The Amazing Arabella Interview By Scott McGlynn

I sat down with the amazing Arabella a blogger / Vlogger who is the

No 1 Global Teen Influencer. Find out more with a fun Q&A we did…


Scott: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Arabella: Hi I am Amazing Arabella and I am a Teen Blogger/Vlogger – I am 12 years old and have recently been recognised as 1 of 10 Global Teen Influencers along-side Brooklyn Beckham, Bella Hadid & Lily-Rose Depp.

Scott: What made you start blogging / Vlogging? 

Arabella: Well my Mum formed a collective called Meet The Vloggers where my family Vlog and Blog about Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Kids/Teens Stuff – It looked like great fun – so I decided that I wanted to start too! 🙂 My brother has a vlog too his name is “Jaadin the Kid”

Scott: You have had amazing achievements from your blogging, One being “N0.1 Global Teen Influencer” How did that make you feel?

Arabella: Well it was a shock, there are so many amazing bloggers out there, and it was a real honour to stand out amongst them! I feel very privileged to be named along-side these celebrities.

Scott: You been to some gorgeous locations, which has been your favourite so far?


  • Dubai
  • Spain
  • France
  • Turkey 
  • Morocco 
  • Italy 

Scott: Tell us the top 3 things you cant live without?


My Family

My Camera & Laptop

Oh and My Cat Louis Vuitton 😛

Scott: Who inspires you?

Arabella: My Mummy, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce! 

Scott: If you could give any advice to people starting out blogging what would it be?

Arabella: Erm! Choose what inspires you – what you want to blog about – if you wake up in the morning and you want to write about Unicorns then do it – you will find it interested and be passionate about it! 

Scott: Whats next for you?

Arabella: I have some really cool stuff coming up! I have a music single coming out soon called “Bloggerholics” It’s all about Blogging, Selfies and Social Media. I am going to attempt to hold a record for The Guiness Book of World Records and I will be exhibiting at a massive Kids Show Styling Kids/Teens called “Style Me Fix Amazing Arabella”. lol You should come down it will be great fun! 



All images used in this interview i don’t own. Supplied from the featured artist


Check Out Arabella Links Here.. 

YouTube – Arabella

Twitter – Arabella

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