Blac is the new Black!


Most of you must of tried the new juice detox cleanse right?! 
This is Blac I tried for 14 days detox! What I liked most of the product it’s natural it contains Alkaline Water, activated charcoal, lime and agave nectar that’s it! 
I have to say shake well before having one unless your stuck with all the bits at the bottom of the bottle! It was very easy to drink it’s like black ‘blac’ water with a hint of lime honestly! 

How it works is you take it 30mins before going to bed (which I like taken things before bed that’s when your body gets re-energized) My advice brush you teeth after the drink then sleep! I myself did find results from detox I felt more awake, more energy and felt lighter it sounds odd but it’s true!

For more information and to purchase Blac visit Twitter @Blac_Cleanse & Instagram @Blac_Cleanse 

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New music by Helen Fulthorpe

Hello! I had an one on one interview with Helen Fulthrope a X factor 2014 contestant! 

We spoke about her new song ashes to ashes and what 2016 holds for Helen.

Ashes to ashes is her brand new EP it was written by Kerry the wife of steps star lee latchford evans, with radio edit and dance version of the song.

She also talked about an up coming gig saying… 

I’ll be singing ashes to ashes live in Warwickshire with other songs from the album in a concert with Stevie Richie, James Graham from the sterokicks Jake Quickenden and Ray Quinn. On the 5th march details are on Helen Fulthorpe twitter page which is @HFulthorpe 

You can purchase Helens single on iTunes  now. 

A fitness must have! 

Ok I no its new year and everyone has the Fitness buzz! But honestly a thing to have is an InfruitionWater bottle, you can jam pack it with goodness my personal favourite is lemon and lime! 

In the middle of the bottle it’s an extra bit that you put all fresh fruit or veg in, so you have it on the go all the time. 

Follow them on Twitter @infruitionwater and Instagram @infruition.water 

Website full of recipes is  


My SkinCare Right Now

My skin care I’m just in love with right now is The Perfect Peel cleanser & the perfect C serum!

I dunno about everyone but I’m fly through different products but this one I do love! My skin feels and look great, just after 3 weeks of using it, do you suffer from dry skin in the winter? Because I do but it’s been all moist this winter, if you like more information on the product let me no!