Hollywood 80s/90s Actor – Interview PART 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my Horror Hollywood Star Paul Rawson Q&A interview…..



Q: Anything you auditioned for and didn’t get?
Paul: Totally. Although I only auditioned for the parts I wanted. I did get shown the door quite a few times.
Q: Care to name any?
Paul: ‘Dennis’ (1993) I wanted a part in that as one of the twatty kids but turned out I just wasn’t as ugly as I thought I was.
Q: And finally. What have you been upto over the years and where do you see yourself in five years?
Paul: I’ve been keeping busy. I moved back to the UK in 2009 and fell in love ha. I have done a few small roles here and there to keep my soul alive but nothing major. I’m pretty much past my sell by date I think.
I did a song called ‘Magic of Love’ (2015) I was in drag which I don’t usually do. You can find it online if you wish to mock me lol. P.s. I cannot sing!!
I’m currently part of the film company ‘Altruism Pictures’ (www.facebook.com/altruismpictures) where we produce films etc. Great fun. Hard work. I’m happy helping others make their projects happen rather than me finding myself running from audition to audition.
I just want to say thank you Paul for taken the time to talk with me, It was great meeting you! Scott 
All links to Paul’s sites are on Interview part 1.
Hope you all enjoyed my first Hollywood star interview!
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