IRIS 2018

As many of you know for the last 6 days I attended the Iris Film Festival in Cardiff, I like to share with you my experience and winners of iris 2018…

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If you enjoy films, love creativity and generally just want a fun welcoming time make sure you attend iris 2019, This has been my 2nd year the people I’ve met from Cardiff, London, Europe, New York, LA and Canada it is honest on my heart a family!! Already I can not wait for October 2019 to see my iris family all over again! 

See below the winners from this year, and all the information you need to know, plus i urge you to see these films… 


Iris Prize Winners
 Three Centimetres, by Lebanese director Lara Zeidan wins international Iris Prize
 Beyond ‘There’s always a black issue, dear’ wins Best British Award
 Best Feature Film win for AIDS drama 1985
Three Centimetres, directed by Lebanese filmmaker Lara Zeidan, has been announced the winner of the Iris Prize 2018, Cardiff’s International LGBT+ Short Film Prize, supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation. This was the first time in the festival’s 12-year history that a film from Lebanon has been nominated for the prize. The £30,000 prize will allow Lara to make a new short film in Wales, becoming the eleventh Iris production.


The winners were announced at the second Iris Carnival at Cardiff’s Tramshed on Sunday, marking the culmination of six days of film screenings, parties and talks. The awards show included performances by Welsh musical artists Bright Light Bright Light, Lily Beau and These Brittle Bones.
International Jury Chair Carrie Lyell, editor of DIVA magazine, said: “Three Centimetres is such an audacious film. It’s so refreshing to hear female sexuality spoken off in such a frank and positive way, and from a female perspective. It’s visually stunning, with utterly convincing dialogue and engaging characters, and it uses the form of short film perfectly to tell its story.

And it’s so nice to see a coming out story in a context and a setting that feel new. It’s like nothing we’ve seen before.”
Of the film’s writer and director Lara Zeidan she said, “We all agreed that we couldn’t wait to see what she does next. If there’s any justice in the world, she has a great career ahead of her.”
After winning the prize, Lara Zeidan said, “I’m delighted to have won the Iris Prize. I love
working in short film – It’s all about sharing small but meaningful moments.”
The prize was presented by Lord Glendonbrook, whose Michael Bishop Foundation supports the Iris Prize.
The three finalists in the international category were announced at an event on Saturday
afternoon, with Pre-Drink, by Canadian filmmaker Marc-Antoine Lemire, and British director Harry Lighton’s film Wren Boys named alongside Three Centimetres.
“Wren Boys is a huge feat, executed perfectly,” the jury said. “It was shot on film, which we so rarely see, and it drew us instantly into that world, challenging our prejudices and
expectations. It was refreshing to see a positive depiction of masculinity and the
relationship between gay men and straight men.”
Of Pre-Drink the jury said, “This was a stunning exploration of the fluidity of attraction,
challenging but accessible, and the performances were superb. It portrayed sex in a positive,
shame-free way, and handled the subject of consent with a lightness of touch. It sparkled.”


Beyond ‘There’s always a black issue, dear’, directed by London-based photographer Claire Lawrie, was announced as Best British Short, sponsored by Pinewood Studios.
Chair of the Best British jury, Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light) said, “Its visual
choices are on point, its soundtrack perfectly orchestrated, and its treatment, presentation and representation of its subjects deserves the highest commendation.

A truly magnificent film, showing the adversity and struggle of an era and the people who fought and survived and influenced society through their art and creativity. It made us want to see so much more.” Beyond… was named alongside Abena Taylor-Smith’s film Ladies Day and Wren Boys in the top three films from this category, with a special commendation going to Bachelor, 38, from Cardiff-based filmmaker Angela Clarke.
Rod added: “The jury loved Ladies Day’s visual choices, the diversity of its characters and its ability to raise an often ignored conversation with quiet resilience and pride, demonstrating a promising future in the director's career.
“Wren Boys is an extraordinary piece that deals with heavy subject matter with both
humour and punch. By playing with our own presumptions and expectations, and constantly keeping us surprised, the story was a triumph.
“And Bachelor, 38 delivered one of the most beautiful and touching love stories, told with
extreme respect and care for its subject. The film’s majesty lies in its ability to let the
protagonist voice the entire piece.”

The Best British Prize was presented by Andrew Smith of Pinewood Studios.FEATURE FILM AWARDS:
The Best Feature Award sponsored by Bad Wolf Studios, was won by Yen Tan’s drama 1985. The jury said, “Writer/Director Yen Tan has crafted a film of intimate moments sewn together with such care that found ourselves wholly immersed, feeling equal parts sadness and hope.”
Best Performance in a Male Role, sponsored by Attitude Magazine, was awarded to Félix
Maritaud for Sauvage. “Through Félix’s honest, vulnerable portrayal as a young gay hustler surviving on the streets in France, we were pulled into his world from the opening scene.”

Best Performance in a Female Role, sponsored by DIVA Magazine, was awarded to Jamie
Chung for 1985. “Every scene Jamie appeared in was thoughtful, heartbreaking, and so honest we felt like we were in the room with her.”
The Iris Prize Youth Award, sponsored by Cardiff University, was won by the Australian film Mrs McCutcheon, from director John Sheedy. The award was voted for by audience
members at the Iris Education Day on Friday and the Pride Cymru Youth Conference on
Saturday, who had the opportunity to watch five films considered age appropriate from this year’s programme.


Aaron Wise Apartments Cardiff, Wales

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The night spent at Aaron Wise Cardiff, Wales UK. 

One word WOW!! Myself and my partner got invited to spend one night at these gorgeous apartments, We were lucky to have the One Bedroom Deluxe Suite. 


Arriving at the apartments was very easy, I park right by the there, with 30 second walk, It was only £8 which is cheap for Cardiff central, The apartment was on the top floor, and it was stunning, modern, clean, fresh I felt like I was at home in my own apartment!

Having all the essentials there including Fridge, Toast, Bathrobes, Towels, Elemis goodies,  and even a coffee machine! ALSO one thing I was very happy about was the ICE in the freezer!

We did go about for a few drinks in the evening, the walk to town was 5-10 minutes at your on St Mary Street, Literally its just over the bridge and your there in the central, So no taxi or busses necessary.

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I slept so comfortably nothing disturbed me, I like to say “Out Like A Light” which what happened, People think staying by the city its going to be busy / noisy but honestly it wasn’t at all! I woke up forgetting where I am! The shower I wanted to take home.. It was so nice!!!! Its 3 things I look for when I stay away …

  1. Good Bed
  2. Good Shower
  3. Tea and Coffee 

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Aaron Wise Apartments derived this and much more… I highly recommend them. 

If you fancy staying you can get 10% off using my code SCOTT10 and enjoy a relaxing city break just like I did. 

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Scott McGlynn 


Christopher Haul Interview With Scott McGlynn

Fellow Welshy Christopher Haul is a worldwide success performing to all audiences. From BoyBands to sole career he talk’s about his idols, experiences and touring.




Scott: You been in a few boybands, How was that experience?


Chris: So growing up in the 90’s was very inspiring because I was totally obsessed with the sort of bands that were huge at that time.  Backstreet boys, N’Sync, Boy Zone, Spice Girls, O’Town etc etc..  That made me think as a child ‘I want to do that’!  Being part of one was such good fun and it was an experience I will never forget.  Obviously it is so much different and can be a little lonely at times but if I am honest I am having more fun by myself.


Scott: Your a successful solo artist now touring the world, Is there much difference from being in a band and a solo artist? 

Chris: Yes absolutely, it can be sooo stressful being in a band because not only did we live together, have days off together, work, travel, gig, record it’s a 24hour thing.  When you are a in a band you are in a committed relationship.  Almost like a marriage, but with that you have to make sure that you are ready to go and your band mates.  If one person is stressed nervous or not focused then it really does have a knock on effect.  Where as being a soloist you only need to worry about what you are doing it is so much easier but harder when it comes to performing as you have to sing each song all the way through.  It’s an eye opener!


Scott: You been travelling a lot recently where’s been the best place you visited any why? 

Chris: Ohhh tricky question… More recently, I would say Russia (Moscow) was pretty cool.  Mainly because it was nothing like I expected it to be.  I thought it was going to be dull, scary, an unwelcoming place but all the horror stories you read on the news it was nothing like that. Great architecture, great food, the people were OK and I really enjoyed it.  
The other place I loved was Sri Lanka but that is mainly because of the tropical weather, beautiful beaches, food and amazing scenery! I felt the same about Phucket in Thailand similarly.


Scott: Have you got any summer gigs lines up, If so where can we see you?

Chris: Yes, I am performing at a lot of the Pride festivals in the UK my next ones are in particular order are Oxford, London North Wales, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Carlisle.

Christopher Haul Leicester Pride 2015 Photographs


Scott: Who’s been you idol growing up? 

Chris: I have always been fascinated by Michael Jackson, I always thought of him as a fictional character because his ability to perform, dance, sing is out of this world.  But I always loved the Spice Girls too.  I actually thought I was one at one point (didn’t we all) haha.


Scott: Can you remember the first single bought?

Chris: I always used to steal my older brother music, so they used to buy it so I didn’t have to.  My older brother Gavin used to buy almost every single on CD or Cassette each week.  I  think his love for music really rubbed off on me.  I think my first single that was bought for me was Whitney Houston ‘I will always love you’.  It’ my favorite song today!


Scott: How did you start off in the music industry?

Chris: I started off by moving to London and auditioning for bands.  I had that dream from a young age.  I had an interesting roller coaster of a ride in the band but I do think I learnt a lot about the industry.


Scott: What’s been your highlight so far?

Chris: My highlight so far has been performing at my own original music to audiences all over the world.  I haven’t released anything yet because I am taking my time but I feel like the best is yet to come!


Scott: If you could choose 3 people to duet with who would they be?

Chris: Bruno Mars, Adele (Imagine), Will-I-Am and I would love to duet with Rihanna that’s 4.



I dont own any rights of inages used in this interview

Website Official

Twitter Chris Haul

YouTube Chris Videos

Interview with Nathan Wyburn


I recently sat down with Nathan Wyburn BGT Semi Finalist about his new book Not That Kind of Art and what the future holds…

1. How has life been since BGT (Britain Got Talent)?

It’s been fantastic, not many people get to do what they love for a living, I’m one of the lucky ones for sure. The show gave me a huge platform to get my work out there (although YouTube was doing well too) I still get the Toast Boy or Marmite Man remarks today almost 5 years on!

2. Your new book “Not That Kind of Art” is out now, Can you tell us a bit more about it?

It’s a coffee table book, mostly made up of images of my favourite work from 2010-2015 . There’re 80 pop culture portraits all created using different materials, from food to fake tan, paintings with my feet and even my tongue. There’s also a 20 page autobiography at the start explaining my life and career to date.

3. What good advise can you give to BGT 2016 auditionee’s?

Believe in yourself, take it all in your stride and don’t take any of it for granted. The instant fame is there, but a lot of hard work comes afterwards.

4. Releasing your book has this been a goal of yours?

Yes! I remember Christmas dinner and saying to my parents “I’m going to get signed and make a book this year”. It’s so difficult to keep up with things these days, especially for people like my grandparents who don’t have social media. I wanted there to be a solid place where people could go and enjoy my work – the book has become that.

5. What does 2016 hold for Nathan Wyburn?

Well I never know! The work naturally happens around current affairs and breaking stories, new movies and celebrity culture. I don’t know what I’m going to be doing next week, and I like it that way. I’m an affairs documenting pop culture life as it happens – just like Warhol did a few decades before me.

6. Lastly what’s your favourite emoji 🙂

I really like the monkey holding his hands over his face – I use it all the time! 🙈


I have to say he’s an incredible guy full of talent, I’m excited to see what 2016 hold for him!

Debut book ‘Not That Kind Of Art’ available on Amazon now!
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