Scott McGlynn – Q&A with Kevin Simm

1/5 of Liberty X Mr Kevin Simm! What an AMAZING performance on the the voice!! I got in contact with Kevin for a Q&A  


Liberty X


Scott: We seen you on “Popstars” back in 2001, How was that experience? 

Kevin – It was a great experience , I was a lot younger so it was very new and exciting. It was the first show of its kind so no one knew what to expect from it all.

Scott: Liberty X was huge from the get go, With number 1s and top 10s, Can you tell us how it was being in the band and your most proud moment?

Kevin – It was amazing being in Liberty X , it was also hard work especially in the beginning trying to loose the ‘flopstars’ tag and we definitely had more downs than ups in the beginning. I think besides a number 1 single and a Brit award I am most proud of how hard we worked.

Scott: You done the reunion with Liberty X, Was there talks of doing new music?   

Kevin – No, we just wanted to do the show and arena tour as a decent goodbye to people who had supported us and for a bit of fun . 


Scott: Your YouTube channel is full of some amazing covers! What other covers do you have planned?

 Kevin – Thanks, I’m not sure yet, I like to do things I can put my own spin on but I also will be putting up some original material . 

Scott: We just seen you on “The Voice” which all 4 chair turned! What made you choose Paloma?

Kevin – I felt she fought for my the hardest and I am a big fan of her voice and style of music so I felt we could hopefully click.

Scott: Which songs have you got planned to sing on “The Voice” or would like to sing?

Kevin – I have no idea! I think song choice is such a huge part of any show like this, a bad song choice can send a great singer home so I’m constantly taking notes of songs that pop in my head.

Scott: Can you remember the first single you ever bought?

Kevin – I think it was ‘Eternal’ Stay

Scott: Who was your inspiration growing up for you to become a singer/performer?

Kevin: I started singing because my uncle sang on a karaoke night and he was my hero so I thought it was cool. So I started singing around the house and thought to myself that I should have a go, so I auditioned for my schools Christmas concert and the rest is history.

Scott: If you could choose anyone to duet with who would it be and why? 

Kevin – There really are too many to list but If I could choose three – Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Sia 




Check out Kevin “The Voice” Performance here

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