Helen Lederer interview with Scott McGlynn

Being a fan of Helen’s from the first time I saw her in Ab Fab, I was honored to have a interview with her, She is amazing, talented, funny woman!  I love her! 




Scott; We seen you in some amazing projects, Before we get to that, What made you want to become a actress?

Helen; I always seemed to want to devise plays as a child and somehow  ended up being the MC for a circus show. Maybe this was a start to being a stand-up comic. I was also an elf for a Christmas show. I loved being hysterical and comedy performing was a step towards that.


Scott; Most people know you from Ab Fab, How did all that come about your audition process etc? 

Helen; Well I was around on the stand up circuit in the 80’s and although Jennifer and dawn were 3 years ahead of me..they knew my work and it sort of stemmed from  there. At first Jennifer liked to have people she knew around her. And then it grew and grew and grew!


Scott; I am very EXCITED for the Ab Fab – Movie! What was it like getting all back together? Did it feel you never left the AF family?

Helen; It was a laugh as ever.. we are older and some of us wiser (not moi) but the affection is still there -very proud to be invited back especially as my role is small but fun.


Scott; Your one of my favourite comedians, Does it just come naturally to you being funny? 

Helen; I  have always wanted to laugh…and it has got me into trouble..there’s always one in every class isn’t there.. I was fat and asthmatic  as well which helped..


Scott; I’m into my comedy acting & being funny, If i wanted to join a comedy sketch show / series what would be your tips? 

Helen; Be yourself. Authenticity is the best.. although lots of people choose copying and bossy agents to get ahead. Guess which one I favour ?


Scott; You had some amazing feedback from you novel “Losing It” being a author myself to my autobiographical  story “OUT” whats your experience like being a author? 

Helen; I LOVE writing..it brings peace when it goes well, and stress when it doesn’t…keep at it write every day and watch out for my next book called  ‘HAVING IT’




Scott; You made the word “MId-Lit” for your book, Have you copy right this yet? 🙂

Helen; shit no.. how do I do that. Everyone copies me all the time…I can smell  it..


Scott; How has been your experience on Hollyoaks & Splash (2013) how were they for you?

Helen; Splash has given me a bigger fear of heights than before and hollyoaks was fun fun fun..also I was killed but maybe I can go back as a ghost..it has been known? …


Scott; Being a fellow welshly, Do you still visit your home town? Anything you miss from Wales?

Helen; I was born in llandovery and just did HTLGI festival  in hay on wye which is near I LOVE that  country -warm friendly  and top singing in pubs.


Scott; What’s to come for 2016 / 17 for Helen? 

Helen; Abfab movie in June finish  my book ‘having it

– and praying  it will all be OK  and that people will go on amazon and leave a five star review for ‘losing it’ while they wait for ‘Having it :  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Losing-Helen-Lederer/dp/1447267648/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1433441727&sr=8-1&keywords=losing+it



I dont own rights for any images used in this interview


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Official Site – Helen Lederer





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