Life on MaxWell Jameson with Scott McGlynn

You have seen him on ITVbe Life On Marbs! Now I sat down with MaxWell the Marbs number one make-up artist for a gossip & Q&A.. 



  • Scott – We seen you on ITVBe “Life On Marbs” how did you find the show?

Maxwell – I really enjoyed it ! Although  it wasn’t always stress free as you can imagine.

  • Scott – Do you still speak or see anyone you worked with on the show?
Max – Most of the cast are all my really close friends ! So I see them on a daily basis.
  • Scott – If their’s someone who’s coming to Marbs for the first time. What 3 things is a must do when over there?
Max – Well obviously the night life and beach clubs are 1&2 but the food in Marbella is really good, so would probably be a favourite restaurants.


  • Scott – You a very talent make-up artist, Have you ever done a competitions

Max – I am the competition

  • Scott – What is your top 3 make-up tips?

Max – The lighter the concealer the better, Mac soft and gentle highlighter is essential. And Demi whispie lashes

  • Scott – Valentine Day has just gone, Was there anyone special you was spending it with?

Max – Of course ! My friends haha .. I am dating people but it’s all very complicated so still keeping my eye out.

  • Scott – What is a perfect date for you?

Max – I love the cinema and then dinner or drinks so we’re able to get to know each other. I like to think I’m traditional in the dating world.

  • Scott – Who is your idol Cher, Britney or Whitney?

Max – I am a Britney fan ! But I am a lover of rap and RnB

  • Scott – What’s your plans for 2016? Will their be season 2 of Marbs?

Max – I’ve got a busy year coming this season for me and golden tarts so it’s very exciting! Let’s hope for a second season.

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