Talent singer and performer Robyn Regan exclusive interview, We talked Role Models, Music, Spice Girls plus much more.. Please leave any question / comments below.

 Scott – When was the moment that music was your passion?

Robyn – Growing up I went to three different stage schools, ( not at the same time obviously hehe ) I was always put into competitions for singing and dancing and always walked away with medals and trophies for every routine that I did. So at the age of 15 I entered a singing competition and performed at the Hackney Empire. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a singer. But wasn’t aloud to fulfil my dreams until I finished school. ( Education is important ).


Scott –  Who was your idol growing up?

Robyn – My idol has always been and always will be Michael Jackson!


Scott –  I love your song “OH I” in the video your really into your dancing, Is this something you really enjoy as well?

Robyn – I wasn’t  very confident child growing up but I always put on shows at home for my family and toys. So to gain confidence my parents decided to put me into performing arts. This has always been apart of my life and wouldn’t change that for the world.


Scott –  What’s your thoughts of Spice Girls reunion? Do you want it to happen even tho it could be only 3 of them?

Robyn – Growing up I loved the Spice Girls! I acted as every single Spice Girl depending on my mood, I would always felt guilty if I did a show and didn’t act as one of them just in case they felt left out. I was like their biggest fan EVER. I would love for them to do a reunion! I think it would be great if they invited me along to perform to hehe, cheeky I know!


Scott – Where will you performing this summer?

Robyn – I can’t give away too much because nothing has been announced, but just know that there is some really exciting things coming!


Scott –  Your YouTube vlog is great! Is this something you always wanted to do, share your experience with your fans?

Robyn – Hey thanks! Well I’ve only really just started using my YouTube channel properly. The whole idea of vlogging the events I do, is so that my fans could see what actually goes into every performance. Everyone sees the final production, nobody realises that it’s not that easy and a lot of work goes into what I do. I also wanted to show my fans that I’m not that different from them either. I like being weird and crazy. I think that comes across pretty well in my videos.


Scott –  Do you ever get nervous before going on stage? If yes, how do you over come them?

Robyn – To be honest I don’t really get nervous no. I get more excited than anything. Knowing that I’m going to go on stage to perform to my fans makes what I do more fun! I love seeing my fans in the audience and I love meeting them after a show! Why be nervous when the people you love and know love you are supporting you?


Scott – Have you ever thought to go on “The X Factor” or “The Voice” ?

Robyn – Truthfully I’ve never wanted to enter either of those shows. I want to be different.
Scott –  How did it all kick off for you, Your career?

Robyn – Well it all started with my song “Home” that I wrote for Help 4 Heroes. Everybody supported the song seeing as all the money raised went to the charity. A fan wrote a letter to Prince Harry about my song. He then wrote back to her, commending me on my song and to keep going. “Home” also got to number 6 in the singer/songwriter charts on ITunes. This was how my career started. From then I’ve just kept working harder and have been doing lots of tours that I love!

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Natalie Indya West Interview By Scott McGlynn

Exclusive interview with Natalie West by Scott McGlynn

Scott: Tell a little about yourself and some facts people may not know about you?
Natalie: OK so about me..? I trained in music at the Brit School, Selhurst London. I also studied dance on the side. I had the privilege of dancing behind mystique on the Brit awards 2003 so i guess my dancing skills weren’t too bad? lol. I used to be extremely shy and i didn’t have many friends at college. I also suffered with bulimia, so a lot of my college days were cloaked. I lived a concealed life. I was so desperate to be thin to look prime for my dancing.  After the Brit school i went onto train at a vocational performers college in Romford Essex called Colins Performing Arts. I was in the same classes as James Buckley who plays Jay Cartwright in the Inbetweeners. At the time James was going out with A girl called Tia but i secretly fancied him lol. It was his ludicrous humour that won my heart. He was no looker, but i admired his genius talent in acting and his ability to make people laugh. But i never told him and still doesn’t know to this day simply as i did not want to tarnish his relationship. 
Whilst i was at college, i had been awarded a 50% scholarship. So i still had to fund the rest of my college fees and pay for my student accommodation! I had a job in McDonald’s i was on £5.26 an hour and after tax i was not getting very much at all. I was working all the hours under the sun after college and was severely tired. At this time i still had my bulimic food disorder and i was sending £300- 400 a week on food. I needed more money, so after looking through the stage paper, i came across an audition for dancers needed in a nightclub. It was in Liverpool street. the club was called Diamonds and Pearls. I went along to the audition only to find it was a pole dancing club. I had no clue how to pole dance or lap dance? But i just went for it and improvised. I had the vision in my mind of “College fees” so i knew i had to just block out any substandard thoughts and just get on with it. Well i got the job and from then on i was working in the club every night after college earning between £800-1500 per week. i made friends with some of the girls and was offered cocaine as it was an appetite suppressant, which would help me stay thin and keep me awake. So it was here that i developed a vulnerable habit and yes i became an addict at the age of 19.  Cutting the long story short, i ended up getting into debt with my drug bills and i left college. My mum had moved away to the Isle ofWight and i ended up living in a rented room in a violent alcoholics house, and i had taken on 2 jobs to pay for everything. I was really lonely and sad, i had no friends and i hated life. Was only 20.
During my struggle, it was then that i started writing songs. I put my anger and guilt of leaving college to paper….. and a lot of my songs if you listen to the lyrics are about my past and my struggles with life. It is a very sad story and i wish i could go back in time to change things. But I certainly wouldn’t have any of my songs if i had! 
Scott: Your in a rock band, How is the rock-style life different to pop-star life?
Natalie: I really love being in my rock band. Its so rock n roll it suits me down to the ground its right up my street! Ive lived a life in the drugs and sex backdrop so to be a rocker is more accessible as is the pop world. I feel i am not judged in the rock n roll world because the majority of the rock stars and fans have been through the same as me. While in the pop world, i would be condemned. There’s a large unorthodox between the two genres. Put it this way, i doubt i could ever try my luck with the x factor lol. 
Scott:  Your signed to “CO Records” was it easy to get signed or was it hard times to get where you are today? 
Natalie: Yes i recently got signed to co records. It has not been easy, as I’ve only recently got myself straight and my life back on track. In the past 5 years I’ve lived in 12 different places, I’ve had broken relationships. My mind and heart have both been unstable. I have only just settled down. And i feel my prayers have been answered, as of my recent signing. After all, when we hear songs on the radio we download the song because we love it… we never think about the life of that singer and what they have been involved in. Its the voice that pays dirt, its not the background. So I’m just going to be ignorant with myself now and forget my past and just get on with it and make great music! Its all i can do. Co records look great. They have some talent on their roster including the lovely Paul Manners and I’ve met a few of the chaps. They are all very welcoming and for once i feel i am part of a family. I.e not been turned away and these guys are not turning their backs on me. 
Scott:  We seen you on ITV Judge Rinder, For people who havent seen it, Can you tell us why you were on there and what was the outcome? 
Natalie: To be honest, i hated seeing myself on judge rinder. Hence why i chose not to get any press on it. I saw myself and i hated what i saw. I wish i had never filmed the episode. The fact that i made my mum cry and to see her so upset broke my heart as my mum is my rock and i love her endlessly. My mum is such a kind loving woman and i owe her my life. My own mum bailed me out of my drug debts, hence why we were on there as my mum was trying to get back the last bit of money that i owed. The outcome was not good as she didn’t win. Justice was not done. I felt i had let her down and i felt nothing but shame, liability and disgrace. How could i have let this happen? I have certainly learnt my lesson and i now value my relationship with my mum more than ever. On the show, they played my music. The record was a rock track i wrote called “Not A Line” which significantly is about cocaine and one of the songs i wrote when i was in my darkest place.
Scott:  I know you like to write a lot of your own songs, How long does this normally take? 
Natalie: I have written over 200 songs, and i am also a lyricist. A lot of my rock songs I’ve written the lyrics to, but the music has been composed by other writers. I am an honest person, and i would never take all the credit for a piece of work that i did not write all by myself. Some of the lyrics have taken me hours, others months. I did a record with MC Neat called “Ignite it” the lyrics were written by me, and the music was composed and produced by the next room. The rap was written by Neat himself. However, the lyrics took me a while on this. I was lonely and isolated living in a log cabin at the time, feeling depressed. I was experiencing alcohol problems and in a drunken state i began to write the lyrics….. they are very dark and barbaric which is how i was feeling at the time. The song was about someone i loved, but about how i was too scared to tell them about who i really was. As I’ve lived behind closed doors and been ashamed of myself for too long.Some find the lyrics offensive. But that’s just me all over, so expect it! ha! 
Scott:  I released my first book called “OUT” this year, Talking about my experience growing up as a gay guy in the late 90s and getting bullied, Did you ever suffer from bullying growing up?
Natalie: Yes i did suffer from bullying. From the age of 6- 15 i grew up with violence, and i was bullied at school. I guess this explains my outlandish behaviour to this day! When i was at school i had my hair set alight, my eyebrows shaved off after a sleep over party. I was beaten up once badly. Ive never enjoyed life not even as a child. I remember a time when i was only 10 at school and i used to be called “Bowling ball” as i was fat and chubby. This girl stole my lunch and chucked it away because she said i didn’t need that. Lol. I was always too weak to stick up for myself. But since forming my rock band, i certainly have a lot more front now and i hate bullies. If i see or hear of someone getting bullied i am straight in there and i will stick up for the person. I don’t have many people in my life to this day, as bullies have made me build a concrete wall and to let anyone in is extremely difficult! I don’t trust anyone and to gain y trust you need a bulldozer to get in! lol. It is very sad that people have actually made me this way. My attitude to this day is what bullies have manufactured. I am thankful for the bullies that i have now become a very strong woman with heavy duty morals in life, and a robust outlook. I have toughened up and will never be the flaccid girl i used to be. 
Only last year i was cyber bullied and it got so extreme that i had to get the police involved as the woman was making death threats and threatened to burn me alive in my log cabin. This was a woman i had never met, never biased with. It was out the blue and she knew all my details. These cyber bullies sit at computers and hide behind the screen. They target successful people to melancholy a bit more gleam. They feed off of your irritation of them bullying you and this gives them fuel to prostrate you and immobilise you. So the best thing anyone can do from my experience is to ignore them. As then, they have absolutely no juice. Simple.
Scott: What would you say to people getting attacked and abuse for being gay or lesbian?
Natalie: I have a lesbian sister who is married to a woman. The pair of them are the most loving, kind, reverent couple you could meet. I would not want my sister any other way. When we first found out, ok it was a real shock. But we got used to it and we stuck by her. You stick by the people you love in life, and regardless of what they do or how they turn out, they are your blood. My sister faced a homophobic attack a few years back where she was actually punched in the face by a man. Now this is the lowest of the low. It is corrupt wicked behaviour. But notably the person got away with it. Crime like this should be prison sentences. its vile. Gay or lesbian, straight or whatever, you should be able to circuit life at your own free will. We are all human beings. Everyone is equal at the end of the day and life is sacred. We are all neighbours and should be looking out for one another, not making someones life hell. I say to all the gay and lesbians out there, be yourself. Never change for anyone. Stand your ground and live your life with elation. If people attempt to bully you, simply ignore them. If they persist with violence, you must take it to the police. We should not have bullies in this world. They need to be punished why they are doing is wrong. Never be ashamed of who you are. 
Scott: What’s your plans for 2016? Any summer gigs you have lined up?
Natalie: I have some plans for 2016 with co records I’m writing with them for my new single. Not sure what its going to be called yet. But i will be doing a music video with them too.
With my rock band INDYA i have some shows in September in and around London, and we have a new single coming out in September so listen out for us on all the top rock stations kerrang! Radio etc etc. We are getting a music video for the record as we are going onto a tv show linked to Kerrang. There’s a big show on at the O2 in November with co records which i will be performing at. I take things as they come and i don’t like to rush… so i will sit back and assess whats next. I just enjoy every gig, every recording. I am not out to become famous. I just love music and I’m already living my dream as I’m performing and recording. And as long as I’m happy with that, anything else can just follow.
Scott: Who would you love to work with?
Natalie: I would really love to do a rock collaboration with Steve Vai. Ie always been a lover of white snake and Steve is one of my fav all time guitarists. it would be so cool to get together with him. I would also love to work with my friend Wily Bo Walker who’s a blues legend. My new single “Strip me down” is very blues orientated … i always like to try new styles. 
in the pop world i would love to work with Rizzle Kicks. My mum Carol Camps was in a film with him “The Guvnors” and he’s such a lovely boy. He’s not the bad ass boy we all think, he’s actually a real gentlemen, friendly and it was a delight to meet him. I feel a collab with harley would be wicked!
Lastly, i would like to collar with some of the homeless in Brighton. I have sat with some of them and heard their music. I’ve met a homeless man who’s by far the best harmonica player I’ve heard ever in my life. I would love to get some of them on my records. I’m up for giving everyone a chance to be heard. Music is spiritual. It has healing properties. You can be the poorest man in the world with nothing, but if you can play beautiful music then that’s priceless. 
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Cristian MJC Interview By Scott McGlynn

My Exclusive interview with Cristian MJC by Scott McGlynn



Scott: Tell me 3 facts about yourself that people don’t know?
1. I’m deaf in my left ear.
2.I’m 1/4 Indian
3. The bald patch on the left side of my head isn’t a hair style, It’s where I had a form of skin cancer removed.
Scott: Some people may not know you trained swimming 7 days a week for the 2012 Olympics! Tell us more about it.. 
Cristian: I was expected to be training up to 9 times a week at 12 towards the GB development squad. That’s 5am starts!!
Scott: How hard it is to get a swimmers body? We know your in great shape, Tell us your secrets.
Cristian: I’m so busy touring with my new single right now, But i’m strict on what i eat, All fruits not sweets! Ha! I try and get in the gym when I can on the road its hard to have time.
Scott: Do you have any merchandise?
Cristian: Yeah I recently launched my own line of merchandise with the tag line “Who The Hell Is Cristian MJC?!”. Currently there are only wristbands and a limited number of
T-shirts available. You can buy them online at
Scott: If you had the chance to do it all again would you? And why?
Cristian: I find first experiences are always better! I fully enjoyed my time in the house that was also a big time in my life.
Scott: Your new single “True Colours” coming out soon, Tell us about it?
Cristian: Its a throwback song! I wrote and recorded it when i was 16! I knew I wanted to release this song, It reached top 3 on pre order itunes to.
Scott: What made you decided to Ft Lydia ? Was she always someone you had in mind?
Cristian: I liked her voice and how she sounded on it! She is talented. The video is a true life video of my life everything you see on there I done!
Check out the official music video here…
Scott: What’s the sound of your album going to be? Any names for it yet?
Cristian: Working on the new EP coming soon…I worked with some amazing people I don’t want to say to much, but you all find out soon!
Scott: A lot of summer gigs happening all over the UK, Will we be seeing you at any of them?
Cristian: I just finished my school tour, which was amazing! I got some gigs coming Northern Pride, Summer jam, Box park,  02 islington, For more dates you can find on my website

Paul Manners Interview By Scott McGlynn

Paul Manners came to our screen in 2015 on Britain’s Got Talent, The success he has since the show has been a journey, from UK gigs, ITV shows and now his new signed record label…


Scott: You was a big hit on last year’s BGT, how has life been since the show?

Paul: It has been amazing with so much to come. I am ever so grateful to learn that Peter Andre wrote an article on me in his New! Magazine column. I appreciate everyone remembering me and knowing that I have so much to give to others. I have since been onstage at Clacton’s first beach festival with 50,000 people attending, school visits, performed at dick de vigne’s nightclub in South-end (not far short of maximum capacity), sung at various weddings/anniversaries, DJ’d at nightclubs, played various celebrity charity football matches for wonderful causes who are in desperate need of support, performed on stage in Hyde Park at Winter Wonderland and appeared on red carpets.

Scott: How was the audition process?

Paul: I originally auditioned at the Excel, London before Christmas 2014 with my song ‘Inspirational’. It was great to receive the phone call asking for me to attend judge’s auditions. Things did get a bit awkward though when my audition date was changed, sent to Manchester and I was advised by the production team to do my livelier song ‘Hold You In My Arms’. I absolutely enjoyed entertaining during my main audition although I was put outside of my comfort zone; the massive speaker that made the buzzing sound behind the backdrop kept making me jump and the microphone which I had to use. It was also lovely to be recognised by Dec before walking onto the stage, he said to me “I’ve seen you somewhere before”. I can’t remember where I had met him before, may have been watching in the audience on a previous show or performing in central London on a night out. After receiving three yeses I was asked to return to the deliberation round with a phone call from Simon Cowell and David Walliams. The conversation was hilarious. After my audition aired I was notified by several fans that Stephen Mulhern had mentioned this phone call on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, to which I had called up the production team to not authorize the airing of the phone call as I was not told that it was being recorded at the time. My interview with Stephen Mulhern was also never aired on ITV 2, it was so funny to film; we ripped into each other with plenty of banter. It’s a shame it was never aired though and I would love to see myself presenting a show sometime. A few days later I was asked by the production team if I would be the semi-final reserve act for the live shows. I had to attend rehearsals at Thames Television HQ and sign a pre-record contract with syco/sony. It was a shame that it didn’t go through but I would like to thank everyone for their support. During every live show I kept getting hundreds of messages by people wishing I was in the finals. I would love to work up to a point where I would perform as a guest on the show sometime, without forgetting the words! Lol

Scott: Congratulations on the new record label deal, what can you tell us about it?

Paul: It’s with major independent label CO Records UK. I had a meeting at The Dorchester in Park Lane, London on Friday 1st July to discuss & sign the contract. The deal is for one single, 6 months.

Scott: Your EP “Hold You In My Arms” was a hit on Itunes, Will you be carrying on with that style of music?

Paul: Like my current EP, I love doing variety. I shall be exploring all styles with my own personal touch. I love it when others enjoy what I do and can relate to it. You’ll have to wait and see what’s instore for my next single.

Scott: Have you got any gigs coming up? If so where can we be seeing you?

Paul: Any events can be found on google or my website, With my record contract, we will be building up to a gig at the O2 Arena, London in November sometime; which is what I’ve been told by the label.

Scott: You’ve met some great people over the last year who was you star struck by the most?

Paul: I’m just myself and always calm when I meet other great people, but after BGT I was asked to DJ/host a family birthday party to which Shona McGarty (Eastenders) was a guest as it was for her cousin. It took us ages to say hello to each other as I guess we were both star struck of one another but it turned out to be a great knees up. It is always lovely to meet great people who think of others and are down to earth.


Scott: We saw you on Judge Rinder earlier this year, how was that? Is everything OK with your father now?

Paul: Everything has always been ok with Dad. He has always been there for me. It was a great experience and a privilege to have the wonderful support from all the ITV Manchester studios production team. They had contacted me mentioning that they loved me on BGT and would I be interested to come on the show with a true story. I had then asked Dad if he would like to appear on television and he agreed. During filming when I saw a picture of mum, I broke down; thinking how I wish she was still here today.


Scott: Who’s your favourite artist at the moment?

Paul: I love the dance track which is currently No. 1 in the UK charts ‘This girl – Kungs vs cookin’ on 3 burners’, what a tune! I don’t have a favourite artist but love others who are down to earth, work hard with a smile and positive.

Scott: What can we expect from you in 2016?

Paul: Lots of hard work, entertainment and making a positive difference. Thank you all for being there.


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Ionica Adriana Interview By Scott McGlynn

Ionica is a Romanian born, Yorkshire bred talent, who unlike many performers only started performing when she was 17, after missing an opportunity of being on ITV’s “Heartbeat” at the age of 8.

After a number of successful projects from ITV, Stage and working with Cheryl Cole I had to meet her and get a interview enjoy…




Scott: When was the first time you realised i want to be an actress? 
Ionica: Oh god, not until i really left drama school! I got into drama school and people told me how lucky I was to get in and how many people would kill for that opportunity that i got so I thought, wow, this really is something to be treasured. I realised more when I stopped that actually, I don’t ever not want to do this.
Scott: Who was your idol growing up?
Ionica: People like Kathy Burke, Maxine Peake, Julie Walters, and Sarah Lancashire. I always felt that they were proud of who they were and where they came from, something really true and genuine. At a young age you don’t always why you know why you connect with people, but as you grown older you realise that affinity and relate it to your own truths. 
Scott: You been in some exciting project from Stella to Cheryl’s under the sun music video, Whats been a highlight so far?
Ionica: I did a horror film in Romania, though not one of my most well known projects, but one I certainly learnt the most. Filming away in a different country with very little money, a crew who don’t speak a word of English, in a Transylvanian forest and one generator certainly tests you in more ways than one! Each and every project I’ve done has been just brilliant and I’m utterly grateful to have worked on – I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience, learn an grow from all.
Scott: How was it working with Cheryl? 
Ionica: Brilliant. Proper northern lass with a proper northern work ethic. 
Scott: You played Witch Blackweed in Jack and the Beanstalk, how was it? You were amazing! 
Ionica: Ah thank you! I was worried! Ha! Honestly I never thought I’d ever be able to deliver what was asked. First of all I’ve never seen a Panto, and second of all I’ve never done any professional theatre so taking a lead role was pretty daunting. I then found out the Lynne McGranger (Irene from Home and Away) played this exact same role a few years previously so I had a mini hear attack! I felt I’d never possibly fill the shoes of such great Actress but all the cast and creatives were so support and Lynne herself tweeted me so I felt in good hands! 
Scott: Which do you like the most TV acting or on stage? and why? 
Ionica: I never ever thought I’d want to do stage as I suffer hugely from stage fright and cry when I’m nervous so I really thought TV was the only way forward for me if I was to ever have a career but, after doing Jack and The Beanstalk, I really over came so much that I really reconsidered. I love TV and Film so I think I will always sway towards that but there is nothing like a live audience so I never say never! 
Scott: Who are you top 3 actor / actress crushes?
Ionica: Oh wow! I’ve never been asked that before! Haha! Like my private life I keep quiet about this! Hehe!
Scott: Whats your plans for 2016? Where can we be seeing you next? 
Ionica: I have just signed with a new Agent and the auditions have coming in thick and fast so who knows, however, you may see me pop up from time to time in a new ITV thriller that is coming out at the end of the year and I’ve been doing a lot of live performances, singing. I will be singing at a few more Charity Events through out the year but all being well you may see my mug on your screens some more! 
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Sam Stanley Interview with Scott McGlynn

Sam Stanley has become the first English rugby union player to come out last year, I caught up with Sam to see how life’s been after coming out, His career and much more…


Scott: How did you get involved in rugby? Was it something you knew you always wanted to do?

Sam: I had an uncle who played for New Zealand. I think all of his brothers, including my dad were going to try and get their kids into rugby in some way. I was 4 when I first got involved and haven’t looked back.


Scott: What advice would give someone that is wanting to get into rugby? 

Sam: I’ve had many memories over the years of playing and have met some wonderful people along the way. It is a great way to meet new people and the environment is very friendly. As with most things you’ll never know unless you try but trust me the memories that can be made last a life time, on and off the field.


Scott: What is your strict fitness routine preparing for a game? 

Sam: Throughout a match week there’d around 3 training session with possibly two intense session and the other to go through a captains run making sure everyone knows the plan for the opposition being faced. There’s a lot of weights and also recovery sessions so you’re not too tired come game day.


Scott: What is your favourite exercise thing to do? And why?

Sam: My favourite exercise in the gym is bench press as it works a number of muscles and is functional for rugby.


Scott: You come out last year, How was it? What was everyone’s reaction like?  

Sam: That’s correct. It’s been amazing for my state of mind and I’ve never been happier since having done so. The reaction from team mates, coaches and the public for that matter has been overwhelmingly supportive. I could never have imagined I’d be able to be myself and play rugby. It’s really is great!!


Scott: Did you find coming out made any change to you career?

Sam: I think it is really too soon to say. I’ve had a few serious injuries in the past that have halted my progression to really push on with my rugby and people know about them no matter how I’m playing. I think for coaches they don’t like to take risks on previously injured player especially with the run I’ve had. Last year wasn’t the best season for me as I just wasn’t being selected to play but I don’t think it has anything to do with me being gay. I hope!


Scott: Being a open gay guy myself, I brought out my first book earlier this year called “OUT” its about my true life story being gay, getting bullied in school and work places growing up. Did you ever experience anything like this?

Sam: Wow, Scott. Congratulations. I really kept myself to myself as a youngster growing up and although I had feelings different to my friends I made sure I put them aside and pretended to be something I’m not. Luckily I guess being a rugby player was seen as a macho thing to do so when you’re young people respect that. I was always nice to people and wouldn’t stand for people bullying others.


Scott: What will be your advice to anyone getting bullied right now? 

Sam: Tell someone with authority and please don’t keep anything like that to yourself. There are many people that will help you do something about it so find someone you trust will fight your corner because it should never be tolerated at any age.


Scott: What can we be expecting from you in 2016? 

Sam: I can’t believe we are half way through 2016 already. The first half for me wasn’t great and I found myself in a pretty toxic environment, which didn’t help my development as a rugby player at all. I’ll be getting my head down once the season kicks off and trying to work my way back up the ladder. I attended my first London Pride at the weekend and it’s great to attend events like this without having to look over my shoulder anymore. I’ve done a few talks here and there sharing my story to LGBT groups within companies, which has been a great experience. Hopefully in some way I’ve been able to help people.

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Nikki Grahame interview with Scott McGlynn

Big Brother star Nikki Grahame is been on our screens from 2006 big brother, her own TV show, ultimate big brother and Canada BB, With all that she always has a book, clothing line and DJing under her belt. 

See my exclusive interview with Nikki on Friday 17th June. 



Scott – In 2006 we saw you on Big Brother, You were a big hit! How has it changed your life? 

Nikki – Crazy! The public’s reaction was amazing! You just don’t know what to expect. I thank everyone who supported me through my time in the house.


Scott – You had your own TV show not long after Big Brother, Did you know what you was in for?

Nikki – I thought it was me going out finding jobs in fashion, wedding planning etc. But no I was doing fishing, Farming and Waste officer! I was shocked!


Scott – I know you do some DJing, How is that going?

Nikki – It hard work but fun! If i’m at a party / event its an option to do it I will, But i rather be in party enjoying it with everyone.


Scott – Your book “Fragile” touch a lot of people, Relating what you went through! Was that your goal for the book?

Nikki – Yes my goal was to help others, I wanted to use my profile to raise the awareness for people to know your not on your own, And be a support for people who is or has been through anorexia nervosa.



Scott – How’s your clothing line going?

Nikki – Popular, I have some new jackets coming out which Katie Price has been wearing, Bring on the next season!


Scott –   You’ve been a big hit in Canada doing big brother, How was the experience?

Nikki – A lot harder, It was tough at times, But I lasted 2 months! I enjoyed myself and I love Canada now.


Scott – What advice would you give to people who are wanting to do BB?

Nikki – Be yourself!! Don’t be so extreme, The audition process they can see who are not being them self’s. Be you, Be amazing and enjoy the experience.


Scott – Have you been watching this years BB? What you thinking of Marco and Laura?

Nikki – Yes I’ve been loving it! Marco need to go! I hope he does tonight (17th June) hes disgusting, and Laura shes thinks she hot but not!


Scott – What you up to for the rest of the year? 

Nikki – Busy busy! I’m going back to Canada to do some meet & greets which i can not wait to do! I’m working on my YouTube channel Nikki – Channel I be going on BBox 1st July and my clothing line.


Scott – I brought my book out in March called “OUT” its about being gay and getting bullied through school and work places. What would you say to them bullies?

Nikki – Take a look at your own life! You must be unhappy in your life to make others feel down, Just leave them alone and worry about your own life.


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Connor Hunter Interview with Scott McGlynn

MTV ex on the beach hunk Connor Hunter interview we talked about drama, TV shows, Fitness, grooming tips and underwear….


Scott – You appeared on MTV Ex on the Beach, How life been after? 
Connor –  very interesting…

Scott – EOTB is full of drama, Whats your life like? Drama or Drama free?
Connor – I always seem to have drama follow me.

Scott –  Love your soundcloud site, Has DJing always been a interested of yours? 
Connor –  yeah i’ve been djing for about a year now, i’ve played around UK and last summer abroad.

Scott – Will we be seeing you coming around clubs DJ soon? 
Connor  – yes this year i will be smashing it 100%

Scott –  Your into fitness, How do we get a body like yours? 
Connor – yes i love to train and keep healthy that’s for sure, specially with the amount of partying i do aha

Scott – What is your fitness daily routine?
Connor  – i train 6 days a week for around 1.5 hours a day, i do try to diet but not as strict as when i was competing.

Scott –  Modelling we can see the camera loves you, What’s been your best shoot so far?
Connor – yeah i really enjoy modelling, i don’t have a favourite as I’ve loved them all and cant wait to do more

Scott –  Have you been offered any other TV shows like “The only way is Essex” or game shows like Big Brother?                                                                                                                  Connor – yes me and my manger have had several talks with possible TV shows.. but cant confirm anything 😉

Scott –  I think most of the ladies will love a 2017 calendar, Can you make this happen? 
Connor  – yes one is being done very soon

Scott –  Out of CK and Hugo Boss which underwear would you wear? 
Connor – CK all the way there NAWTY

Scott –  What your top 3 grooming tips, and why?  
Connor – cheeky Tan that’s on point , fresh hair cut , good eye brows .


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Instagram – Connor Hunter

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Sam Callahan interview with Scott McGlynn

I met with Sam Callahan, A X-Factor UK star, Who’s music career has rocketed, We chatted about X-Factor, Louie Walsh, New Music and The Perfect Date…



Scott: We know you from the x-factor 2013 tell me how did you find the experience?
Sam: X Factor was an incredible experience. Don’t get me wrong it deffo matey had its ups and downs, it was practically an emotional rollercoaster but it created so many amazing opportunities for me that I’m so lucky to have as a young artist in the industry and I got to perform a whole two month arena tour after would’s which is a dream come true for me!
Scott: Louis Walsh was your mentor how did you find him? And if you could of chosen any judge who would it be and why?
Sam: Louis was really funny, he’s a good guy! I think the British public believe that the mentors have more to do with helping you along your way in the show than they actually do though. My personal feeling is that I got to where I got in the show because I didn’t stop working.
I was last to bed each night and first up in the morning, if I wasn’t filming I was practicing and that would remain the same no matter who my judge was… However if I had to choose a judge… It’d be Nicole. Say no more. Ooft!!!
Scott: This year will be the last year of the X-Factor on ITV, Do you think its time the show needs a break?
Sam: They say that every year though don’t they? I do think so to be honest, in 2013 the did 42 arena dates and sold most of them out but last year they did 14 and I think sold out about one!
Also Louisa’s song bless her didn’t do as well as previous winner singles. Which baffles me, because personally I believe she’s one of the best things to come out of the show.
I think the public are just getting tired of X Factor now, I also think they see through a lot of the fake side of tv with the show now.
Scott: Recently you done a interview and photo-shoot with GT magazine how was it getting half naked for the camera?
Sam: I have to say I’m not usually shy to take my kit off, it’s the sort of thing I’d do anyway when I’ve had a skin full and can’t walk straight with my friends.
However the only awkward thing was the videographer who was dotting about, because whilst concentration on the actual shoot, you had to make sure you weren’t giving him any strange or intrusive angles! It was slightly off putting to be honest!
Scott: Your new single “I Love It When You” released 12th April 2016, Can you tell us about it?
Sam: Sure I’d love to!
After X Factor I spent a while very confused about my artistic direction. Partly down to the vast amount of different advice and opinions you get fired at you from all angles whilst you’re in a show like that.
But In the show they made me out to be like a Essex boy / Ken doll, who would sing a little too… that was never my niche market!
I love all sorts of music so dipped in and out of a couple of genres, released an EP called “BiggerThings” in November 2015 which I’d say was along the lines of ‘The Script and Lawson’ still a sound I feel very passionate about, however NOW finally I’ve found my sound, the place in music where my writing and vocal belongs and sits perfectly.
Dance music! I got together with a group of producers and DJs called ‘AudioFreaks’ and created ‘I LOVE IT WHEN YOU’.
Before being fully released the song hit Number 1 in a DJ chart called ‘KingsOfSpin’ in the USA, then hit top 10 best selling preorders here in the UK on iTunes and was fighting for a spot with Zayne Maliks new track!
Then on the day it was released wen number 5 in the iTunes chart, number 5 in the MuiscWeek Commercial pop chart UK and top 20 in the RunDMC Pop chart!
The song went mad!!!
I even heard it played in a club when I was in Miami for one night by pure coincidence!
Safe to say that this is where my future is at and that ‘I LOVE IT WHEN YOU’ has been my first real successful release.
‘ILOVE IT WHEN YOU’ is now being licensed with different major record labels around the world for release in many different countries whilst I work with the boys from AudioFreaks, Soulshaker and the the likes of Freaktone records to create my next big thing… and boy it’s going to be huge!
Scott: Will we be seeing a album to follow?
Sam: Yes there will fingers crossed, but right now I’m creating a genuinely credible hype in the dance music industry with some of the biggest DJs, mixers and dance producers on the planet and that is something that has to be handled with care if I want to carry on doing so!
So I’m taking my time on this one.
Scott: Will we be seeing you on tour this year?
Sam: I’m not sure yet. There has been a lot of talk about but nothing concrete that I can reveal just yet. With things finally doing as well as they are in music for me, that’s the most important thing for me to be concentrating on. I love seeing my fans and of course I want to travel around and meet them all, but I believe you can’t call yourself a musician if you’re not making music.
Right now is for me about being the best version of myself that I can be and focusing on the next musical project at hand.
Scott: If you have to choose to be on Celebrity Big Brother, I’m A Celebrity or Strictly which one would it be and why?
Sam: ‘I’m a celebrity’, would deffo be more suited to me. I’m a little wild myself and Without blowing my own trumpet, I literally have no fears, so I reckon I’d be pretty good at it!
Shall we give it a go do you think? Haha.
Scott: Finally, what would be your perfect date?
Sam: My perfect date would be something out of the box, a little wild. Maybe, sky diving, a quad bike safari, something along those lines. I don’t like to sit in silence on dates munching on food.
I want a girl with a bit of bite to her, so let me see that exciting side!
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Sam Official Site –

Twitter Page – CallahanMusic_

Instagram – itssamcallahan