Rosie Lowe – Interview

I recently met the lovely Rosie Lowe an amazing talented lady who is taking over the UK & Europe! I done a Q&A with Rosie to find out more.

Q. Your new single “Woman” can you tell us more about it?

R: I wrote ‘Woman’ about my experience of being a woman, being surrounded by woman and knowing how hard it must be for girls growing up in 2016. Amongst all the incredible people trying to make a change & fight for gender equality, its hard to block out the murmurs of those stating that ‘things are fine now’ & suggesting gender inequality no longer exists. I watch my friends suffering with their body image & girls putting their self worth not on what they know but how they look & Its clear we still have a long way to go. I guess this song is just me saying ‘I hear you’ to all the girls still having to fight to be heard because I think we can all relate to that.
Q: When you were growing up who was your inspiration to become a singer?
When I was really young I fell in love with jazz singers, particularly Ella Fitzgerald, and used to memorise every lyric, melody and phrase of hers but then I also loved bands like the Spice Girls and All Saints! It was Erykah Badu that made me want to be an artist; writing and producing all my own music- she made me believe I could do it all and be totally in control of my output. 
Q: Your album is released on 19th February what can we expect on there?
R: The album is a very honest representation of me and where I am at at this point in my life- the songs are all very personal and deal with things I’ve come up against in the last few years. I wanted this album to be really honest as I feel thats the best I can ever give of myself…
Q: In your album trailer your said “Music is the time you can be totally honest” Has there ever been a time we’re you wish you gave a friend a honest opinion but didn’t?
R: No I don’t think so- I cant think of one- I’m really honest with my friends. 
Q: Will we be seeing you touring the UK in 2016? 
R: Yes, I’ll be touring in February and March along with my album release which I’m really excited about, Here are my dates…
Manchester: 19/02
Leeds: 20/02
Brighton: 24/02
London: 25/02
Bristol: 26/02
Paris: 01/03
Amsterdam: 02/03
Antwerp: 03/03
Hamburg: 04/03
Berlin: 05/03
rosie tour dates
Q: Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?
R: I try not to think too far ahead but I’d like to think I would have had a few albums out and will still be learning my craft. I’d like to be doing some production for other people, too. 
Q: What is your favorite emoji right now? 🙂 
R: Always, always, the heart! ❤
Official Site –
Pre-order your copy of “Control” here..

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