Tom Wilson Interview By Scott McGlynn

Tom Read Wilson exclusive he’s appeared in

“The Voice UK” & The hit E4 show “Celebs Go Dating”

I had the privilege to sit down with him and talk about his career, also I had to ask how he get’s them perfect eyelashes…


Scott McGlynn: Some people may not know that you appeared in the

“The Voice” this year, Tell me about your experience on the show?

Tom Read Wilson: I was so beautifully looked after. David, the musical director had such style and his band arrangement was heavenly.

SM: Your voice is so unique, I love it! Do you still perform? If so where and any future dates? 

TRW: I do! I’m hoping I’ll have a little sing at the Crazy Coqs this Christmas.

SM: Being the front man on “Celebs Go Dating” have you ever had any usual phone calls? 

TRW: Actually I often feel that people are on their best behaviour on the phone as I’m the first port of call, so I try to penetrate the carapace.

SM: How did you get involved in the show?

TRW: I was asked aboard as a known romantic. I’m a hopeless romantic you know.


SM: You must of had a favourite celebrity from the show, Can you tell me who and why? 

TRW: Well the one that made me swoon was dear Joe.

SM: I’m a huge fan of your Instagram account with your vocabulary videos, What’s your favourite and why? 

TRW: I’m so delighted! Today’s was “fettle” which I love: condition or state.

SM: Tell me 3 juicy facts about yourself?

TRW: Juicy? Gosh!

  1. I’m a potty mouth after the watershed.

  2. My great vice is coffee cake.

  3. I always sleep in my birthday suit!

SM: I have to ask how do you get them perfect eyelashes? 

TRW: The secret is coconut oil from root to tip!

SM: What’s your Top 3 dating tips?


  1. Celebrate your ideosyncracies! “The one” will love you warts and all

  2. Listen: our nerves make us inclined to gabble.

  3. Wear a lovely perfume. If a smell lingers as you hug goodbye so will you.


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