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As many of you know I have 5 dogs, my babies which I love and adore, Seeing them on my social media pages here Instagram I’ve openly said about my white standard poodle Florri being a super fussy eater, I mean we tried tons of brands for her, from frozen food – dry, She does eat of course but you have to hold the bowl for her the princess she is.

I had time off looking on sites, seeing different foods which you don’t see every day, I came across a brand call “CATCH” on looking at the reviews and ingredients it sounded perfect for her she does have a sensitive tummy so I knew I had to be careful what to get, I bought some treats also from “CATCH” every dog must have treats right? 

It was super quick delivery, I didn’t wast no time on trying the food I put it in her pink princess dish and WOW gone…I was in shock how quickly she had it, I mean she normal looks at me probably saying “No Dad not this food again” but this time she eat it all without no hesitation! You can see in the photo below how much is gone within a week…


I highly recommended trying this brand for your dogs / puppies one more amazing thing about that their first online pet shop to introduce a subscription service to pet food so that Pet Parents would never need to worry about running out of food, You have the option to choose to have their food (or toys, treats or accessories) delivered at a frequency of their choice (from as often as every 2 weeks to waiting until every 3 months). The founder of Adam had this idea as his mother suffered from arthritis and struggled to carry pet supplies from the supermarket. He also noticed the really high prices of pet food in supermarkets and wanted to create a service which would save people as much money as possible.

Here’s a link to see yourselves its such a incredible idea specifically for 5 dog owner myself 


If you wanna try what I used see the photos and links below, You wont be disappointment


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