Ray Jorden bio

I recently met Ray Jorden you might or might not of heard of him but hes in some of the top TV shows like “Haunting: Australia” & “The Paranormal 5 ITV (UK)” ! Here’s a bio about Ray..

Any questions you like me to ask Ray please comment below or e-mail me i will sure to ask him.


Ray Jorden

With a natural comedic ability and warm personality Celebrity Ghost hunter Ray Jorden’s profile has been on the rise since 2007, with his debut TV series from ITV called The Paranormal 5, the UK’s first ghost hunting TV series, filmed and investigated within the daytime, with some of those investigations being investigated at the time of the alleged phenomena occurs or reported to have occurred. Leading a small team of three other investigators and one medium, the team set out to find and question answers, as to what or whom might be causing these occurrence’s to happen.

With over 30 plus years in supernatural interest and 10 plus years in paranormal investigation an interest that started at the age of five at his grandfather’s house, Ray certainly has never ending questions to ask “What happens when we die” his passion for all things paranormal has seen Ray have the opportunity to investigate locations all over the UK, locations in Monterrey Mexico and also in Los Angeles, Ireland and more recently Australia where Ray is one of the stand out investigators in the worldwide TV hit called Haunting: Australia with an international celebrity profile.

He is a regular guest on various radio shows and to date has appeared on many shows around the world, not only that Ray that he has appeared on shows such as The Kevin Moore Show and The Sporah Show both on SKY TV, been involved in various TV pilots as guest and on an advisory capacity, the paranormal is truly a passion of work for Ray to be able to show the world what he and many others do as a Paranormal investigator, making Ray a repeat guest on many shows, building up many fans and followers of his work. Ray’s own radio show called Haunted 911 became one of the UK’s most popular radio shows with ran for over two years, blending music, comedy and celebrity paranormal guests, truly cementing his own fan base.

Over the years he has worked with many names and leading names within the paranormal fields, and really enjoys appearing at selected organised ghost hunts, meeting and working with members of the public, to give them a taster of what his life as an investigator is truly about. While a serious side to his character makes him very diverse in his subject fields he has been asked to work within, his continual involvement in charity events and gala’s or corporate events is something very close to his heart. This aspect of Ray’s career often sees him take to a live stage as a presenter, something that seems to come once again very naturally. Many call Ray one of the nicest people within the UK paranormal fields despite having a hard look and image, inspiring many and always looking for that proof of what happens next.

We spoke for hours, and Ray is going to plan a ghost hunt with myself which i’m excited for! I keep you posted on dates and hopefully video it all for you all to watch! 🙂

Ray social sites are;

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRayJorden/?fref=ts

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RayJorden

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