Jerrod Interview with Scott McGlynn

Jerrod a muti talent American artist, Singing, Piano, Drums the lot! The friendliest people i interviewed! We chatting about growing up, music, Orlando!




Scott: When was the moment you thought to yourself music is what i want to


Jerrod: I always loved music. I’ve been playing drums since I was 2 years

old and it was passion of mine. I wanted to be a professional

drummer one day, but when I got older singing seemed a lot more

appealing to other people so I went with that. I was always shy to

sing and play drums but I love making people happy with music and

performing so I started doing covers of songs and put them on a cd

and started giving them to my friends.


Scott: Your talented guy you learnt muti things like drums, guitar, bass guitar and

piano. What do you like playing most and why? 

Jerrod: Drums is my favorite out of them all, but I really love the piano as well.


Scott: You done some awesome covers, What your number 1 and why?

Jerrod: Wow…umm my favorite probably would have to be a change is gonna

come by sam cooke. I love sam cooke and was raised on his music so when I did

his cover I thought it would be just another one on youtube but the views spiked

over night and kept growing and that ended up being my most viewed video. My

new favorite would probably be lay me down by sam cooke. I played the piano

and sang it live one day and I loved it.


Scott: You new track “Diamond” is amazing! I loved it hearing it on soundcloud, Tell me about it…

Jerrod: Diamond was a song my manager wrote for me and when I heard it I

immediately fell in love with it. I did it a couple of times and the first few times, my

manager wanted more out of me. I did again late one night and it just clicked. I

love it


Scott: Have you got any plans coming to the UK in 2016? 

Jerrod: I’ve always wanted to go, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it then

to visit and share my gifts and talents with the UK! If they’ll have me of course.


Scott: Shows such as “The Voice” & “The X Factor” creates some great talent, Have

you ever thought about doing any of these shows?

Jerrod: Absolutely. I think about it almost everyday HA I was just talking to one of

my friends the other day and they were telling me I should go and try it. I would

love to work with the amazing artist on the show to grow and collaborate with

them. It would be a great experience


Scott: For your US fans, Will you be performing anywhere this year we can share

with them?

Jerrod: I plan to but I’ll keep that a secret and surprise you guys one day !


Scott: I brought out my first book earlier this year called “OUT” worldwide. Its about

my true life story being gay, getting bullied in school and work places growing up.

Did you ever experience anything like this?


Jerrod: Fortunately I never experienced that life and I always hated to see it. Even

growing up in a christian based school, I still saw some horrible things go on, but

I was the type of person to get along with everyone. I wouldn’t have cliques and

not talk to everyone. I was cool with everyone and hoped they were cool with me.


Scott: All our hearts go out to Orlando worldwide! What’s your thought on this?

Jerrod: Its really a tragedy. I did a song called “Change the World” and it caters to

situations like this. You should take a listen to it and share it because the world

needs a change, and with my music I hope to give life, peace, positvity, with

every lyric I write and sing. I want people to love each other no matter what their

political constituancy is or their race or gender. We are all people and we can all

make that change. Michael Jackson said it best, “if you want to make the world, a

better place, take a look at yourself, and make that change!” and I firmly believe



Scott: It was amazing speaking with you Jerrod, Last thing what is your top 3 items

you can not live without?

Jerrod: Thank you so much for having me! My top 3 things I cant live without first

and foremost is God. He is the one that makes everything possible for me. 2. My

family. I will always need them and will be there to support them and last but not

least my girlfriend. Shes been here for me since we were in the 4 th grade. Most of

the songs I do and write are for her and I want everyone to have someone like

her, so yes she is definitely something AND someone I cant live without.



Twitter – Jerrod

Website – Official

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