Nathan Thursfield Interview with Scott McGlynn

Katie Price number 1 fan Nathan took to our screens with ITV This Morning, and many more shows to come 2016, with a singing career coming up hes one to watch, see my Q&A to get all the details…


Scott – We all know your a huge fan of Katie Price what is that made you fall in love with her?
Nathan – I’ve always been a fan of Katie’s, since i was 12-13. She has done so well for herself.

Scott – Have you met or talked to her at all?
Nathan – Yeah I’ve met Katie, we talk on Twitter.

Scott –  We saw you on “This Morning” how was that experience for you? 
Nathan – This Morning was a fantastic experience! I’m hoping to go back on the show at some point this year! Never say never! Its a huge show and gave me so many opportunities.I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing without it. So I thank the producers & the everyone who works on the show.

Scott –  You told us you’ve had surgery, What was the most painful and less painful you had done?

Nathan – The most painful would have to be a tie between a vampire facial & my nose job! I’ve had two.

The least would Botox, it’s painless but has fantastic results. I go to a clinic called Mac Aesthetics. She treats many celebrities, including Geordie Shore! So I trust her, I’ve had so many bad experiences with aesthetic clinics, you think there good at the time, then realise long term the damage some of them have caused.

Scott – Your into your music, Singing and going to some pride events, Is this something you always enjoyed doing?
Nathan – I’ve always been into singing and acting, singing has always been in the heart of me, I’m not saying I’m a Whitney Houston! But I can sure hit a few high notes haha! I’ve just recorded my first ever cover song it’s on YouTube! I was nervous to record this as I haven’t sang in front of anyone for so many years! I’m in the studio this weekend recording A huge song!
Yes I’ve been booked to perform at this years Stoke-on-Trents Pride! My first public performance! I’m very keen to do more.

Scott – Who is your music idol and why?
Nathan – My music idol is Jess Glynne, I recently went see her on her tour in Manchester, she’s amazing!!!!
But I also love Adele, Sia has so much power in her voice! Incredible. But my all time is Whitney Houston!

Scott –  Has there been any rumors / lies about you, You like to clear up?
Nathan – There’s a lot of rumors I scrounge of my partner. Let me clarify this. I go to work full time, I get up do my emails, then go to work! I provide for myself and earn my OWN money. This has nothing to do with anyone else! And regardless it’s always the jealous, bitter people who comment negative things about you.
Let the haters hate! It’s doesn’t faze me anymore, it’s all comical to me.

Scott –  Where can we be seeing you next?
Nathan – I filmed for Celebrity Botched Up Bodies last month! Which will be airing next month on channel 5! I’m starring in the new series on Lookalikes on Channel 4!  Im filming for new shows and doing lots of appearances over the next few months! I have just signed with a new Management company! LookalikesC4 – My agent James is amazing!

Scott –  Where can you see yourself in 5 years time?

Nathan – I would love to host my own show! I’ve always wanted to go into Big Brother! I feel it’s my turn. I’m ready for it!

I want to do PAs throughout the UK..
Get back into modelling, it’s always been a passion of Myn.

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