Ionica Adriana Interview By Scott McGlynn

Ionica is a Romanian born, Yorkshire bred talent, who unlike many performers only started performing when she was 17, after missing an opportunity of being on ITV’s “Heartbeat” at the age of 8.

After a number of successful projects from ITV, Stage and working with Cheryl Cole I had to meet her and get a interview enjoy…




Scott: When was the first time you realised i want to be an actress? 
Ionica: Oh god, not until i really left drama school! I got into drama school and people told me how lucky I was to get in and how many people would kill for that opportunity that i got so I thought, wow, this really is something to be treasured. I realised more when I stopped that actually, I don’t ever not want to do this.
Scott: Who was your idol growing up?
Ionica: People like Kathy Burke, Maxine Peake, Julie Walters, and Sarah Lancashire. I always felt that they were proud of who they were and where they came from, something really true and genuine. At a young age you don’t always why you know why you connect with people, but as you grown older you realise that affinity and relate it to your own truths. 
Scott: You been in some exciting project from Stella to Cheryl’s under the sun music video, Whats been a highlight so far?
Ionica: I did a horror film in Romania, though not one of my most well known projects, but one I certainly learnt the most. Filming away in a different country with very little money, a crew who don’t speak a word of English, in a Transylvanian forest and one generator certainly tests you in more ways than one! Each and every project I’ve done has been just brilliant and I’m utterly grateful to have worked on – I’ve been so lucky to have had the opportunity to experience, learn an grow from all.
Scott: How was it working with Cheryl? 
Ionica: Brilliant. Proper northern lass with a proper northern work ethic. 
Scott: You played Witch Blackweed in Jack and the Beanstalk, how was it? You were amazing! 
Ionica: Ah thank you! I was worried! Ha! Honestly I never thought I’d ever be able to deliver what was asked. First of all I’ve never seen a Panto, and second of all I’ve never done any professional theatre so taking a lead role was pretty daunting. I then found out the Lynne McGranger (Irene from Home and Away) played this exact same role a few years previously so I had a mini hear attack! I felt I’d never possibly fill the shoes of such great Actress but all the cast and creatives were so support and Lynne herself tweeted me so I felt in good hands! 
Scott: Which do you like the most TV acting or on stage? and why? 
Ionica: I never ever thought I’d want to do stage as I suffer hugely from stage fright and cry when I’m nervous so I really thought TV was the only way forward for me if I was to ever have a career but, after doing Jack and The Beanstalk, I really over came so much that I really reconsidered. I love TV and Film so I think I will always sway towards that but there is nothing like a live audience so I never say never! 
Scott: Who are you top 3 actor / actress crushes?
Ionica: Oh wow! I’ve never been asked that before! Haha! Like my private life I keep quiet about this! Hehe!
Scott: Whats your plans for 2016? Where can we be seeing you next? 
Ionica: I have just signed with a new Agent and the auditions have coming in thick and fast so who knows, however, you may see me pop up from time to time in a new ITV thriller that is coming out at the end of the year and I’ve been doing a lot of live performances, singing. I will be singing at a few more Charity Events through out the year but all being well you may see my mug on your screens some more! 
Images used in this interview I don’t have rights over.
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