Haydn Blower Interview with Scott McGlynn

Haydn Blower who has a passion for singing, modelling and dancing, He’s well know for uploading his first freestyle dance video, this video had 37,000 views in just over a week, I caught up with Haydn to talk more about YouTube, Modelling, Fashion and more… 



Scott:  We know for YouTube channel, Your freestyle dance video got huge hits, What was you feeling from all the support? 
Haydn: I think the feeling was shocked at first, so crazy that someone out there liked what I did and that’s a great feeling 

Scott:  Your channel is full of mix videos, what’s been your favourite bar your dance video?

Haydn: Well I like the singing ones cause you can show passion when you sing and I think everyone enjoyed it and could connect.


Scott: You do a lot of modelling how did you get into it?

Haydn: Just posting random pictures on social media and got asked by a brand by the name of OnePiece if I would model some of their stuff in return for goods and opportunities 


Scott: What’s been your best shoot so far?

 Haydn: Along with the OnePiece one I did one for my website which was great fun cause I could do whatever

Scott: Any advice to people starting out in modelling you can give?

Haydn: Don’t stay in your comfort zone try new style of clothes and always bring your personality out in photos you take it puts you from the rest of everyone else

Scott: You a brand ambassador for “OnePiece” what can you tell me more about the brand?

Haydn: Well the company was founded in 2007 on a Sunday morning in Oslo Norway the idea came of tying together a hoodie with a pair sweatpants using a giant zipper ended up in what would become the OnePiece Jumpsuit, the very core product of the brand. Some said it would look stupid, some said it wouldn’t last, most people agreed it wouldn’t work out. But they became a global movement of slackers, counting 10 Concept Stores, over 1000 retailers selling in over 100 countries and over 1 million fans worldwide – and the slumber party has barely just started…


Scott: I recently brought out my first book called “OUT” its my autobiographical story of being gay in high school age 11 and getting bullied for who i am, What advice would you say to people getting bullied?
Haydn: I got bullied myself at a young age moving schools and even been having to be pulled out a one point as it was affecting my grades but I chose to go back to school cause I know that school was just a small part of my life and that I was going on to do better things then the people who put me down, so my advice would be stay cool headed and surrounding yourself with good friends at school or wherever and just think you in the end will come out on top
Scott: We love to see you come around the UK any plans for this?

Haydn: I will be doing a few tours of the UK with events coming up
Scott: What’s the 3 most things you can not live without? 


My iPhone

My family/friends

And air 🙂
Scott:  What does 2016 / 2017 hold for Haydn? 

Haydn: I hope to be even more involved in brands etc and maybe even a career in dancing or music.



Haydn Social Media links..

Website: haydnblower.com

YouTube: youtube.com/HaydnBlower


Damien O’Brien interview with Scott McGlynn

Damien O’Brien is well known magician to the stars and TV from Alexandra Burke to Kesha, He’s travelled worldwide to show his amazing talent, I caught up with Damien for a Q&A enjoy…

unnamed (7)
Scott – We seen you on “BBC 3 Killer Magic” what was it like? Did you enjoy the experience?
Damien – Killer Magic was a lot of fun to film , it gave us all a chance to show off our talents and to also reach a new audience , I personally loved the experience as I got to work with 4 amazing magicians incredible directors and producers plus I got to try out big illusions and tricks I have always wanted to do what was fun.
Scott – Your well known for your tricks with celebrities who has been your favourite and why?
Damien –  I would have to say Nelly has still been my favourite just because of his reactions he was so chilled out and just loved every second of it , but Alexandra Burke is a close second for me as she goes cray when you pull off a trick to her , see for me its not always about who I’m performing to its more about getting that great reaction
Scott – Out of everything you do from magician to hypnotist which is your number 1 trick is your personal favourite? 
Damien – Hmmmm that’s a tough question as I have so many , but I think my favourite trick was from Killer Magic doing the card in the fish as it was so random and the guys just went absolutely crazy when the found their signed card in the fish , its reactions like that what makes magic so much fun for me.
Scott – Has there ever been a time something went wrong? If yes explain what happened.
Damien – Yeah sometimes things ain’t gone right and I have to fix it like I might get the wrong card and then I just have to make it lookalike I did that on purpose and recover you would never know I did something wrong as a good magician can recover.
Scott –  Have you got any plans doing a UK tour visiting city’s?
Damien  – I don’t have plans for a UK tour as I’m not really a stage magician so all my work is private booked but who knows maybe one day ill decide to create a stage show.
Scott – I recently brought out my book called “OUT” dealing with sexuality and bulling in school, If you have something to people getting bullied in school or workplaces what would it be?
Damien – It would be don’t be afraid to talk to people and let others help sometimes we are to proud to admit these things and to admit we need help , so my advise is you should never have to be bullied by anyone so never be afraid to ask people for help.
Scott – Is their anyone you like to meet to do tricks on that you haven’t already? 
Damien – I always wanted to do magic to Eminem I grew up listening to his music the man is a genius so that would 100% be my first choice.
Scott – Now with BGT back on our TV screen, any magicians you enjoyed watching?
Damien – I think there has only been one magician i haven’t  watched to much of BGT I never do , but the one I saw he seemed OK hopefully we will see some more magicians.
Scott – What advice would you give young magician’s starting out?
Damien – PRACTICE !!! and perform as much as possible as it will help so much I know so many magicians who are skilled but can’t perform , the performance is everything I say its a good 80% and the other 20% is pulling of the trick so practice and perform as much as you can.
Scott – *This is a request question from your fans* Do you have snapchat?
 I have snapchat a lot of time its me posting up food and photos after the gym my add is the same as my Twitter , Facebook and Instagram DamienMagician , if you want to watch my tricks in action then subscribe to my YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/DamienMagician
unnamed (8)
Damien Social Sites
All images used in this interview I don’t own. Supplied by Damien

Matt Jaffe interview with Scott McGlynn

Matt Jaffe is an American Singer/Songwriter, and founder of the band “Matt Jaffe & The Distractions”, I Skype called Matt to have a Q&A check it out..  




Scott –  Your a amazingly talented singer/ performer who inspired you growing up?
Matt – My main inspirations are songwriters.  The people who originally motivated me to write and perform were mostly punk rock and New Wave folks like David Byrne, Elvis Costello, Joe Strummer, and Debbie Harry.  Recently, I’ve been really inspired by country music and Americana, artists like Hank Williams, Lucinda Williams, Gram Parsons, Townes Van Zandt.  Some of my favorite musicians, like John Doe and Old 97’s bridge these worlds really well.
Scott –  Can you remember the first record your bought?
Matt – I believe the first album I owned was “How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb,” by U2.  Although I really dig some of U2’s earlier stuff, that particular record didn’t do too much for me.  The first actual vinyl album that blew me away was Elvis Costello’s debut, “My Aim is True.”  I found it in my parents’ basement, and wouldn’t stop spinning it.
Scott –  Your YouTube channel is a massive hit, Tell me which was your favourite one to film?
Matt – My favorite one we have up right now is a live video of our tune “Wander No More” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJQTYtakV-0).  It was filmed live, and I remember feeling very free during that performance.
Scott –  I seen your performed in some great places what’s been your most remember-able and why? 
Matt – I really enjoyed playing at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa.  It had terrific portraits of Hank Williams and Bob Wills and Loretta Lynn and other incredible country acts.  I felt catapulted by that history.  And the people in Tulsa are real nice.
Scott –  Your new song “Write A Song About Me” is my personal favourite, Can you tell us what the song is about? 
Matt – It’s meant to be a narrative of a relationship.  A pretty commonplace relationship, one that goes sour pretty quickly.  The twist is that the song sort of begins en media res with me being asked to write her a song, but only doing so in spite after that loving feeling had decayed.  The style of the music was meant to be a rockabilly travelogue a la Johnny Cash.
Scott –  If you had the chance to do a collaboration with anyone in the world who would it be and why?
Matt – I’d like to star in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon.
Scott –  Have you ever thought about going on American Idol or The X Factor USA? 
Matt – Not really.  I don’t think original music belongs on those shows.
Scott –  What advice would you give to anyone who is looking to start out in the music industry solo or band?
Matt – Find a pure love of songwriting and performing.  If you’re doing it for money or attention or celebrity or any other kind of external validation, you’re going to be very disappointed, even if you succeed.  If you love music for music, nobody can take that from you.
Scott –  Do you advice to start up a YouTube channel?
Matt – I’m not sure, but I think people like videos that make them feel close to the artist, stuff filmed at home or in a DIY style.  They want connection.
Scott – What is your 3 top emoji’s you use all the time?
Matt – I’m afraid I don’t use emojis very much, but I like the dog emoji where its the profile of a dog, the dog emoji where its the head of a dog, and the thumbs up is a timeless standby.
jaffe0610_PH4I don’t own any copy rights to images in this interview

Matt’s social links…

Official Website: www.mattjaffemusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mattjaffemusic/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/MattJaffeMusic

Instagram: www.instagram.com/mattjaffemusic/

YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/sittingduck420

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/mattjaffemusic


Loren Green Interview with Scott McGlynn

The gorgeous Loren Green is well known for “EX ON THE BEACH” S2, I sat down with her to talk blogs, make-up, selfie tips and Mr right!



Scott – What can you tell us about  your experience on MTV Ex On The Beach?

Loren:  At the time it was so strange as it’s totally out of my comfort zone. I’m more of a homely shy girl but I’m glad I done it, it boosted my confidence and made me grow up and learn a lot about people.

Scott –  Any regrets doing the show?

Loren: No regrets

Scott –  Do you still see / speak to anyone?

Loren: Speak to a couple of them occasionally 🙂

Scott –  You have your own blog site what can you tell us about it?

Loren: It’s all about beauty fashion and the occasional lifestyle posts. My own personal diary basically.

Scott –  Is it been something you always been interested in?

Loren: I’ve always loved arriving notes and keeping a diary and have had a blog for sometime but never had the courage to go public with it. And finally when I did I’m so happy with how it’s going – it’s been madness this month but so worth it.

Scott – You have some good selfie photo on your instagram what tips can you give?

Loren: All about lighting and a good camera. I’m not a fan of phone cameras so my blog one is perfect for that quick snap. + knowing your good side is a bonus as well, most my pictures are facing the same way.

Scott –  Some girls asked me on twitter… which make-up are you using right now? and which ones to stay well away from?

Loren: I LOVE Mac and sleek. My skin doesn’t take to well to a lot of brands they can make me come out in spots so i tend to stick to the same brands.

Scott –  how is your love life? met that Mr right?

Loren: Yes I’ve been with my boyfriend Steven for over a year now. He’s the one!

Scott – who inspires you?

Loren: My boyfriend – he’s always motivating me and telling me I can do things even when I think I can’t. He gives me confidence when I don’t have it.

Scott –  is there anything you can tell us what to expect from you in 2016?

Loren: YouTube will be happening for sure I can’t wait just to expand my blog and reach out to more people.


Follow Loren on Twitter – https://twitter.com/LorenGreen__

Loren blog website – http://www.loren-renee.com/

Tara Omidi interview with Scott McGlynn


MTV’S Beauty School Copouts Tara Omidi load down on what’s been going on, future shows and them Stephanie Davies & Jeremy rumours!



Scott: Your well known for being on MTVs Beauty School Cop Outs what was the experience like?

Tara: It was an amazing experience. It had it’s up’s and down’s but it is a something that I would never regret doing. It was challenging and made me realise how strong I am as a person. I never let what people said get too me and i have always stayed grounded.

Scott: Why do you think MTV stopped the show?

Tara:It didn’t get re commissioned as it didn’t hit the target viewings and i think because it was called “Beauty School Copouts” it did it no favours whatsoever. If you think about it any masculine men out their are definitely not going to tune into it are they but it is a shame because it was a show full of drama. But i stick to the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’

Scott: What is your top 3 beauty tips?

Tara: I swear by salt water to get rid of spots. A bit of Bicarbonate soda on your toothbrush with toothpaste to whiten your teeth. And gold 24K eye masks I love them!

Scott: What is your number one must have beauty treatment?

Tara: Nails. I cannot function without them On. I feel so embarrassed if my nails aren’t done!

Scott: We know Jeremy was in the show what was he like to work with?

Tara: At the time I thought he was a really good laugh and took my mind off missing my family. When I was down he always cheered me up but at the same time he also cause me a lot of stress in the house as I was arguing with the girls none stop over him and he loved it that the attention was all On him.

Scott: Do you still speak?

Tara: No I’ve blocked on twitter how rude haha!

Scott: Have you been offered anything since the show like CBB, I’m a celeb etc? IF no what would you like to do?

Tara: I would LOVE to do BB! I have always loved that show and it is something I would 100000% be up for. I just think it seems so much fun. I really don’t Know about other reality show’s as my focus is with acting and I would not want anything to ruin my acting career.

Scott: We saw a few weeks ago your twitter war with Stephanie Davies is there anything you like to say or clear up?

Tara:What she said was disgusting and she should not be trolling people and allowing her fan base to tweet people abuse and letting them think it is acceptable to do that.

Scott: Tell me one thing that no-one else knows?

Tara: I have an obsession with washing my hands. I think it is actually a touch of OCD I have I always wash them.

Scott: If you have to choose one thing will it be make-up or hair products? and why!?

Tara: Make up. I’m not someone who cakes my face init 24/7 but its nice to feel flawless.

Scott: Have you got any exciting plans coming up?

I have indeed. One thing I can confirm is that I will be filming for a new Comedy series.



Follow Tara on Twitter https://twitter.com/tara_omidi




The interview is not based on my thoughts or opinion of people mentioned.

Scott McGlynn



Olivia Walsh Interview with Scott McGlynn

I sat down with the Ex on the Beach star, The gorgeous Olivia Walsh we talked Rumors, Snapchats and Fashion…  



Scott –  We’re seeing you on Ex On The Beach S4, How was/Is the experience? 

Olivia – It was the craziest but best experience. It was emotionally challenging with me being around my ex but I am so glad I did it as it gave me the closure I needed to move on from him and be happy
Scott –  You we’re with some familiar faces Megan & Scotty T how were they to work with?
Olivia – I love Scotty T, he’s hilarious and someone you could really talk to ! Megan really had my back in the villa too!
Scott –  EX on the Beach has drama, Is your life drama free or does it follow you? 
Olivia – I hate drama!! Some people thrive off it but I am the most chilled out person, my life is a drama-free zone!
Scott –  We seen some successful people come off the show, What would you like to have after filming?
Olivia – I have a few things in the pipe line that I’m working on and can’t talk about as of yet but watch this space 😉
Scott –  Your into your fitness, What’s your weekly routine?
Olivia – I love fitness! If I’m honest I have slacked the past couple of weeks but my strict routine begins next week!
I do 40 minutes of cardio a day and also spend around 30-40 minutes using weights on different muscle groups each day
Scott –  Any tips or advice you can give the ladies to get your gorgeous figure?
Olivia – I’m quite lucky as I could eat what I want and not gain much weight. But I do see a huge difference when I cut out carbs from diet and even just doing 40 minutes of exercise every other day you will feel fab!
Scott –  I love your snapchats, Do you have some odd random people sending you things? 
Olivia – I have my snapchats set so only my friends can send them to me, I had it open for a bit and a man sent me several pictures of his willy next to various random objects. So that was the end of that one for me!
Scott – You have amazing taste in fashion, Is this something you like to get more involved in? 
Olivia – I would love to get involved with fashion. I am a massive lingerie lover, it’s a slight obsession so that is something I’d love to get into. I have a degree in International Fashion Marketing so could put it to use 😉
Scott –  Have your heard or read some things about you, That is just not true and like to clear up? 
Olivia – I haven’t read anything I feel that needs clearing up. Just as the show aired I read an article that I was with Scotty T and waiting for him to leave Big Brother which wasn’t true! we are just friends 🙂
Follow Olivia on Twitter https://twitter.com/oliviachristina

My New Book! OUT!!

Hello everyone! 


Today’s the day my new book is officially OUT!

It’s available on amazon worldwide, barns and noble, and more to come…

If you didn’t noticed on my twitter page – @scottymcglynn

I’ve been talking about it A LOT!

Here’s what my book’s about…

OUT is a memoir that chronicles 28-year-old Scott McGlynn’s years of being bullied for being gay and how he overcame them. His writing takes a close look at his experiences growing up and learning to accept his true self. His mission is to end bullying once and for all.

McGlynn’s autobiographical story about his struggles with peer pressure and coming to grips with his sexuality at a young age gives readers a personal insight into the life of a young man’s growth and his newfound ability to embrace who he is. His aim is to inspire people of all walks of life so that they can be proud of who they are.


Here’s the link to my new book paperback and kindle versions if you did like a little read 🙂


I’ve done some press as well have a little look at my Daily Mirror interview here..


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Love you all and thank you all for your supporting  my blog!

Scott x x

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Trent and Luke – Interview with Scott McGlynn

Gay YouTube couple Trent and Luke has been a big hit worldwide!!

I recently been in contact with them for a interview for you guys to discuss future plans, wedding, favorite videos and more!! Enjoy… 


Scott:  You guys have a very successful YouTube channel, What made you decided to start it?  

Trent – Well I actually had a YouTube channel myself before I met Luke! (Now known as TrentAndLuke Extras) It wasn’t massive but had a respectable audience..

Luke – We both loved editing and being creative so when the followers loved seeing us together in Trent’s videos we started to make a joint channel!


S: How did you guys first meet? And what was your first date?

L – We actually met at an event where we were both clients for the same Agency (Acting & Modelling) 

T– My Best Friend Zoe was one of the Agents who introduced us both, at the time I lived up in Harrogate with her so when we decided to plan our first date, Luke came up north and we had a 2-Day sleepover date

Where we are Chinese food and watched Horror Movies.


S: I personally love your channel! Which is your personal favourite video? Trent?…… Luke?……


L – I would say the ‘How well do we know each other’ video – We bounced off each other really well and was a lot of fun to film, usually when you film a video you are thinking about a lot of things and what you need to say but for that one we just let loose!

T – My Favourite would have to be on of our old videos called ‘Our Ghost Haunting’ It was so fun to film, it was done over a few days and it was one of our first videos that we got more creative and used a lot of editing plus we introduced a new character onto our channel, Medium Margret 😉

S: Being a LGBT supporter’s, Do you have people ask for any advice from you guys?

L – Yeah all the time, sometimes it’s hard to respond to everyone as there is literally thousands of Messages, the main message we like to get out there is to be yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down for doing that.

S: Have you been offered to do some strange things in the years? If so, what was it?

T– Not overly strange things! Which I guess is good 🙂 when we first started YouTube we were offered to be part of Gay Times Naked Shoot .. which we did, it was strange being naked in front of so many people but at the same time was weirdly liberating 

S: Your little baby pup Benji is so cute! Will you be thinking on getting any more? 

L – Yes! We want another 100 haha – but seriously when we moved to Australia we defiantly want Benji to have a little brother (or a teacup piglet)  

S: Trent – I know you done some acting! Will we be seeing you on the screens again any time soon? 

T – Yes! YouTube has kind of taken over my life and I kind of took a break from it, I was doing a stage show but I was very quiet about it – This year I’ve pulled out all the stops and I’ve went back in head first, so here’s for hoping!

S: Luke – Your mum Tracy is very supportive, How was coming out to her?

L – The easiest and the hardest things I’ve ever had to do! It was easy because I knew 100% she supported me no matter what but also the hardest because it’s her opinion is what matter to me the most

S: Your both ambassadors for Being Me Campaign, What can you tell me about it?

L – Yes, it’s a really great new campaign run by my Mum & Kieran Stanbridge  – It’s all about Being Yourself and Accepting Your differences as Quirks that make yourself unique which I think is a really great message.

T – Both Tracy & Kieran have a lot of experience behind them and have had so much interest with the campaign – There is a lot of people involved some you may recognise and some who are just kind everyday people.

S: You have plans to re-do your vows, Have you got a date set? 🙂

T– YES! But no dates set, It will be set in Australia, so as soon as they decide to catch up with the rest of the world and legalise Gay Marriage, we will be there! 

S: If their’s 1 message you would give bullies and haters of LGBT community what will it be?   

L – As much as we disagree with Haters & Bullies, we’ve learnt that no amount of words will ever change their Narrow Minds, So honestly we don’t really waste our breath.

T – But honestly in this Day and Age it’s crazy how many people can still be so hateful and Narrow Minded, but those people aren’t even on our radar, Bye Felicia  


S: What will be seeing from you both this year? 

T– Hopefully quite a bit! We are working a lot harder on our YouTube and Also our brand outside of YouTube – There’s so many cool things planned that we can’t really say yet but wish we could!



Catch the boys weekly videos on their channel here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAdiXO33UddpduWY47bkoYA

Trent’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/trentowers

Luke’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/boyshayler

Being Me Campaign Twitter – https://twitter.com/beingmecampaign

Lucie Jones Interview with Scott McGlynn

I’ve known the amazing talented Lucie for a while, and I couldn’t wait to have a interview with her for you all enjoy….


Scott – Firstly congratulations on the engagement, have you got any dates when the big day might be?

Lucie – Thank you so much! It’s all very exciting… We have a few dates in mind but nothing is set in stone just yet. Definitely not until 2017 though as this year is going to be very busy. 

Scott – We saw you on the x-factor in 2009, what do you think of the show now and Dermot O’Leary saying it should take a break?
Lucie Everyone knows the show isn’t the same as it used to be- whether those changes are for the positive or the negative is personal opinion. Dermot knows the show better than most so I’m sure most would agree with him.

Scott –  What do you think of Louisa Johnson being crowned the winner?
Lucie – I love her voice. She’s uber talented!  

Scott –  Are you still contact with Dannii Minogue or any of the contestants?
Lucie – Yes I am still in contact with Dannii she is a truly wonderful human. I am in touch with loads of people from the show- not just contestants from my year and other years shows but the crew on the show and the security guys and the Label and production company ect. It was a huge experience so keeping the friends I made there is very important to me. 

Scott –  Recently you did ghost the musical the Asian tour, Can you tell us about it and your experience? 
Lucie – Playing Molly in Ghost the Musical was a fantastic experience. I played the role of my dreams whilst travelling through countries I never expected I would spend good time in. It was hard work but absolutely worth it. LOVED IT!

Scott –  We saw you in ITVs Midsomer Murders, Will we be seeing more of you on TV or Film in the future? 
Lucie – Midsomer Murders was so much fun, I was very lucky to get that role! Yes I will be doing more TV soon.
Scott –  We just found out you be playing Elle Woods in legally blonde musical (my personal favourite) can you tell us about it?
Lucie – YES! Elle baby- SO EXCITING! Another dream role of mine. I loved the film growing up and the musical played the westend for a few years and I saw it a few times. It’ll be fun to play such a bubbly, girlie yet intelligent character.
Scott –  What was the audition process like?
Lucie – Audition processes are always completely different. Sometimes you do 5 or 6 auditions- sometimes just 1 or 2! In this case I did 2 auditions but was working in Cardiff at the time so hurrying back to london to sing and read scenes with the director.
Scott –  If you wasn’t singing/performing what do you think you be doing?
Lucie – Probably working in production. I would love to organise and produce events and concerts. 

Scott – You travelled all over the world, Which place did you personal enjoy the most and would go back tomorrow? 
Lucie – I have been to some amazing places and had some incredible experiences. I really loved Shanghai last year and would love to go back and visit, although I love NYC and am looking forward to working there- hopefully! 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/luciejones1

Facebook Page –  https://www.facebook.com/luciejonesfans/?fref=ts