Christopher Haul Interview With Scott McGlynn

Fellow Welshy Christopher Haul is a worldwide success performing to all audiences. From BoyBands to sole career he talk’s about his idols, experiences and touring.




Scott: You been in a few boybands, How was that experience?


Chris: So growing up in the 90’s was very inspiring because I was totally obsessed with the sort of bands that were huge at that time.  Backstreet boys, N’Sync, Boy Zone, Spice Girls, O’Town etc etc..  That made me think as a child ‘I want to do that’!  Being part of one was such good fun and it was an experience I will never forget.  Obviously it is so much different and can be a little lonely at times but if I am honest I am having more fun by myself.


Scott: Your a successful solo artist now touring the world, Is there much difference from being in a band and a solo artist? 

Chris: Yes absolutely, it can be sooo stressful being in a band because not only did we live together, have days off together, work, travel, gig, record it’s a 24hour thing.  When you are a in a band you are in a committed relationship.  Almost like a marriage, but with that you have to make sure that you are ready to go and your band mates.  If one person is stressed nervous or not focused then it really does have a knock on effect.  Where as being a soloist you only need to worry about what you are doing it is so much easier but harder when it comes to performing as you have to sing each song all the way through.  It’s an eye opener!


Scott: You been travelling a lot recently where’s been the best place you visited any why? 

Chris: Ohhh tricky question… More recently, I would say Russia (Moscow) was pretty cool.  Mainly because it was nothing like I expected it to be.  I thought it was going to be dull, scary, an unwelcoming place but all the horror stories you read on the news it was nothing like that. Great architecture, great food, the people were OK and I really enjoyed it.  
The other place I loved was Sri Lanka but that is mainly because of the tropical weather, beautiful beaches, food and amazing scenery! I felt the same about Phucket in Thailand similarly.


Scott: Have you got any summer gigs lines up, If so where can we see you?

Chris: Yes, I am performing at a lot of the Pride festivals in the UK my next ones are in particular order are Oxford, London North Wales, Liverpool, Bournemouth and Carlisle.

Christopher Haul Leicester Pride 2015 Photographs


Scott: Who’s been you idol growing up? 

Chris: I have always been fascinated by Michael Jackson, I always thought of him as a fictional character because his ability to perform, dance, sing is out of this world.  But I always loved the Spice Girls too.  I actually thought I was one at one point (didn’t we all) haha.


Scott: Can you remember the first single bought?

Chris: I always used to steal my older brother music, so they used to buy it so I didn’t have to.  My older brother Gavin used to buy almost every single on CD or Cassette each week.  I  think his love for music really rubbed off on me.  I think my first single that was bought for me was Whitney Houston ‘I will always love you’.  It’ my favorite song today!


Scott: How did you start off in the music industry?

Chris: I started off by moving to London and auditioning for bands.  I had that dream from a young age.  I had an interesting roller coaster of a ride in the band but I do think I learnt a lot about the industry.


Scott: What’s been your highlight so far?

Chris: My highlight so far has been performing at my own original music to audiences all over the world.  I haven’t released anything yet because I am taking my time but I feel like the best is yet to come!


Scott: If you could choose 3 people to duet with who would they be?

Chris: Bruno Mars, Adele (Imagine), Will-I-Am and I would love to duet with Rihanna that’s 4.



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