Apple Music VS Spotify

Apple Music VS Spotify 
Firstly I like to say I’ve had both of these music providers and I thought I give a review on what I think is best, Spotify I had for 8months when I got it I was like WOW this is great (because it was new to me) after a month the ADs started to anger me! I decided to pay a monthly fee which was £9.99/$11.99 for spotify premium honestly I was enjoying it and found most the artists I enjoy on there.

BUT then a friend said to try Apple Music £9.99 monthly or £14.99 for 6 accounts!! And I’ve not looked back, it helps because I have an iPhone and iPad but the way they personalise your music, they know what I like, some UK artists I love not well known but their on there and everyday it’s a new mix just for me on what I like to listen to, By far the best mix they done was 00’s I mean take me back old school!!  This has made me amazingly HAPPY!! 

I love my music I can not live without it this is why I thought I share to you all my personal thoughts of the 2 brands! 

Apple wins! 👍🏼

Thank you for visiting 🙂

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