil the Berkshire born artist’s music has grown in notoriety over the last year most notably being featured recently on BBC Radio 2. She has been championed regionally by BBC Introducing Berkshire and has performed live for both BBC Coventry & Warwickshire and BBC Oxfordshire respectively as well as featuring on many other radio shows in the UK. I caught up with Cecil to find out more…

Scott: What inspired you to be a music artist? 

Cecil:  Music has always been a big part of my life very early on in my childhood, as my mum used to play drums in a rock band and they would get together every weekend to jam. I think that instantly makes my mum cooler than me?!

Scott: Can you remember you first single or EP download you bought?

Cecil:  Well there was no such thing as downloading in the days where I bought my first record! God that makes me sound old! It was actually Green Days American Idiot album I bought. What a rebel I was!

Scott:  Tell me your top 3 music artists / bands you love and why?

Cecil: Coldplay have to be my first I just love them always have always will. I like how current they always keep themselves but always with their signature Coldplay touch.

Frank Sinatra, as who could deny, old blues eyes and silky vocals! And also most importantly he reminds me of home and my mum and dad. 

Also…Lana Del Rey I just love how artistic she is. She is very magical and it’s quite rare what she does, which I completely admire. 

Scott: Tell me about you experience with BBC Radio 2, That must of been a huge highlight in you career?  

Cecil:  Yes! I honestly couldn’t believe it I was over the moon. I actually found out I had been played by someone commenting on a YouTube video saying they heard my song on BBC 2, so as you can imagine I frantically told everyone I knew even the neighbors dog, Amber who is super cute! 

Scott: Tell me more about you debut EP “Silly Business” 

Cecil: So my EP Silly Business was released this April 7th! Get your copy on iTunes now guys ;). There are songs I have written on there that are years old and some I have written late last year so quite a journey of songs! It’s mostly about heartbreak with a previous relationship I had on and off for years. So I think the songs are pretty relatable! It was such an exciting creative process and I’m so happy with the outcome.

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Scott: Are you working on your album? If so, Tell me about it 

Cecil: Yes I’m currently working on the album, it’s going to be a lot more up tempo than the EP, thought I’d ease people into me first haha. Sorry I like to laugh at my own jokes. I’m super excited about the album as it shows me growing as an artist creatively and is a lot more modern sounding so I’m hoping it’s going to connect with a lot more people.

Scott: Other than music, what else is you passion? Do you like acting or theatre? 

Cecil: Well I really like musical theatre but unfortunately I can’t dance to save my life, so that was a no go for me! But I actually prefer performing my own songs it gives me way more of a buzz! 

Scott: Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself?

Cecil: Well I broke my nose at 5 years old running into a stone post, I’ve always been so clumsy, it never got fixed so it’s actually still broken to this day and when my nose wasn’t swollen anymore and having a follow up at the doctors my mum actually remembers the doctor saying “people would pay to have their noses look like this”. So we decided nothing needed to be done, so a win win! 

And also splitting my lip so bad just a year later after my nose breaking while falling out of bed on holiday in Italy, it was basically hanging off my face. My mum and dad had to rush me to the hospital,as you can imagine they were beside themselves, my dad actually fainted in the operating theatre! They hit the jackpot with me didn’t they. 

My birthday falls on St Patricks day so there is never an excuse not to go out! It’s always eventful. I’m promising myself one year to go to Dublin on my birthday and celebrate it it true Irish style!

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Scott: You have a few performing dates coming up, Can you tell us where and when? 


Surya, LONDON – Apr 22nd 

Lock Stock & Barrel, NEWBURY – Apr 28th

New Cross Inn, LONDON – Sun May 7th

Gullivers, MANCHESTER – Tues May 16th(supporting Eleanor Mcevoy)

Notting Hill Arts Club, LONDON – Weds May 17th

Lechlade Festival, LECHLADE  – May bank holiday weekend 27th or 28th

Brightfest, OXFORD – June 3rd

Samfest, SURREY – June 24th

The Royal Henley Regatta, HENLEY – Weds 28th Jun – Sat 1st Jul

Henley festival, HENLEY  – Fri Jul 7th 7pm Bedouin stage

Godiva Festival, COVENTRY  – sat 8th

Jagfest , ALLESLEY – sun 9th

Wellowfest, NOTTINGHAM – Sat 15th Jul

Priory Live Festival, ORPINGTON  – Sat Aug 12th

BBC Radio 2’s Carfest (south), HAMPSHIRE – Sun Aug 27th 1:30-2pm


Silly Business [Live @BBC Radio Oxford]


For more information on Cecil please visit her Website, Facebook, and Twitter links below:


Tom Wilson Interview By Scott McGlynn

Tom Read Wilson exclusive he’s appeared in

“The Voice UK” & The hit E4 show “Celebs Go Dating”

I had the privilege to sit down with him and talk about his career, also I had to ask how he get’s them perfect eyelashes…


Scott McGlynn: Some people may not know that you appeared in the

“The Voice” this year, Tell me about your experience on the show?

Tom Read Wilson: I was so beautifully looked after. David, the musical director had such style and his band arrangement was heavenly.

SM: Your voice is so unique, I love it! Do you still perform? If so where and any future dates? 

TRW: I do! I’m hoping I’ll have a little sing at the Crazy Coqs this Christmas.

SM: Being the front man on “Celebs Go Dating” have you ever had any usual phone calls? 

TRW: Actually I often feel that people are on their best behaviour on the phone as I’m the first port of call, so I try to penetrate the carapace.

SM: How did you get involved in the show?

TRW: I was asked aboard as a known romantic. I’m a hopeless romantic you know.


SM: You must of had a favourite celebrity from the show, Can you tell me who and why? 

TRW: Well the one that made me swoon was dear Joe.

SM: I’m a huge fan of your Instagram account with your vocabulary videos, What’s your favourite and why? 

TRW: I’m so delighted! Today’s was “fettle” which I love: condition or state.

SM: Tell me 3 juicy facts about yourself?

TRW: Juicy? Gosh!

  1. I’m a potty mouth after the watershed.

  2. My great vice is coffee cake.

  3. I always sleep in my birthday suit!

SM: I have to ask how do you get them perfect eyelashes? 

TRW: The secret is coconut oil from root to tip!

SM: What’s your Top 3 dating tips?


  1. Celebrate your ideosyncracies! “The one” will love you warts and all

  2. Listen: our nerves make us inclined to gabble.

  3. Wear a lovely perfume. If a smell lingers as you hug goodbye so will you.


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Richard Mylan By Scott McGlynn

Richard Mylan, A welsh actor that has appeared in amazing shows the  likes of
BBC Waterloo road, Bad Girls and Where the heart is.
I met up with Richard to see who his inspiration is, Future project’s and much more..
Scott: Who was your actor idols growing up?
Richard: I wasn’t big on actors as a kid… Apart from Michael Jackson, I was a massive Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire fan… Still am.

Scott: When did you know acting was your passion and wanted it to be career of yours?
Richard: I trained as a dancer & started out in the musicals (I played ‘Flat Top’ then ‘Electra’ in Starlight Express)… I kind of just fell into acting, loved it, never looked back.

Scott: You been in some amazing programmes like “Bad Girls” “Where the heart is” and “waterloo road” how was the auditioning process?
Richard: The audition process is always tough & that will never change. You have to develop thick skin very quickly in order to manage inevitable rejection… The upside is, it makes success taste even sweeter when it comes around & you learn to appreciate every second.


Scott: You also produced some projects, Will we be seeing more from you?
Richard: I’m always writing & developing projects. It keeps my creativity flowing. I’m currently co writing & directing the comedy series ‘TownHill’ with my good friend Stefan Pejic. Very excited about it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.

Scott: What advice would you give people starting out in acting?
Richard: Keep busy- find projects, share your talents. Above all- do it because you love it & always maintain belief in your abilities.

Scott: Who would you love to work with? Actor & Actress?
Richard: Woody Allen… Jeff Goldblum, Kevin Spacey- I could go on & on.

Scott: It is hard to break any industry, did you have hard times not getting parts you wanted?
Richard: Yes definitely. It really tests your metal! You have to go through those times. It makes you stronger & ultimately, better.

Scott: Will performing on stage be interesting to you? 
Richard: Absolutely!!! I cannot wait to get started! I love the theatre as much as film & television.

Scott: What projects do you have coming up?
Richard: http://franticassembly.co.uk/productions/things-i-know-be-true-uk-tour/

Scott: What’s your best inspiring quote you seen?
Richard: The world seems saturated with inspirational quotes these days… They’re getting slightly annoying tbh. I’ll make one up…
“Don’t live your life by quotes… Especially this one”
Richard Mylan
Follow Richard on Twitter Richard Mylan
Please support his Charity Action for Autism – Action4Autism

Vangelis Polydorou Interview – Scott McGlynn

BBC The Voice 2016 Vangelis Polydorou amazing talented guy with a powerful voice, I met him in London to talk about Boy George, The Voice, LGBT, Boyfriends and things he can’t live without…


Scott – We seen you on The Voice this year, Your blind audition you sang  “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me”, Was it a reason you choose this song? Does it mean anything to you? 

Vangelis; I was originally meant to sing Wings by Birdy for my Blind Audition but I didn’t think it was the right song. The team rang me up and agreed and said ‘We don’t get alot of voices like yours on The Voice and we want to create a different arrangement that will help to showcase your unique voice even more’  Do You Really Want To Hurt Me was just an idea at first, it wasent always going to be the song. I got sent a rough demo and worked on the vocals on the weekend and then I came together with the band and told them some of my own ideas for the track. The funny thing was it was so rushed and I didn’t think about it too much but it just worked. I felt like we had made something special and it was the perfect song for me to audition with. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Scott – What made you choose George as your mentor?

Vangelis; I like his honesty. If he doesn’t like something he’s telling you. He keeps you on your toes and although I still find him a little intimidating he has helped me a lot throughout the process. I won’t say he’s like a father figure because he’d hate that! Haha 

Scott – Your done some awesome songs on the show, What was your favourite moment and why? 

Vangelis; I loved Do you really want to hurt me of course but I also loved Here Comes The Rain Again. I nearly didn’t do it because I was scared of doing something upbeat. It showed a different side to me though and I was really fighting to stay in that week. I was thinking to myself I need to fight for this shit, and I did. Thankfully the public voted me through to the next round. I hated beautiful though. It was a rushed suggestion from one of the team and I didn’t like the arrangement but I did the best I could with what I was given. I did feel like I was being thrown under the bus that week and I knew I would go. 

Scott –  Your a LGBT supporter, I brought out my 
autobiographical story about being gay and bullied in school & workplaces, how was it for you?

Vangelis; Yes I’m heavily involved in the LGBT scene. I actually sang and closed the LGBT awards which was a great honour. When I was younger I always knew I was different. I was eally shy going to new places incase people would notice that I was different. I did get name called alot but my bullying stories were nothing compared to some people. I was lucky because I went to great schools they didn’t tolerate that. I just think it’s awful what people have to go through. 

Scott – If you could say one thing to bullies what would it be?
Vangelis; Get a life and stop trying to ruin other peoples. 

Scott – You been doing some gigs around the UK, Where will we be seeing you this summer?

Vangelis; Yes. I’m doing London, Oxford, Warwickshire, Stoke-on-Trent and Leicester Pride. I’m not just doing Pride though, i’ll include a list below. 

Scott –  I love your new hair! What was the process like getting to sliver?

Vangelis; I had to get it bleached 3 times on the same day and then come back a few days later to get a permanent colour. I had scabs on my scalp from the bleach and then got bad dandruff. I know this is way too much info but I want to keep it real ha. It got better though, but my scalp felt a bit traumatised. It’s hard to maintain so as the permanent colour started to fade I used a semi permanent silver toner which you have to use weekly to keep it that way and my hair is starting to feel healthier again. 

Scott –  Who were your role models growing up?

Vangelis; I loved Celine Dion! I always wanted to sing like her and hold the notes and she was just amazing and still is and Whitney and Mariah. I just loved that big diva sound. 

Scott –  Its news going around about the Spice Girls getting back together, Excited?

Vangelis; So excited! I actually met Mel B at the LGBT awards. I had a dress run where I had to sing in front of Mel and Duncan James from Blue. She came up to me and said ‘Hi I’m Mel’ and all I could think is ‘I am talking to a spice girl and going to be singing infront of her’ she was lovely though and they both clapped me afterwards. 

Scott –  Is there a guy in your life? OR are you still looking for love?

Vangelis; There is someone in my life. Tony Fran AKA Fantasy. He does Drag and he’s a very arty person. I think he will do big things. Here is a link to a short film he made which I feature in.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haI5cSA54sc

Scott –  Top 3 things you can’t live without?

Vangelis; Cup of tea….Blow Jobs…..Singing


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