Beau Brooks Interview By Scott McGlynn

Beau Brooks part of the famous boy band

“The Janoskians” with brother’s Jai & Luke and Daniel, From 2011 the successful band has taking over on a worldwide scale! 

Meeting Beau in the UK this month, We talked band success, Pranks, Jai & Luke and his top pre-date tips… Plus lots more.



Scott McGlynn: Firstly your video with The Janoskians “Real Girls Eat Cake” 10 million views on YouTube this is AMAZING!! Did you ever think it would of been major success as it has? What was your reaction finding it hit that many views?

Beau Brooks: Real Girls Eat Cake was just a really fun time in the studio, it was written really fast, everyone in the room was just adding in different thoughts and ideas and listing model names and different cakes then a trumpet player walks in… It was a party.

In our eyes “Real Girls Eat Cake” was a success as soon as we left the room and the best thing about it, It had a great message behind it! So I am very glad it reached the number of people it did, I just hope a lot of people dance to it and let there hair down!

Check it out here… The Janoskians – Real Girls Eat Cake 


Scott: You recently was in the UK, Find anything you love about Britain and the British?

Beau: I loved filming public disturbance videos in the UK, The reactions we got in our video (“Don’t Cringe” check it out here… Don’t Cringe  are very much similar to what we get in Australia.

I feel like people don’t take them self too seriously and are able to have a good LOL laugh! I also love how multicultural the UK is as it is surrounded by Europe so ethnicity and different culture is accepted. 

Last but not least… Should have mentioned it first by the way, NANDOS!!!! I think NANDOS was almost a deal breaker for me coming back to the states.


Scott: Your quite the prankster these days! You know I loved the UK store video! Whats been you most memorable prank so far?

Beau: You know people call us “Pranksters” to me I feel like a prank is a well thought out and set up “prank” to trick someone into believing something is real. I don’t feel like we are pranksters.

When I go out there my objective is to get every head that is looking down at the ground or on the phone to look up and instead of being angry or sad or disappointed at society, to have a laugh. It’s great because the laughs that we get are people seeing the inner silliness through themselves, though me or the boys. Hopefully releasing some inner children =)! My favorite “PRANK” was actually when I sang “Milkshake By Kelis” on a boost stand, it was challenging but rewarding.


Scott: Do you constantly prank your family / friends / girlfriends? Tell me a funny story….

Beau: I can be very annoying to the people closest around me, most of the time I say or do what ever I feel. Which can be a problem!

I think my two little brothers experience me the most, If I am bored and no one is doing anything at home I will go and turn off my brothers PlayStation, or stand in front of the television and sing a really slow song. I’m starting to learn to take other people into consideration because I can be a brat sometimes. Majority of the times!


Scott: You worked with your brothers Jai & Luke, Out of the 3 of you, Who’s the most…

Diva – Jai! He feels comfortable ordering people around for him and for some reason people love to do it for him, I kind of envy that about him HAHA! He is such a little shit

Vain – Jai has tourette syndrome when he plays Fifa or any game of that matter! Very competitive and hot headed!

Most Spoiled – AGAIN Jai! Has always been most spoiled, especially by my grandmother because “Jai is an angel”

Morning Grump – We all take a couple of hours to really wake up, Especially Daniel!! Then we are all good for the day and the laughs start.

Most Romantic – Luke is absolutely a Prince Charming, He has done hot air balloons, sunrise hikes and he is a great photographer, So he’ll capture many great moments with who ever he is with.

The Lady’s Magnet – Me. Blessing and a curse.

Jai, Beau & Luke



Scott: On you “YouTube” channel you’ve sung some great covers, Will we be seeing more soon?

Beau: We are actually working with a great singing coach right now.

Shout to Diomi!!!  We want to train our vocals a lot more before we get into doing things like covers. Especially live covers which is a big goal for us for 2o17! 


Scott : Which other YouTubers do you enjoy watching?

Beau: Honestly I would be lying if I told you I watch other YouTubers. I personally am not a subscriber to anyone, I am more of a “Where will Youtube take me next” kinda guy 🙂 

Scott: Tell me 3 facts about yourself no one knows…

Beau: Well first off no one knows them for a reason., I’m an open person so if you took the time to get to know me I’d probably tell you in the first hour of conversation. There’s a fact. That’s all you get.


Scott: You look after yourself always groomed and into fitness, What’s your 3 things to do before a date?

Beau: Showering is always important!! Push ups to get that pump on, also for an energy booster and fresh clothes!! I love fashion and looking fresh / clean.


Scott: Have you ever done a prank that went terribly wrong? 

Beau: Sometimes what we do can be dangerous. Especially if we force it. If we force our “pranks” it can come across as intruding and a lot of people can be insulted by it. So we have had a number of off days where we did the opposite to what we wanted to achieve. I’d call it the “prank” gone terribly wrong.

Scott:  Are you single at the moment? What do you look for in a girl? 

Beau: Currently yes I am single. I’m not looking for anything right now, what ever happens happens.


Scott: Finally, Tell me your plans for Christmas / New Year?

Beau: For Christmas and New Years I’m heading back to Australia to be with my family. It’s been a year since I’ve seen them and I miss them so much.

Looking forward to a big bowl of lasagna from my Nonna and drinking wine and eating salami with my Nonno by the beach!


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