Pandora Boxx Interview By Scott McGlynn

Exclusive interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race S2

Pandora Boxx, We talked about Experiences, Costumes, Donald Trump and MUCH MORE…  


Scott McGlynn: Firstly I love your work and your performances! How did it all start off for you?

Pandora Boxx: I fell in love with drag from the first drag performance I ever saw, which happened to be Darienne Lake. I guess I was a little sheltered because I didn’t even know drag was something you could do! I had already been lip-syncing songs in my bedroom to Madonna. I was like sign me up!


SM: Most of us know your from RuPauls Drag Race season 2, How was the experience for you?

PB: It was definitely life changing. The show itself was a mixture of exciting, gruelling and fun. The shooting days are so long and you are cut off from the world. You live in this little bubble, like a high fashion prison.


SM: People may not no you auditioned twice before getting on the show, Was it a tough process?

PB: I got on the second time so I’ll say no. Ha! I just made sure I made a better audition video the second time around. I knew if I was going to get on, I’d be the plucky comic relief.

So I catered to that, There’s a lot of interviews and all that but it was exciting because at least I knew I was being considered. I walked on the set and everyone looked like a woman. All I could think is, oh good God, I’m the clown! Cue circus music, which I think they played when I walked on.


SM: Which outfit so far has been your favourite in your career? 

PB: It’s probably either my Race Car dress I wore to the reunion or my Bloody Mary dress I wore from my Absolute commercial.

Those are certainly the ones that get talked about the most. The Race Car dress was by Marco Marco and the Bloody Mary dress was by me.



SM: You appeared on “Logo’s One Night Stand Up” Live show, How was that experience?

PB: I was petrified but really, really excited. I had never worked with any of the queens on there before but they were all fun to work with. Though, Bianca might not like you to know she’s nice. It was a great audience! I keep getting told it’s going to be coming out on DVD. We shall see!


SM: Do you suffer from nervous before TV / Performing, If so how do you prepare yourself?

PB: Yes. Every damn time. I was once told if you get nervous that’s good because it shows you care. Occasionally, I’ll have to take a mental breakdown moment, to prevent one from happening.

Or maybe a shot? I don’t like to rely too much on the booze though. It can become a crutch. That said, where’s the bar?


SM: Will you be bringing out new music in 2017?

PB: I have been working on a few things. One is a parody. I’m excited about it and hopefully people like it. I mean a song about an accidental poop is funny right?


SM: Tell me 3 facts about yourself?


1. My middle drag name is Olivia so my initials are P.O. Boxx
2. I created a public access sketch comedy show called “The Gay (Means Happy) Show!” and you can still find some of the skits on YouTube.
3. I like peas and penis. Not at the same time.


SM: I interviewed Jinkx Monsoon not long ago, Over the seasons of “RuPauls Drag Race” anyone you would of loved to be on your year to work with?

PB: I don’t know. Probably not because I think our season had a great mix of queens. I wouldn’t have minded being on a later season with bigger budgets and more people watching though!


SM: Out of the celebrity judges they get to join the show, Who’s been your favourite?

PB: From my season having Kathy Griffin on was completely amazing! Plus she was funny.

We also had legendary Cloris Leachman and Debbie Reynolds (RIP) on and that was completely thrilling to be in front of them.

Henry Rollins did say I turned him on so there’s that! There’s been so many great judges, it’s hard to pick one.


SM: Lastly, What do you think of Trump being the new president? 

PB: BARF!!! 


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