MikelyRik Interview By Scott McGlynn

Music and Performer MikelyRik is a global star from 100k hits on YouTube, Touring the world and with new music on the way. 

I caught up with MikelyRik to get the lowdown…


Scott: Tell me 3 facts about yourself that no-one else knows?

MikelyRik: Hmmm, only 3? OK… One: Before I started writing songs, and poetry, I used to draw and create entire comic book stories for my classmates throughout middle and high school…Two: I used to have a fear of dogs when I was a kid, due to a crazy experience in Jamaica. And Three: growing up in a Gospel heavy, Jamaican, Christian home, the very first non-gospel record I ever remember hearing was “ShooBeeDoo” by Madonna lol!

Scott: Love your song “Celebrate” tell us about it.

MikelyRik: Thank you, I’m glad you love it. It’s one of the only songs that I didn’t write on my current EP “Genre Theater” but when it was presented to me, I fell in love with it too. It was written by an amazing talented songwriter, Jaron Hitz, who has also written for many amazing artists.
I’ve gotten lots of Feedback about what the song means to various people via fan mail, Facebook, YouTube comments and such but the general unifying idea is that it’s important to feel celebratory at some point on a daily basis! I do believe that as long as you’re alive, there is always something to celebrate. The music video, which recently surpassed 100K views on YouTube (I’m so humbled by that!) has several examples including: a quirky guy being accepted by a cool crew for who he is, a beautiful lesbian couple getting engaged, a young lady graduate and overall positive vibes.. All being celebrated in the video. 

Scott: You seen and worked all around the world, What’s been most memorable place and why?

MikelyRik: When I started doing music, I really just wanted to perform & share my passion and ideas with as many people as possible. I had no idea pursuing my dreams would take me to Hong Kong, Dubai, Bahrain and all of these amazing, beautiful, exotic locations. One of the most memorable experiences so far was recently in Atlanta Georgia, simply because lots of the fans and supporters out there are so avid and faithful, singing my songs along with me. I’ve been there several times and each time I go back, it’s like seeing old friends… That’s unbelievable to me and very humbling every single time.

Scott:  Other than music what other things do you enjoy doing?

MikelyRik: I’m almost always doing something music related. Rehearsing, writing, typing up plans, thoughts, ideas… And when I’m not, I like to try to spend as much time with my family and close friends as possible. I’m into all kinds of philosophical books, meditation, health & fitness, random genres of movies and comic book world related stuff… including collecting action figures. Boring right?

Scott: I’ve known you to perform a few times at Rockbottom club in Mumbai, Will we be seeing you back there soon?

MikelyRik: I’ve performed a a few different Rockbottom clubs, the one in Dubai was definitely memorable but so was the one in Abu Dhabi! I’m always open to heading back to venues I’ve already played. The familiarity of returning is so very captivating to me!

Scott: You love your fashion, Whats the most expensive thing you bought?

MikelyRik: Actually man, some of the most expensive pieces I’ve worn, were rented or for promotional use lol just keeping it real! I spend a lot on clothes, but not as much as one would think. I might treat myself to something ridiculously expensive once every few months, but I can’t remember the most expensive thing I bought, fashion-wise…


Scott: Which artists are you loving right now and has made it on your playlist?

MikelyRik: I listen to and am inspired by so many different genres so my playlist ranges from Kid Cudi to Madonna to Radiohead. From Lauryn Hill to Troye Sivan, from Tinie Tempah to Janelle Monae… I’m telling you man, very eclectic.

Scott: What has 2017 got in store for you?

MikelyRik: The fans have been so very supportive, I’m still in shock at my monthly listeners on Spotify. So 2017 already has some scheduled performances in locations that I’m super excited about as well as some new releases and projects that I’ve been working extremely hard on with some very cool and talented people who I know, many will be excited about! Just stay tuned to my website and my social media for updates!


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