Talent singer and performer Robyn Regan exclusive interview, We talked Role Models, Music, Spice Girls plus much more.. Please leave any question / comments below.

 Scott – When was the moment that music was your passion?

Robyn – Growing up I went to three different stage schools, ( not at the same time obviously hehe ) I was always put into competitions for singing and dancing and always walked away with medals and trophies for every routine that I did. So at the age of 15 I entered a singing competition and performed at the Hackney Empire. From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a singer. But wasn’t aloud to fulfil my dreams until I finished school. ( Education is important ).


Scott –  Who was your idol growing up?

Robyn – My idol has always been and always will be Michael Jackson!


Scott –  I love your song “OH I” in the video your really into your dancing, Is this something you really enjoy as well?

Robyn – I wasn’t  very confident child growing up but I always put on shows at home for my family and toys. So to gain confidence my parents decided to put me into performing arts. This has always been apart of my life and wouldn’t change that for the world.


Scott –  What’s your thoughts of Spice Girls reunion? Do you want it to happen even tho it could be only 3 of them?

Robyn – Growing up I loved the Spice Girls! I acted as every single Spice Girl depending on my mood, I would always felt guilty if I did a show and didn’t act as one of them just in case they felt left out. I was like their biggest fan EVER. I would love for them to do a reunion! I think it would be great if they invited me along to perform to hehe, cheeky I know!


Scott – Where will you performing this summer?

Robyn – I can’t give away too much because nothing has been announced, but just know that there is some really exciting things coming!


Scott –  Your YouTube vlog is great! Is this something you always wanted to do, share your experience with your fans?

Robyn – Hey thanks! Well I’ve only really just started using my YouTube channel properly. The whole idea of vlogging the events I do, is so that my fans could see what actually goes into every performance. Everyone sees the final production, nobody realises that it’s not that easy and a lot of work goes into what I do. I also wanted to show my fans that I’m not that different from them either. I like being weird and crazy. I think that comes across pretty well in my videos.


Scott –  Do you ever get nervous before going on stage? If yes, how do you over come them?

Robyn – To be honest I don’t really get nervous no. I get more excited than anything. Knowing that I’m going to go on stage to perform to my fans makes what I do more fun! I love seeing my fans in the audience and I love meeting them after a show! Why be nervous when the people you love and know love you are supporting you?


Scott – Have you ever thought to go on “The X Factor” or “The Voice” ?

Robyn – Truthfully I’ve never wanted to enter either of those shows. I want to be different.
Scott –  How did it all kick off for you, Your career?

Robyn – Well it all started with my song “Home” that I wrote for Help 4 Heroes. Everybody supported the song seeing as all the money raised went to the charity. A fan wrote a letter to Prince Harry about my song. He then wrote back to her, commending me on my song and to keep going. “Home” also got to number 6 in the singer/songwriter charts on ITunes. This was how my career started. From then I’ve just kept working harder and have been doing lots of tours that I love!

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