Trent and Luke – Interview with Scott McGlynn

Gay YouTube couple Trent and Luke has been a big hit worldwide!!

I recently been in contact with them for a interview for you guys to discuss future plans, wedding, favorite videos and more!! Enjoy… 


Scott:  You guys have a very successful YouTube channel, What made you decided to start it?  

Trent – Well I actually had a YouTube channel myself before I met Luke! (Now known as TrentAndLuke Extras) It wasn’t massive but had a respectable audience..

Luke – We both loved editing and being creative so when the followers loved seeing us together in Trent’s videos we started to make a joint channel!


S: How did you guys first meet? And what was your first date?

L – We actually met at an event where we were both clients for the same Agency (Acting & Modelling) 

T– My Best Friend Zoe was one of the Agents who introduced us both, at the time I lived up in Harrogate with her so when we decided to plan our first date, Luke came up north and we had a 2-Day sleepover date

Where we are Chinese food and watched Horror Movies.


S: I personally love your channel! Which is your personal favourite video? Trent?…… Luke?……


L – I would say the ‘How well do we know each other’ video – We bounced off each other really well and was a lot of fun to film, usually when you film a video you are thinking about a lot of things and what you need to say but for that one we just let loose!

T – My Favourite would have to be on of our old videos called ‘Our Ghost Haunting’ It was so fun to film, it was done over a few days and it was one of our first videos that we got more creative and used a lot of editing plus we introduced a new character onto our channel, Medium Margret 😉

S: Being a LGBT supporter’s, Do you have people ask for any advice from you guys?

L – Yeah all the time, sometimes it’s hard to respond to everyone as there is literally thousands of Messages, the main message we like to get out there is to be yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down for doing that.

S: Have you been offered to do some strange things in the years? If so, what was it?

T– Not overly strange things! Which I guess is good 🙂 when we first started YouTube we were offered to be part of Gay Times Naked Shoot .. which we did, it was strange being naked in front of so many people but at the same time was weirdly liberating 

S: Your little baby pup Benji is so cute! Will you be thinking on getting any more? 

L – Yes! We want another 100 haha – but seriously when we moved to Australia we defiantly want Benji to have a little brother (or a teacup piglet)  

S: Trent – I know you done some acting! Will we be seeing you on the screens again any time soon? 

T – Yes! YouTube has kind of taken over my life and I kind of took a break from it, I was doing a stage show but I was very quiet about it – This year I’ve pulled out all the stops and I’ve went back in head first, so here’s for hoping!

S: Luke – Your mum Tracy is very supportive, How was coming out to her?

L – The easiest and the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! It was easy because I knew 100% she supported me no matter what but also the hardest because it’s her opinion is what matter to me the most

S: Your both ambassadors for Being Me Campaign, What can you tell me about it?

L – Yes, it’s a really great new campaign run by my Mum & Kieran Stanbridge  – It’s all about Being Yourself and Accepting Your differences as Quirks that make yourself unique which I think is a really great message.

T – Both Tracy & Kieran have a lot of experience behind them and have had so much interest with the campaign – There is a lot of people involved some you may recognise and some who are just kind everyday people.

S: You have plans to re-do your vows, Have you got a date set? 🙂

T– YES! But no dates set, It will be set in Australia, so as soon as they decide to catch up with the rest of the world and legalise Gay Marriage, we will be there! 

S: If their’s 1 message you would give bullies and haters of LGBT community what will it be?   

L – As much as we disagree with Haters & Bullies, we’ve learnt that no amount of words will ever change their Narrow Minds, So honestly we don’t really waste our breath.

T – But honestly in this Day and Age it’s crazy how many people can still be so hateful and Narrow Minded, but those people aren’t even on our radar, Bye Felicia  


S: What will be seeing from you both this year? 

T– Hopefully quite a bit! We are working a lot harder on our YouTube and Also our brand outside of YouTube – There’s so many cool things planned that we can’t really say yet but wish we could!



Catch the boys weekly videos on their channel here –

Trent’s Twitter –

Luke’s Twitter –

Being Me Campaign Twitter –

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