Celebrity Skin Talk

My new journey I’m on with my new IGTV series #CelebritySkinTalk has been incredible, the responses I’m getting are truly amazing, I can’t thank you all enough for tuning in watching the series and relating in many ways. The positive message is getting out there 
Since launching the start of September I’ve had all incredible guests sharing their stories and skin problems, which takes us back to real life! You can be the most famous person in the world and still suffer from skin issues, we’re all human and the power of this series is to hear, learn and educate ourselves. Skins a funny thing it plays on our mind, our mental health in so many different ways but remember this is who we are, we was born this way never hide or be ashamed of ourselves, we only have the skin we have let’s embrace and speak up ❤

Watch on my IGTV / LIVE on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/scottmcglynnofficial/?hl=en

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