Danni Levy – Q&A Interview with Scott McGlynn

My recent interview with Life on Marbs –  Danni Levy we talked Marbs, Secrets and more..


Hello Danni nice to meet you how are you?

Danni – Great to meet you to Scott 🙂 I’m doing amazing thank you! 

Q – Firstly I like to say you look amazing! Tell us what’s your secrets ?

D – Thank you. I think it’s all about finding a balance and living a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t make you resent exercise or clean eating. Personally, I always start my morning with a 30 minute beach run to help motivate me for the day ahead. This gives me thinking space and helps burn fat before breakfast. I also enjoy a very clean diet but don’t deprive myself of the odd treat and I love a glass of red wine- we’re all human after all!
I’m 31 now, and I must confess I recently started having botox which has taken a few years off me and I’ve been getting tons of compliments about how young I look. I have it done by @EssexBotoxno1 they’re amazing! 
Q-  We seen you on ITVbe “Life On Marbs” any regrets? If so why? 
D – Life is too short for regrets! That’s all I’m gonna say about that one haha! 
Q – Your book “The Pyramid Diet” has done really well, Was bringing out a book a goal of yours?
D – I’ve always loved writing and I’m a health journalist too, so writing a book was a welcome challenge. I was actually approached to do it and it was something that’d never crossed my mind before. 80,000 words was hardcore, but I really enjoyed writing it and would love to bring out another book soon.
Q – I love your column in New! Magazine, What made you go down that root? 
D – I was approached by new! as they do a lot of stuff on “Life on Marbs”. They’re such a great publication to work with, and I thought the column would do wonders for dannifit.tv and give something back to the viewers who were battling with the January bulge. You can get involved for free at www.dannifit.tv by entering password: newyouwithdanni
Just tweet your 30-day before and after pics to @DanniLevyTV @new_magazine to win an all expenses paid long weekend to Marbs to train with me! 


Q- I love inspiring quotes, Can you tell me your favourite quote?
D – I always say ‘Your body is just something you wear; if you don’t like it, change it!’
Danni has inspired so many people, Including one of my close girlfriends saying ” I watch Danni on “Life On Marbs” and when i heard she’s doing  a column  in New! It’s now my number one magazine” 
 You can purchase Danni’s book “The Pyramid Diet” here http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Pyramid-Diet-Danni-Levy/dp/0718158954


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