Stooshe Official Story

Girl group Stooshe are a vocal trio featuring Courtney Rumbold, Alexandra Buggs & Karis Anderson. These London Lasses broke onto the UK music scene in 2012, with an unconventional approach to the standard girl band formula. Stooshe went on to achieve rapid success selling 800,000 singles and spending 6 weeks in the UK Chart topContinue reading “Stooshe Official Story”

Hollywood 80s/90s Actor – Interview PART 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my Horror Hollywood Star Paul Rawson Q&A interview…..   Q: Anything you auditioned for and didn’t get? Paul: Totally. Although I only auditioned for the parts I wanted. I did get shown the door quite a few times. Q: Care to name any? Paul: ‘Dennis’ (1993) I wanted aContinue reading “Hollywood 80s/90s Actor – Interview PART 2”

Interview with Nathan Wyburn

I recently sat down with Nathan Wyburn BGT Semi Finalist about his new book Not That Kind of Art and what the future holds… 1. How has life been since BGT (Britain Got Talent)? It’s been fantastic, not many people get to do what they love for a living, I’m one of the lucky ones for sure. The showContinue reading “Interview with Nathan Wyburn”

The Body Coach – Review – Scott McGlynn

Hello everyone! I have recently purchase myself A #1 BEST SELLER “Lean in 15” by Joe Wicks and WOW I AM IN LOVE! I’m one of these people who tries to eat healthy but everything I cook is very boring and tasteless like plain chicken with veg that’s it! NO MORE thanks to Joe Wicks!Continue reading “The Body Coach – Review – Scott McGlynn”

Hollywood 80s/90s Actor – Interview PART 1

I recently been in contact with Paul Rawson a Hollywood Horror star  – A child actor who is probably best recognized from any B-Horror movie of the 80s & 90’s. That includes ‘Bad Dreams’ ‘Star Crystal’ & ‘Trapped Alive’. Paul took the time out of his busy schedule to talk to me and have a Q&A… Q: When and howContinue reading “Hollywood 80s/90s Actor – Interview PART 1”

The Socialite 

I like to share with you all I’ve joined up with The Socialite please visit the website    The Socialite is all about finding rare new talent in blogging and social media if you are interested on joining comment below or contact via their website. Thank you for visiting! Please join me on my socialContinue reading “The Socialite “

A Personal Affair!

I recently come across this company online called “A Personal Affair” and had to find our more and what their about here is what I got told by the owner of the company… We are a luxury fashion & lifestyle, they have several contacts from across the globe to deliver exactly what you are looking for, whether it may be thatContinue reading “A Personal Affair!”