Javi Shephard Interview with Scott McGlynn

We all know him from this years “Love Island” Mr Javi Shephard, I caught up with him to talk about going back, the perfect date and is he still looking for love? 


Scott: We all know you from this years love island how did you get involved in the show? 
 Javi: I was actually approached via Facebook, they messaged me saying I had a “look” they were looking for and it went on from there really… I’m always up for new experiences so thought “why not!”
Scott: How was the experience for you? anything you would change?
 Javi: It was a surreal experience, not like anything I’ve done before! Frustrating from the start, feeling underwhelmed with the girl (no offence just not my type! So battling out with other guys in the villa who where thinking the same was annoying!
Scott: Love island is full of drama, is this something that you stay clear of in your life? or does it follow you?
Javi: Yeah I’m chilled in the real world, I meditate and love life! The pettiness and fake characters in there wasn’t what I wanted to experience. I’m all up for fun, adventure and to actually find the right girl, the money was never the goal. 
Scott: Are you single now?
Javi: Yes I am, I am getting close though. I want to find someone to make memories with and enjoy life.
Scott: What do you look for in a girl?
Javi: Intelligence, someone’s who’s healthy, well mannered, likes to keep themselves physically and mentally fit! And someone who like snuggles ha.
Scott: What would be your perfect date?
Javi: Hot summer day, picnic and walk through the country and dinner (steak for me) and a relaxed and fun night back home ha.
Scott: It’s been talks to put you back in the show, would you go back in?
Javi: I would have if it was last week… There is no point now, the girls are not for me in there! 
Scott: What’s your plans now after love island?
Javi: To keep on ha ring adventures and making memories, travel and get back to my profession.
Scott: Is there any hidden talents we be seeing you in like djing /dancing / singing? 
Javi: No no, just to understand what life is and to fully enjoy it with the people that matter in my life.
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Life on MaxWell Jameson with Scott McGlynn

You have seen him on ITVbe Life On Marbs! Now I sat down with MaxWell the Marbs number one make-up artist for a gossip & Q&A.. 



  • Scott – We seen you on ITVBe “Life On Marbs” how did you find the show?

Maxwell – I really enjoyed it ! Although  it wasn’t always stress free as you can imagine.

  • Scott – Do you still speak or see anyone you worked with on the show?
Max – Most of the cast are all my really close friends ! So I see them on a daily basis.
  • Scott – If their’s someone who’s coming to Marbs for the first time. What 3 things is a must do when over there?
Max – Well obviously the night life and beach clubs are 1&2 but the food in Marbella is really good, so would probably be a favourite restaurants.


  • Scott – You a very talent make-up artist, Have you ever done a competitions

Max – I am the competition

  • Scott – What is your top 3 make-up tips?

Max – The lighter the concealer the better, Mac soft and gentle highlighter is essential. And Demi whispie lashes

  • Scott – Valentine Day has just gone, Was there anyone special you was spending it with?

Max – Of course ! My friends haha .. I am dating people but it’s all very complicated so still keeping my eye out.

  • Scott – What is a perfect date for you?

Max – I love the cinema and then dinner or drinks so we’re able to get to know each other. I like to think I’m traditional in the dating world.

  • Scott – Who is your idol Cher, Britney or Whitney?

Max – I am a Britney fan ! But I am a lover of rap and RnB

  • Scott – What’s your plans for 2016? Will their be season 2 of Marbs?

Max – I’ve got a busy year coming this season for me and golden tarts so it’s very exciting! Let’s hope for a second season.

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