Gabz Interview By Scott McGlynn

Gabz hit our TV screen’s from 2013 Britain’s Got Talent, Since then she’s done gig up and down the UK,

Worked with charity’s and now soon to release her EP “UP”…



Scott: You were on BGT back in 2013, How was that experience for you?

Gabz: It was an amazing experience, I had never done anything like that before so it was very scary but so fun! Everyone was really lovely and it definitely helped build my confidence.



Scott: How was life been since BGT 3 years ago? Gabz: It’s been crazy! I’ve been performing all around the country and have been writing and recording loads of new music which is really exciting!


Scott:You have a huge following who loves you like snoop dog calling you “John Legend” style you have, How did you react? 

Gabz: That was so awesome, I was really surprised and excited! I had no idea Snoop Dogg had even seen my audition or knew who I was so it was amazing that he compared me to someone so talented!



Scott: You been called the mini Alicia Keys by the press, Is this a goal you have? To take over worldwide with your amazing talent?

Gabz: It’s obviously a huge compliment as she’s incredible and I’d love to be as big as her although I’d say I’m not really like anyone as I want to have my own individual style and sound! Taking over the world is definitely part of the dream! haha! 



Scott: How was it growing up in the public eye? From age 13?

Gabz: It’s been a bit weird as people at school in the lower years get a bit excited and when I go out I get noticed a lot but it’s been really fun and I love meeting the people who like my music and are supporting me!



Scott: Your new EP “UP” is out 2nd September, Can you tell us about it?

Gabz: Yeah, the songs on the EP are all really different! I like a few different styles so they’re all very ‘pop’ but there’s rap, ballads and dance all featured so hopefully there’s something for everyone!




Scott: Your a big writer up to 70 songs you’ve written! Will we be seeing album very soon?

Gabz: Hopefully! I’ve written and recorded a lot of music but I’m still at school which stops me from doing a lot although my school are very supportive and accommodating. I’m releasing the EP while I’m on summer break and I’m not quite sure what is next, I’ll definitely be releasing more soon it just all depends on fitting it around school until I finish next year.



Scott: I know you a big supporter of charities and do gigs for them, Any charity that is close to you?

Gabz: Yeah, I’ve been supporting a couple of charities recently – ‘Wings Of Hope’ who help underprivileged children in India and Malawi and ‘Jackie’s Drop In’ a centre for adults with learning difficulties based in Letchworth. I try to help when I can!



Scott: Where can we be seeing you in 2016/2017? 

Gabz: If you check out the events page on my website it has my upcoming gigs, so check it out and see if I’m performing near you! 



Scott: If you could choose anyone to perform with who would it be and why? 

Gabz: I love this question! I’d probably say Professor Green as he’s one of my favourite rappers and I saw him perform in Blackpool when I supported him last year at the Blackpool iFest and I loved his vibe on stage as it looked really fun! 



Scott: Any gig dates coming up you can share with us?

Gabz: I am performing still but I’m taking a little break at the moment to promote my single and EP but I’ll be online and doing radio interviews.  



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