Olivia Walsh Interview with Scott McGlynn

I sat down with the Ex on the Beach star, The gorgeous Olivia Walsh we talked Rumors, Snapchats and Fashion…  



Scott –  We’re seeing you on Ex On The Beach S4, How was/Is the experience? 

Olivia – It was the craziest but best experience. It was emotionally challenging with me being around my ex but I am so glad I did it as it gave me the closure I needed to move on from him and be happy
Scott –  You we’re with some familiar faces Megan & Scotty T how were they to work with?
Olivia – I love Scotty T, he’s hilarious and someone you could really talk to ! Megan really had my back in the villa too!
Scott –  EX on the Beach has drama, Is your life drama free or does it follow you? 
Olivia – I hate drama!! Some people thrive off it but I am the most chilled out person, my life is a drama-free zone!
Scott –  We seen some successful people come off the show, What would you like to have after filming?
Olivia – I have a few things in the pipe line that I’m working on and can’t talk about as of yet but watch this space 😉
Scott –  Your into your fitness, What’s your weekly routine?
Olivia – I love fitness! If I’m honest I have slacked the past couple of weeks but my strict routine begins next week!
I do 40 minutes of cardio a day and also spend around 30-40 minutes using weights on different muscle groups each day
Scott –  Any tips or advice you can give the ladies to get your gorgeous figure?
Olivia – I’m quite lucky as I could eat what I want and not gain much weight. But I do see a huge difference when I cut out carbs from diet and even just doing 40 minutes of exercise every other day you will feel fab!
Scott –  I love your snapchats, Do you have some odd random people sending you things? 
Olivia – I have my snapchats set so only my friends can send them to me, I had it open for a bit and a man sent me several pictures of his willy next to various random objects. So that was the end of that one for me!
Scott – You have amazing taste in fashion, Is this something you like to get more involved in? 
Olivia – I would love to get involved with fashion. I am a massive lingerie lover, it’s a slight obsession so that is something I’d love to get into. I have a degree in International Fashion Marketing so could put it to use 😉
Scott –  Have your heard or read some things about you, That is just not true and like to clear up? 
Olivia – I haven’t read anything I feel that needs clearing up. Just as the show aired I read an article that I was with Scotty T and waiting for him to leave Big Brother which wasn’t true! we are just friends 🙂
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My New Book! OUT!!

Hello everyone! 


Today’s the day my new book is officially OUT!

It’s available on amazon worldwide, barns and noble, and more to come…

If you didn’t noticed on my twitter page – @scottymcglynn

I’ve been talking about it A LOT!

Here’s what my book’s about…

OUT is a memoir that chronicles 28-year-old Scott McGlynn’s years of being bullied for being gay and how he overcame them. His writing takes a close look at his experiences growing up and learning to accept his true self. His mission is to end bullying once and for all.

McGlynn’s autobiographical story about his struggles with peer pressure and coming to grips with his sexuality at a young age gives readers a personal insight into the life of a young man’s growth and his newfound ability to embrace who he is. His aim is to inspire people of all walks of life so that they can be proud of who they are.


Here’s the link to my new book paperback and kindle versions if you did like a little read 🙂


I’ve done some press as well have a little look at my Daily Mirror interview here..


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Scott x x

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Trent and Luke – Interview with Scott McGlynn

Gay YouTube couple Trent and Luke has been a big hit worldwide!!

I recently been in contact with them for a interview for you guys to discuss future plans, wedding, favorite videos and more!! Enjoy… 


Scott:  You guys have a very successful YouTube channel, What made you decided to start it?  

Trent – Well I actually had a YouTube channel myself before I met Luke! (Now known as TrentAndLuke Extras) It wasn’t massive but had a respectable audience..

Luke – We both loved editing and being creative so when the followers loved seeing us together in Trent’s videos we started to make a joint channel!


S: How did you guys first meet? And what was your first date?

L – We actually met at an event where we were both clients for the same Agency (Acting & Modelling) 

T– My Best Friend Zoe was one of the Agents who introduced us both, at the time I lived up in Harrogate with her so when we decided to plan our first date, Luke came up north and we had a 2-Day sleepover date

Where we are Chinese food and watched Horror Movies.


S: I personally love your channel! Which is your personal favourite video? Trent?…… Luke?……


L – I would say the ‘How well do we know each other’ video – We bounced off each other really well and was a lot of fun to film, usually when you film a video you are thinking about a lot of things and what you need to say but for that one we just let loose!

T – My Favourite would have to be on of our old videos called ‘Our Ghost Haunting’ It was so fun to film, it was done over a few days and it was one of our first videos that we got more creative and used a lot of editing plus we introduced a new character onto our channel, Medium Margret 😉

S: Being a LGBT supporter’s, Do you have people ask for any advice from you guys?

L – Yeah all the time, sometimes it’s hard to respond to everyone as there is literally thousands of Messages, the main message we like to get out there is to be yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down for doing that.

S: Have you been offered to do some strange things in the years? If so, what was it?

T– Not overly strange things! Which I guess is good 🙂 when we first started YouTube we were offered to be part of Gay Times Naked Shoot .. which we did, it was strange being naked in front of so many people but at the same time was weirdly liberating 

S: Your little baby pup Benji is so cute! Will you be thinking on getting any more? 

L – Yes! We want another 100 haha – but seriously when we moved to Australia we defiantly want Benji to have a little brother (or a teacup piglet)  

S: Trent – I know you done some acting! Will we be seeing you on the screens again any time soon? 

T – Yes! YouTube has kind of taken over my life and I kind of took a break from it, I was doing a stage show but I was very quiet about it – This year I’ve pulled out all the stops and I’ve went back in head first, so here’s for hoping!

S: Luke – Your mum Tracy is very supportive, How was coming out to her?

L – The easiest and the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! It was easy because I knew 100% she supported me no matter what but also the hardest because it’s her opinion is what matter to me the most

S: Your both ambassadors for Being Me Campaign, What can you tell me about it?

L – Yes, it’s a really great new campaign run by my Mum & Kieran Stanbridge  – It’s all about Being Yourself and Accepting Your differences as Quirks that make yourself unique which I think is a really great message.

T – Both Tracy & Kieran have a lot of experience behind them and have had so much interest with the campaign – There is a lot of people involved some you may recognise and some who are just kind everyday people.

S: You have plans to re-do your vows, Have you got a date set? 🙂

T– YES! But no dates set, It will be set in Australia, so as soon as they decide to catch up with the rest of the world and legalise Gay Marriage, we will be there! 

S: If their’s 1 message you would give bullies and haters of LGBT community what will it be?   

L – As much as we disagree with Haters & Bullies, we’ve learnt that no amount of words will ever change their Narrow Minds, So honestly we don’t really waste our breath.

T – But honestly in this Day and Age it’s crazy how many people can still be so hateful and Narrow Minded, but those people aren’t even on our radar, Bye Felicia  


S: What will be seeing from you both this year? 

T– Hopefully quite a bit! We are working a lot harder on our YouTube and Also our brand outside of YouTube – There’s so many cool things planned that we can’t really say yet but wish we could!



Catch the boys weekly videos on their channel here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAdiXO33UddpduWY47bkoYA

Trent’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/trentowers

Luke’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/boyshayler

Being Me Campaign Twitter – https://twitter.com/beingmecampaign

Lucie Jones Interview with Scott McGlynn

I’ve known the amazing talented Lucie for a while, and I couldn’t wait to have a interview with her for you all enjoy….


Scott – Firstly congratulations on the engagement, have you got any dates when the big day might be?

Lucie – Thank you so much! It’s all very exciting… We have a few dates in mind but nothing is set in stone just yet. Definitely not until 2017 though as this year is going to be very busy. 

Scott – We saw you on the x-factor in 2009, what do you think of the show now and Dermot O’Leary saying it should take a break?
Lucie Everyone knows the show isn’t the same as it used to be- whether those changes are for the positive or the negative is personal opinion. Dermot knows the show better than most so I’m sure most would agree with him.

Scott –  What do you think of Louisa Johnson being crowned the winner?
Lucie – I love her voice. She’s uber talented!  

Scott –  Are you still contact with Dannii Minogue or any of the contestants?
Lucie – Yes I am still in contact with Dannii she is a truly wonderful human. I am in touch with loads of people from the show- not just contestants from my year and other years shows but the crew on the show and the security guys and the Label and production company ect. It was a huge experience so keeping the friends I made there is very important to me. 

Scott –  Recently you did ghost the musical the Asian tour, Can you tell us about it and your experience? 
Lucie – Playing Molly in Ghost the Musical was a fantastic experience. I played the role of my dreams whilst travelling through countries I never expected I would spend good time in. It was hard work but absolutely worth it. LOVED IT!

Scott –  We saw you in ITVs Midsomer Murders, Will we be seeing more of you on TV or Film in the future? 
Lucie – Midsomer Murders was so much fun, I was very lucky to get that role! Yes I will be doing more TV soon.
Scott –  We just found out you be playing Elle Woods in legally blonde musical (my personal favourite) can you tell us about it?
Lucie – YES! Elle baby- SO EXCITING! Another dream role of mine. I loved the film growing up and the musical played the westend for a few years and I saw it a few times. It’ll be fun to play such a bubbly, girlie yet intelligent character.
Scott –  What was the audition process like?
Lucie – Audition processes are always completely different. Sometimes you do 5 or 6 auditions- sometimes just 1 or 2! In this case I did 2 auditions but was working in Cardiff at the time so hurrying back to london to sing and read scenes with the director.
Scott –  If you wasn’t singing/performing what do you think you be doing?
Lucie – Probably working in production. I would love to organise and produce events and concerts. 

Scott – You travelled all over the world, Which place did you personal enjoy the most and would go back tomorrow? 
Lucie – I have been to some amazing places and had some incredible experiences. I really loved Shanghai last year and would love to go back and visit, although I love NYC and am looking forward to working there- hopefully! 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/luciejones1

Facebook Page –  https://www.facebook.com/luciejonesfans/?fref=ts

Alex Reid Q&A With Scott McGlynn

I sat down with Mr Alex Reid for a good chat and what 2016 plans


Scott – I know you like your martial arts tell me what did you learn, what’s your favourite and why?

Alex – I initially found studying at school very dull, so my Peter Pan mind-set would often travel to adventures fighting bad guys and monsters Being ever so slightly boisterous and getting into trouble, learning Kung Fu to emulate my hero Bruce Lee was natural. I was amazed by the big kicks, seemingly being able to fly through the air. I’d often practise flicking off light switches with my feet around my mums house as a kid. I can’t remember breaking too many things so I guess I worked it out quite quickly!

Scott – You played “Jason in Hollyoaks” how was it? How come you left?

Alex – My character Jason was captain for the England football team and ended up moving to Spain on a transfer. Also my character’s then wife Gerrie, (Joanna Taylor) left the show, so as Jason was brought in mainly as side story for her, it made more sense for me to go. But in the show, Jason is still alive. As they often bring back people from long ago in soaps, who knows, Jason could return to Chester? That would be fun!

Scott – We all know you from cage rage, what did you do to prepare yourself before a fight?

Alex – I used to live in the gym. My routine involved training with weights, running, swimming, kickboxing, wrestling, Jujitsu, boxing, yoga, hypnosis and eating a super clean diet. It doesn’t sound like much fun but it was incredible.

Scott –  If you were to give any advice for someone starting “Cage Fighting” what will it be?

Alex -You not only have to believe in yourself but it’s so important to get a good team behind you who believe in and support you. I started off pretty much on my own but went on to find the right support network which brings so much more to your performance and what you can bring to a fight.

Scott –  You keep yourself in good shape tell us what is your fitness routine?  

Alex – I train when I feel like it these days, but I continue to really listen to my body. Sometimes I push myself to train when I don’t feel like it, but generally I only train if I’m motivated. I plan on training every morning for about an hour before breakfast

Scott – You won celebrity big brother in 2010! Tell us what was the experience like? Do you still speak to any of your fellow housemates?

Alex – It was like being in a very surreal dream to be honest. Unfortunately I don’t speak to anyone from my experience in the house, though I’m sure if I bumped into anyone we’d have a nice friendly chin wag.

Scott –  If you could pick any actor or actress to work with who would it be?

Alex – Wow I admire so many but top of my list would be Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Richard Burton. No longer with us but I just loved their era. As well as being simply fantastic actors, I so admired their charm, sophistication and their voices! They were class acts.

Scott – You always look smart and well groomed, tell me what’s your top 3 brands you like to shop?

Alex – I’m not a label snob when it comes to clothes, I wear what makes me feel good. On a designer front I do like D & G &  Reis, although I’m equally comfortable in Marks and Spencer’s or Primark!

Scott – What will we be expecting from you this year?

Alex – This is a busy year. I have an autobiography coming out, there are various documentaries in production also. There will be a little more acting, my own stage show and on top of that a new health and fitness workout! I like to keep myself occupied and this is just the start.


Official Website – thealexreid.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/AlexReid

Beth Sherburn Interview with Scott McGlynn

I sat down with the very talented Beth for a Q&A whilst she was preparing for her UK tour..


Scott –  Your single “Snow Angels” has been a big hit, Which charity did you donate the single to?
Beth – I wanted to work with a charity for Snow Angels..I decided to work with ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ This fantastic charity grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life threatening conditions. These children are going through a lot, I would like to grant a child a wish. If I can help in any way I am more than happy to do so.
Make a Wish work so hard to grant magical wishes for children and young adults, Make a Wish help create many magical memories for families.
Scott –  You have a big following on YouTube channel, Is this how you started off? 
Beth – It’s been a gradual journey really, I knew I wanted to peruse a career in music from the age of 6. It’s what I’ve always wanted  to do. I’ve always worked really hard studying music,  I participated in local/national competitions from a young age, I performed in musicals such as Don Quixote starring alongside George Costigan and Matthew Kelly. 
I attended music/choir/gospel choirs/writing workshops, singing lessons as well as performing at many world class venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, Barclaycard Arena, Manchester Arena. It’s been an amazing journey so far and supporting The Saturdays was a fantastic experience as well as performing at Wembley Arena. That was a dream come true for me!
Scott  –  Is a new album in the pipeline? 
Beth – Yes I have been working on my EP and I about to release my second single which I’m really exited about. My sound has definitely matured I have grown as an artist. I like to be really descriptive when writing, I have pushed myself and this is because I have been experimenting more in the studio. I have been more involved in the productive side of my music and I have loved it. I wanted to raise the bar, I’ve added more flavour into my music filled with cool catchy hooks. 
It’s been more of a natural process this time around, I have taken my time in the studio. I’ve listened to difference/quirky/natural elements of sound reflecting this in my material.
Scott –  Congratulations on the tour kicking off in Glasgow on 30th March! Can you confirm your dates & city’s you be going to?  
Beth – Yes I can’t wait to get back on the road again! I’m so excited for my fans to hear my new material! I am performing at the Audio in Glasgow on March 30th, I am performing at the Hare and Hounds in Birmingham on April 10th..I will be announcing more tour dates soon on my website so stay tuned!
Scott –  Have you ever thought on auditioning for “The Voice” or “X Factor” in the past? 
Beth – The X Factor and The Voice has enabled many artists to break into the music industry but at the moment, I am enjoying working on my own album and writing my own songs 🙂 
Scott –  Can you remember the first record you ever bought?
Beth – Yes. ‘Wannabe’ by The Spice Girls! Girl Power all the way! I use to dress up as scary spice all the time at school discos and parties! I absolutely loved them! 
Scott –  If you could pick anyone to do a collaboration with who would it be? 🙂 
Beth – I love Beyoncé, she is the ultimate diva!!! The energy she creates on stage is incredible. And Jay Z is amazing! I was lucky enough to see them perform together at the 02 and for me seeing them perform together was the highlight of The Mrs Carter Show.
I also love Ed Sheeran, I think he is a fantastic songwriter and he seems such a genuine guy.
Scott – Who is your music icon? 
Beth – There are many artists over the years that have influenced me musically, when I was younger my parents use to listen to Dusty Springfield, Carol King, Michael Jackson and Alicia Keys, the latter of which was my initial inspiration to write songs.

Life on MaxWell Jameson with Scott McGlynn

You have seen him on ITVbe Life On Marbs! Now I sat down with MaxWell the Marbs number one make-up artist for a gossip & Q&A.. 



  • Scott – We seen you on ITVBe “Life On Marbs” how did you find the show?

Maxwell – I really enjoyed it ! Although  it wasn’t always stress free as you can imagine.

  • Scott – Do you still speak or see anyone you worked with on the show?
Max – Most of the cast are all my really close friends ! So I see them on a daily basis.
  • Scott – If their’s someone who’s coming to Marbs for the first time. What 3 things is a must do when over there?
Max – Well obviously the night life and beach clubs are 1&2 but the food in Marbella is really good, so would probably be a favourite restaurants.


  • Scott – You a very talent make-up artist, Have you ever done a competitions

Max – I am the competition

  • Scott – What is your top 3 make-up tips?

Max – The lighter the concealer the better, Mac soft and gentle highlighter is essential. And Demi whispie lashes

  • Scott – Valentine Day has just gone, Was there anyone special you was spending it with?

Max – Of course ! My friends haha .. I am dating people but it’s all very complicated so still keeping my eye out.

  • Scott – What is a perfect date for you?

Max – I love the cinema and then dinner or drinks so we’re able to get to know each other. I like to think I’m traditional in the dating world.

  • Scott – Who is your idol Cher, Britney or Whitney?

Max – I am a Britney fan ! But I am a lover of rap and RnB

  • Scott – What’s your plans for 2016? Will their be season 2 of Marbs?

Max – I’ve got a busy year coming this season for me and golden tarts so it’s very exciting! Let’s hope for a second season.

Follow Maxwell on Twitter here.. https://twitter.com/MaxWellJameson


Scott McGlynn – Q&A with Kevin Simm

1/5 of Liberty X Mr Kevin Simm! What an AMAZING performance on the the voice!! I got in contact with Kevin for a Q&A  


Liberty X


Scott: We seen you on “Popstars” back in 2001, How was that experience? 

Kevin – It was a great experience , I was a lot younger so it was very new and exciting. It was the first show of its kind so no one knew what to expect from it all.

Scott: Liberty X was huge from the get go, With number 1s and top 10s, Can you tell us how it was being in the band and your most proud moment?

Kevin – It was amazing being in Liberty X , it was also hard work especially in the beginning trying to loose the ‘flopstars’ tag and we definitely had more downs than ups in the beginning. I think besides a number 1 single and a Brit award I am most proud of how hard we worked.

Scott: You done the reunion with Liberty X, Was there talks of doing new music?   

Kevin – No, we just wanted to do the show and arena tour as a decent goodbye to people who had supported us and for a bit of fun . 


Scott: Your YouTube channel is full of some amazing covers! What other covers do you have planned?

 Kevin – Thanks, I’m not sure yet, I like to do things I can put my own spin on but I also will be putting up some original material . 

Scott: We just seen you on “The Voice” which all 4 chair turned! What made you choose Paloma?

Kevin – I felt she fought for my the hardest and I am a big fan of her voice and style of music so I felt we could hopefully click.

Scott: Which songs have you got planned to sing on “The Voice” or would like to sing?

Kevin – I have no idea! I think song choice is such a huge part of any show like this, a bad song choice can send a great singer home so I’m constantly taking notes of songs that pop in my head.

Scott: Can you remember the first single you ever bought?

Kevin – I think it was ‘Eternal’ Stay

Scott: Who was your inspiration growing up for you to become a singer/performer?

Kevin: I started singing because my uncle sang on a karaoke night and he was my hero so I thought it was cool. So I started singing around the house and thought to myself that I should have a go, so I auditioned for my schools Christmas concert and the rest is history.

Scott: If you could choose anyone to duet with who would it be and why? 

Kevin – There really are too many to list but If I could choose three – Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Sia 




Check out Kevin “The Voice” Performance here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtTTRac7X7A

Twitter – https://twitter.com/kevsimmx



Chloe Jasmine Q&A with Scott McGlynn

I met the gorgeous Chloe, being a fan of hers for a while I jumped to the opportunity for an interview!

We talked Modelling, X-Factor, Skin Care and 2o16


Q .  Chloe you been on some amazing TV shows which one was your favourite?

 Chloe – Every show is special in its nature. It truly inspires if the production team are kind and enthusiastic.

Q. Your mentor was Naomi Campbell in “The Face” how was she? Do you still speak?

C – She was absolutely majestic. A timeless legend.I must say, I would not have traded working with Naomi for the world.

Q. I personally love your voice, How was the X – Factor for you?

C – Thank you kindly. It’s an aquired taste 🙂 I suffer terribly with nerves, and saw it as a personal challenge.

Q. How is Cheryl to work with? What tips did she give you?

C – Cheryl was phenomenal to work with. I have great respect for her as an artist and a human being. She encouraged me to simply be myself, and to ignore the harsh and untrue press stories which nibbled away at my confidence.


Q. We saw you and Stevi in the Celebrity Big Brother house how was that experience for you? Do you regret anything? 

C – Try everything once and twice if you like it is my motto 🙂 There was a plethora of personalities gracing the establishment, and it was a delight to study them all. I’m very happy go lucky, but for some reason (haha!)really felt the cameras on me and it turn it highlighted my insecurities, which we all have. Lucky us !

I don’t believe in regrets, I see them as lessons. Take any couple , thrust them under the public gaze and every flaw is evident.  I was so elated Janice was in there. I found being around copious amounts of alcohol very hard.


Q. What does 2016 hold for you? Will we be seeing some music from you or on any TV shows?

C – That would be telling. Hold on to your seatbelts it’s going to be a bumpy ride ! On a serious note, I believe you should only do something if it makes you happy.  Isn’t it wonderful to wake up daily being gloriously excited?


Q. What do you love doing the most Modelling or Singing?

C – In a photoshoot I sing round the studio. See you CAN have it all 😉


Q. What the main 3 things you can’t live without?

C – Oxygen. Love. Faith… Practically speaking 🙂


Materialistically : Skincare !

The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the human the body and immediately denotes when you are working too resistantly – Curse that epidermis and its telling ways.

Luckily Amanda Elias introduced me to her fantastic brand http://www.bravuralondon.com/ and my lacklustre skin healed within two days.

The Perfect Peel products from Medica Forte The Perfect Peel, The Perfect A, The Perfect C and The Perfect Cleanser http://theperfectpeel.co.uk/. Recommended to me by Kelly Saynor are also my skin saviours, My complexion is very fair and my sensitive skin being plastered in make up constantly for shoots and gigs spells trouble with a capital T.


I picked up some incredible hydrating and refreshing facial mist from a recent visit to The Hart Spa http://www.moniquehart.com/bleeding-hart-mist/ which is packed with a gorgeous array of essential oils to soothe and calm. It has been appointed a permanent position in my handbag.

Also http://www.apple-apartments.com/ the only luxury home away from home you could ever wish for when staying out of town. Recently they have expanded to Europe and the States and are located in prime positions all over the UK. Opulent and pragmatic.

chloe 1

Twitter – https://twitter.com/CHLOEJASMINEW

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chloejasminemodel