Mark Byron By Scott McGlynn

Exclusive interview with reality star Mark Byron by Scott McGlynn


Scott: What’s life been like since big brother? 
Mark: Life has been really magical after Big Brother it’s changed my life so much. It’s given me a world of opportunities and I feel so lucky! I’ve made amazing friends and had an incredible experience. 
It’s rare these days for housemates to maintain a profile or still earn money after the show and it feels great to be in the very small group of those who have done so.
Scott: I know you write a column about this years BB, what do you think of the housemates?
Mark: I think the housemates are really fantastic this year! 90% of them have delivered and that’s rare!! They have kept me entertained since launch night 
Scott: Who do you love and hate?
Mark: Ryan and Sam have been my favourites as I’m actually friends with both on the outside world. I also love Hughie, his outbursts are just gold! Andy for me is the worst he is so evil and manipulative.
Scott: If you were in there this year, who would you clash with?
Mark: I would definitely clash with Andy and Jason. Even though Hughie is amazing I could see my self having a few rows with him as we’re both very loud and proud in our opinions.
Scott: Your a very fashionable guy, Where do you like to shop? Where do you get your inspiration from?
Mark: My wardrobe is mostly premium high street but I have a few bargains and a few designer pieces too.
I’m not sure where I get my inspiration from as dressing well just comes naturally to me. It’s fun for me and definitely a hobby. Life is more fun when you live glamorously.
Scott: Congratulations on being in “Aladdin” this coming Christmas, how did this come about? 
Mark: I was approached by LHK productions and naturally jumped at the chance! It will be a wonderful opportunity and a lot of fun! I’ve always wanted to branch out into acting so I’m very excited.
Scott: What fake stories have you heard or seen written about you?
Mark: I’ve been pretty lucky with my press stories. There were a few fantasy ones that came out in big brother and just after but nothing too bad!
Scott: What will be your perfect date? 
Mark: People naturally assume I’d be a nightmare high maintenance boyfriend as I’m so glamorous but honestly I like simple things too! My ideal date would be lunch in Mayfair with lots of Laurent Perrier Rosé champagne followed by a romantic walk in Hyde park and maybe a ride on a boat. That would be so cute.
Scott: Whats your plans this summer? Can we be seeing you at any events?
Mark: I’m at about 5 events weekly at the moment! A lot of wonderful bars have been opening. Last week I absolutely loved the launch party of an incredible new Champagne bar called Bubbles on the pier head in liverpool. 
Ive also attending Newcastle pride and I’ll be attending Liverpool pride in a few weeks where I’ll be hosting on stage.
Follow Mark on Twitter here – Mark Byron
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