Tommy Marz Interview By Scott McGlynn

Tommy Marz is an American band, That has stormed the music industry! After having success with a version of George Michael’s ‘Faith’ that spawned a video that went on to receive many views on YouTube and getting placements on Networks such as NBC and MTV! I caught up with Tommy for a Q&A enjoy…


Scott: You’ve been highly successful and working with some amazing people, Whats been your highlight so far?Tommy: Yeah, we have a great team here. Whitesmith Entertainment has taken really good care of us. So far, charting on the iTunes Top 30 Rock Albums Chart has been one of the biggest thrills.  Hearing from people on Twitter saying how much they like the record/songs is an unbelievable feeling.

Scott: You are more on the rock side of music, I love “Only Human” what category in music would you say you’re in? 
Tommy: Thank you!  Our newest album ‘Bringing Alpha’ is definitely rock and that’s the sound of the band.  But when I am doing some solo stuff like the song you mentioned ‘Only Human’, I feel like I take on a more Pop/Singer-songwriter approach.

Scott: You’re getting big in America, Have you ever been over in the UK? If not, have you got any plans to be coming over here soon? 
Tommy: We’ve never been to the UK but are totally looking forward to coming over there.  We have met many nice people on our social media accounts from the UK.

Scott: When growing up who was your idol / idols and why?
Tommy: So many to name but off the top of my head, probably the most impactful artists were Duran Duran, The Police and of course The Beatles.. and later groups like STP, Silverchair and Alice in Chains served as some of our biggest influences.

Scott: What’s your next track / album going to called?
Tommy: The next song we are going to release off of ‘Bringing Alpha’ is a song called ‘One Big Rush’.  It’s a total adrenaline song!  A new video for it is about to come out very soon as well.
Scott: How long did it take you to write and record your first album “Rival” 
Tommy:’Rival’ is very special to me because it was the first solo album I ever recorded but it took a long time.  The whole process was over a year whereas ‘Bringing Alpha’ took about six weeks start to finish.

Scott: What’s your thoughts on worldwide music shows like “The Voice” & “The X Factor”?
Tommy: I think they are a great platform to launch artists worldwide.  Without shows like them we would be missing out on some great talent we may have missed otherwise.  And honestly they are just so entertaining to watch.


Scott: What advice can you give artists that are just starting out and want to break the music industry?  Tommy: Keep writing and keep playing.  There can be so many obstacles in your way and all you can do is keep trying to better your craft, remain positive and don’t forget about the passion that made you start in the first place.  That last part I still tell myself everyday.  I cannot imagine a place where I’m not picking up my guitar and writing songs.

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Twitter – Tommy Marz

Website – Official Website

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