Catch : Dog Food Review

    As many of you know I have 5 dogs, my babies which I love and adore, Seeing them on my social media pages here Instagram I’ve openly said about my white standard poodle… Continue reading

EP46 : Justin Trevis Roisom


EP45 : Bronnie

EP44 : Sean Smith


Steves Peeps : 2000’s Fashion

Meet Steves Peeps: Huge into early 2000’s fashion. I wear Von Dutch. I love sitcoms, salad. I always start trends never follow them. I am obsessed with post modern art. I love to draw.… Continue reading

EP43 : Lunafall

EP42 : Theo Ford

Jack Black : Face Moisturizer Review

    Firstly welcome back and thank you for all your feedback / comments / likes and shares on my last post, Hence why I’m going to tell you my other must have… Continue reading

Lab Series – Solid Water Essence

Hello everyone! So you are all aware that I don’t do many Q&A interviews because of the podcast show, So i decided to talk to you about my skin care favorites, over the… Continue reading

EP41 : Erlingur Thoroddsen