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So you are all aware that I don’t do many Q&A interviews because of the podcast show, So i decided to talk to you about my skin care favorites, over the next few posts I be telling my new and old skin care besties, Lets kick it off with Lab Series brand new product Solid Water Essence, Before I give my review here’s what you need to know about the product… 

K_SldWtrEssncBtl_Dry_NoRflctn_HiA new way to get a boost of energy: Solid Water Essence. In seconds, you can jumpstart the look of your skin. Fight the look of fatigue. Fuel hydration. Wake up tired-looking skin—and go. 

30-40% of skin’s energy is used to pump hydration to the skin. So, if you can energise skin on a cellular level, you can optimise its hydration. Solid Water Essence contains energising Ginseng and invigorating Caffeine, which are proven to help energise skin cells. And they get delivered via Bamboo-infused micro- droplets for rapid absorption. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals and help prevent visible signs of aging.

New Solid Water Essence. For an energised appearance in the moment and more youthful-looking skin over time: Hydrate. Energise. Boost.


Now you have some insight what it is and what it does, I’m going to share with you what thoughts,

I been using it twice a day morning and evening for around 9 days, All of you know how strict I am with my skincare routine! After cleansing my skin (I going through vary ones at the moment) I use about 2/3 pumps of Solid Water Essence starting at my forehead going to my eyebrow area, into my cheeks then lips and neck, it honestly goes a long way, It drys so quickly i don’t think i uses a product that drys this quick, and it feel it gets sucked into the skin and feels actually fresh! Its strange saying it as everyone’s says that BUT guys honestly try it and then you know what I’m talking about, I have used other Lab Series products over 2 years nearly, I have the ones I love and some I don’t but Solid Water Essence when all finished I be re buying it! Its a 150ml bottle so not till next year. 

I am actually going to my partner a bottle as winter is coming and the air will be dry and that causes tightness and wrinkles we defiantly don’t want that! Ladies if your looking for a guys gift this Christmas highly recommend it! 


RRP of £39 at


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