Mason Noise Interview By Scott McGlynn

Scott: We all know you from last years X-Factor, How’s life been since then?

Mason: It’s been one hell of a ride. And more than anything a massive learning curve. For me to learn more about myself as a person and who I want to be as an artist. But it is true what they say. It does change your reality drastically.


SM: What’s the most difficult thing being on a big show like the X-Factor? 

MN: When you watch the show you don’t realise how gruelling the routine is to get the show the way it looks when you sit down on a Saturday and Sunday to watch it.

The lack of sleep and food. The constant camera takes. The singing lessons the dance rehearsals. It’s a test of mental strength more than anything.


SM: What you thinking so far of this years XF? Anyone caught your eye yet?

MN: I think there are some talented people on the show. But I also believe there are some people on the show who don’t deserve to be there and have taken the place of worthy people. This was the reason I dropped the mic when I did. The X-Factor should not be the entertainment factor at the expense of people’s lives.


SM: Any advice would you give for judges houses / live shows?

MN: Sleep. LOTS. Eat right. Stay mentally focused and healthy.

Nothing is worth sacrificing your bodily needs. The rest will follow. But also have the most fun you have ever had and live in the moment. It’s over very fast.


SM: You brought out some music a few years ago, are you working on anything new right now?

MN: My new single Heat has just been release on YouTube and will be on iTunes later this month (October).

Check it out here.. HEAT

SM: We met briefly at the Joshua Kane fashion show earlier this year, We know you love your fashion, Whats your Top 3 designers and Top 3 places to shop?

MN: Designers would be…

+ Haider Ackerman

+ Mike Amiri

+ Off white

Top places to shop. I find boutiques online and on Instagram where I think you can get the most individual items


SM: What was your first CD your bought? 

 MN: Black Eyed Peas  – Where is the love


SM: Who did you grow up listening to? Who inspired you to be a singer / performer?

MN: I’m lucky that I had such a diverse influence from bob Marley to Eric Clapton to MJ. But Pharrell and the Neptunes movement really made me want to start producing and writing.


SM: I brought out my first book called “OUT” its my true life story, about getting bullied for who i am, and how i over come it, Did you ever suffer from bullying in school or in any environment? 

MN: Yes I was bullied in school. But I really think that it stems from the other persons fear of being accepted. And not the victims.

You are a beautiful  individual and someone has taken notice of that.


SM: We all know you speak your mind and I love you for that! Recently people have been questioning your sexuality from the “Gay Times Magazine” feature.

I love that you took to social media saying it doesn’t matter who i am, it don’t change you as a person at all! Being a gay guy myself and been turned away from jobs for being gay! 

It don’t matter if your straight, bi, gay you are who you are! Is there anything you like to comment on here about it?

MN: Who we chose to love is nobodies concern but our own. It is our lives we are here to experience.

If everyone on this planet was really true to themselves and didn’t conform with the standards society and religion set. Didn’t worry and judge other people on standards they have failed to meet in themselves. The world would be in a different dimension.


SM: What is next for Mason? Any projects coming up you can tell us about…

MN: I have my single HEAT. I have an EP in the spring/summer.

I have an exciting school tour about all of these subjects funnily enough. So exciting times are ahead!



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Leah West Interview With Scott McGlynn

Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter Leah West exclusive interview with myself Scott McGlynn we talked

People’s Choice Awards, New Music, Motherhood and much more…

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Scott: Tell us a bit about yourself, Leah? 

LW: Hmm, let’s see… where to start? I was born in New Jersey. My grandparents are all immigrants from Europe. I grew up near New York City, which is a huge melting pot of cultures from around the world.  I had a great childhood and I come from a very loving family. I’ve lived all over and have traveled quite a bit. I moved to Canada in 2005 and finally obtained my Canadian citizenship in 2014. I’m a singer-songwriter, and also an actress (SAG & AFTRA and attended Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City) and a painter (oil and acrylic on canvas). It can be a little funny and confusing when I tell people that I majored in Neuroscience with a minor in Nutrition in University. I released my first album in 2009 and was astonished to have been nominated for several awards. My second album was released in 2012 and that has the song “Guardian Angel” on it, which is extremely popular across the world. I have had literally thousands of people from many countries sing my song for various special events. For both albums I worked with producer and very talented multi-instrumentalist Marty Rifkin. I give him a lot of credit for being the key to the success of my songs.


Scott: In 2011 you won the BCIMA People’s Choice Award. That’s amazing! What was your reaction like from being nominated to winning?

LW: I was nominated for 4 awards that year. I had heard that there were around 700 artists that had applied for the various awards that I was nominated for. So, just being nominated as one of the final three artists was already a HUGE honor. On the evening of the award show, it was getting towards the end of the night and all three other awards had already been announced and I lost every time. So, at this point, I was not expecting my name to be called when the “People’s Choice Award” came up. When they said my name as the winner, I remember my husband squeezed my leg so tightly. He was so proud and I couldn’t believe it! A rush of energy went through my body. I was elated and people were applauding like crazy and some even gave me a standing ovation. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. What was so special about that award, was that the public, my peers, about 12,000 people to be exact, had voted for me. I won by the thousands of votes from the listeners and the consumers of music, not a panel of judges. My fans made me the winner than evening and for that, I am forever grateful.


Scott: When was the moment you knew you were going to be a singer / writer / performer?

LW: I’m not sure that there was a particular moment per se. It just seemed like my life, from infancy, was telling me to go in this direction. There are lots of videos that my mother took of me as a toddler singing nonstop. I started to write songs when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I took piano lessons and I had a love for poetry at a very young age. I loved the imagery you could create with words. As a teenager, I had two boyfriends who were both musicians. One was in a band who introduced me to lots of obscure bands and music I had never heard of before, and the other was a solo artist who later joined his brothers in a band. The latter was also the son of a famous songwriter. I was fascinated that you could make a living writing songs and playing music. Growing up near New York City was a major influence, as well. I had the luxury of growing up seeing Broadway shows and attending some of the biggest concerts in the world as a young girl. I had and still have lots of other interests, but when I was around 19, I really began to ask myself what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I kept coming back to the arts and music. I’ve always had a talent for them and it wasn’t just something I was good at or was interested in, it was the only thing I was ever passionate about. To live my life any other way would have been fraudulent to my soul. I would have been living a lie and I couldn’t live like that. The hardest part about this path I’ve chosen is not the music or the art itself, because I’ve always been able to keep inspired, the hard part for me has always been making a living doing what I love. The financial side of doing music can be painful and deflating, but I keep at it because I love it and I know it’s what I’m meant to do with my short time here on earth, and life goes fast!


Scott: I personally love “Beyond Words” I know it’s hard to choose, but what’s your favorite song that you’ve recorded so far?

LW: Probably a song called “Hunger”, coming out on my new album in 2017. I knew when I wrote it that it had something special. And my producer Marty Rifkin blew me away with his most stunning production to date. We also had Bob Malone play piano and Teresa James and Randy Newman sing back-up vocals. It’s a romantic and sexy song with a strong beat and swirly, dreamy instrumentation. I can’t stop listening to it and I can’t wait to release it and share it with my fans next year. I’m already working on the logistics of a music video for it.


Scott: If you could choose to duet with anyone who would it be? And why? 

LW: Oh, too many to name! My love for music crosses many styles and genres. I have a long list of people I’d love to perform, sing, write, and work with. There are a lot of talented people out there whom I admire.


Scott: Will you be touring the UK anytime soon? 

LW: I would LOVE to come back to the UK. I’ve never toured there, but I have visited multiple times. I hope that as my fan-base grows, the future will open up more opportunities to play around the globe. I love not only writing and recording, but performing. It’s where you really get to connect with your fans. It’s where all your hard work comes to fruition. I know that the music industry is not what it used to be, but there are still successful artists out there and I would love to work with a label or manager that could invest and steer my career in the right direction. It’s not easy to do most everything on your own, which is what I’ve been doing since the beginning. I have been approached several times over the years, but the offers never seemed to be the right ones. I’d love to work with a highly professional team, if the right one comes along.



Scott: Congratulations on your baby news! Do you know if it’s a girl or boy? And any names?

LW: In late May, I discovered that I was pregnant. I almost fell off my chair when my doctor called me to let me know. I couldn’t believe it. Becoming pregnant was something that had not come easy for me. I had been trying for years and had almost given up. So even then, I was hesitant to announce it publicly, because of the many failures and miscarriages I had had over the past few years. It has been secretly very painful for me to go through. Many tears were shed. No one I knew amongst my friends or family seemed to have the same difficulty, so I felt very alone. But this time was apparently very different. The baby kept growing and we kept hearing a strong heartbeat with every doctor’s visit. So in early August, at almost 16 weeks, well into my second trimester, I finally announced publicly that I was pregnant. Then, on August 30th, I announced that we were expecting a little boy. Actually, according to two ultrasounds, he’s apparently a very big boy! Top of the size-charts both times. The good news is that I don’t have gestational diabetes. I was so afraid I had it because of his size and because my grandmother had diabetes, but I lucked out! He’s just big and healthy. What every mother wants to hear. I posted his ultrasound video on my Facebook page. It’s a new 4-D technology and utterly amazing to see. He already has a whole life going on inside of me that without this technology, I would be completely unaware of. Well, aside from the fact that he’s kicking me all the time. He’s a very active baby. And yes, we do have a name picked out, but that is the one thing that we are going to leave as a surprise until his birth, which is expected to be around January 20th 2017. It was so emotional and cute to see him swimming around, sucking his thumb, smiling. Babies are born with all their emotions and feelings intact. I absolutely believe that. I read a great book called “Pre-Parenting” by Thomas R. Verny, M.D. He gives so much proof about how much babies retain from their lives in the womb and how it shapes who they will become. How the environment I create in the womb can turn on or off certain genes. It’s utterly fascinating. What amazes me most is how a whole person can be made from a couple of cells in just a few months. How does an eyeball know where to grow, how do all the nerves know where to go, and organs in all the right places, and billions of brain cells synapses are already happening, and why don’t we have arms coming out of our backs?! Everything has a timing, a purpose, a mission, a place, and then voila, a person is created. There is an indescribable beauty and intelligence to it all. It’s a universe within a universe. It’s almost too much to comprehend, yet it happens every day. There are trillions of beings across all species occupying the world today and this miracle of life and the birthing process is happening all over the planet. Once I became pregnant and really became a part of it, it’s hard for me not to believe in miracles. There is definitely something greater at work.


Scott: Have you ever thought of vlogging your journey in music and motherhood? Sharing your world to your fans?

LW: I have thought about it, but I’m always conflicted with that. First of all, just in doing so requires an enormous amount of time. I’m not a superstar with a crew that can follow me around with cameras and then take hours upon hours to edit videos. At this point, it would be just me doing all that. I don’t have the time or energy right now, but part of me thinks that would be a lot of fun and a great way for people to connect and to get insight into my life. However, another part of me longs for privacy, so it’s about finding the right balance between letting people in and giving myself the peace and space to be alone. Social media junkies subject themselves to constantly being inundated with opinions and noise from the outside world. I’m too sensitive of a person for that. Balance is everything for me. So is surrounding myself with good-hearted and honest people. People I know and trust. I’m lucky to have a great family and have built wonderful close friendships over the years. I need both interaction at times and other times I need my solitude. I’m most creative when it’s quiet and I’m alone. I’ve been pretty active on social media since about 2008, so I think I do a fairly good job at remaining accessible to fans, while also maintaining a private life and my own sanity in what can be a very chaotic and sometimes cruel world. I don’t even tolerate mean people anymore, I just hit the block button. Life’s too short for mean people. Another thing I have to constantly consider is my family and friends. My husband, my brother, and my sister in particular, are very private people, so I have to respect their wishes when it comes to sharing moments of my life publicly, too.


Scott: Finally, What’s next for Leah? 

LW: Well, I have had to put most of my music and work endeavors on hold during this pregnancy. I wasn’t expecting that, but I was severely ill with pregnancy nausea and vomiting for the first few months and now I have pregnancy-related acid reflux. The two have taken a toll on my vocal chords, so singing and performing have been out of the question. The good news is that everyone tells me my voice will heal and should return after the baby is born. The downtime has allowed me to focus on family, friends and preparing for my little man’s arrival. I have a new album already written and mostly recorded, which I hope to release around autumn 2017. My goal is to release a French version of this album at the same time. It’s a big undertaking, but it’s something I feel ready for and very much compelled to do. I’m becoming a mother for the first time, so I don’t yet know how I’ll feel after the baby is born. Hopefully there are no complications either. There are a lot of variables in the coming months that could change plans in a heartbeat, so it’s hard to say what will be realistic, but my intention is to release my third English album and my first French album by the end of next year. We’ll see!


Leah West Official Website –

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Jon Klaasen Interview By Scott McGlynn

American Idol & X Factor USA star Jon Klaasen exclusive interview with myself,

We talked JLO, Bullying and the Perfect Date…



Scott: Tell us a little about yourself Jon?

Jon: I am 18 years old, 19 in January.  I have one younger brother who has been accused of being my “twin” since we were little.  I was born and raised in Indiana and I’ve been singing since I could talk.  I’m doing this for the impact I can have on the lives of others who can relate to the music I write and because it’s what I love.



Scott: Tell us 3 facts about yourself that no one else knows? 


-I LOVE sports.  Growing up in Indiana I played a lot of sports as a kid.  Basketball being the main one.

-I have a little birthmark in my hair on the back of my head.  I’ve never seen it but my hairstylist always comments on it!

-My family and I are big milk drinkers.  It’s not surprising if we go through 2 gallons a day.



 Scott: You appeared on US X-Factor and American Idol, How were these experiences for you?

Jon: They were great!  It’s an awesome opportunity to have and I really appreciate it.  My favourite part by far is hanging with the other extremely talented contestants.  You get the best jam sessions you’ll ever be a part of. I’m still really good friends with a few of them!



Scott: What are the audition processes like? 

Jon: They can be pretty nerve-wracking on both shows.  You see a lot of people crying or just looking down when they come back out.  Very few come back with a smile.  In the end, it’s more of an adrenaline rush.



Scott: You had amazing comments from Harry Connick Jr,Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez that must have been a huge confident boost, right? 

Jon: At first, yes, it can be!  Too many people let it get to their head though.  If you’re not humble in this business, you’ll be torn to shreds.  But yes, it’s pretty nice to hear those things from people as experienced and gifted as the judges.



Scott: You made some awesome music like “Coming Back,” “Persistence,” and now your new song “Irreplaceable”.  All of them had great feedback and your fans loved them.  How would you describe your music genre, or do you like to experience all types of music? 

Jon: I don’t really have a name for my genre yet.  It will probably be categorised under the pop genre.  Pop is such a large and vague description, I like to describe it as acoustic-driven-pop-rock-with-sub-bass!



Scott:The X-Factor in the UK has just started have you seen any episodes? If yes, who do you like so far?

Jon: I haven’t yet actually.  I have recently been extremely busy with several projects which you might find out more about in a little bit 😉



Scott: What advice would you give someone trying to break out as an artist or thinking about going on shows like X-Factor / American Idol?  

Jon: Don’t forget yourself as an artist.  Too many people try to be the next Justin Bieber or the next Taylor Swift.  The thing is, there is already a Justin Bieber and a Taylor Swift.  Be yourself, and create a brand for yourself that stands out.



Scott: Will we be seeing you on Tour any time soon? And any plans for the UK?

Jon: There are talks but I can’t make any promises yet.  If you follow me on all my social media as soon as I know about any shows you will too!



Scott: If you could perform with any artist in the world who would it be and why? 

Jon: It varies, but right now it would be twenty one pilots.  I recently got to go to their show and it was honestly the best concert I’ve ever experienced.  I would LOVE to be a part of that.



Scott: What are your plans for 2016 / 2017? 

Jon: Well, I will definitely have more songs coming out.  Music videos as well!  I’m also moving out to California!  I am in Cali a lot but currently live in Indiana, so the official move will be happening soon.



Scott:What would be your perfect date? 

Jon: Skydiving, then driving up to a gorgeous look out at night.  So, if you’re down to skydive… hit me up!



Scott: I brought out my first book earlier this year called “OUT” its my true life story about getting bullied for who I was and how I overcame it. Did you ever suffer from bullying in school or in your life? 

Jon: I did get bullied at some points.  Mainly in middle school because I was a late bloomer and didn’t grow much until my junior year of high school.  Some of the athletes would pick on me because I wanted to grow up to be a “rockstar”.  I always had my family’s support and that helped a lot.  The main thing that helped me get through was my faith.  Whenever I felt alone I just remembered God’s love for me.  It sounds cliché, I know it does, but it made a big difference in my life.


Follow Jon on Twitter here… Jon Klaasen

Brendan Jordan Interview By Scott McGlynn

Brendan Jordan an American YouTuber who went viral and now a growing star, I caught up with him to find out more… 




Scott: Tell us a bit about yourself?

Brendan: Hello my name is Brendan Jordan. I am from and currently live in the fabulous Las Vegas, NV! I am 16 years old!

Scott: 3 facts that no-one else knows?

Brendan: 3 things no one knows:

I usually don’t like watching TV unless it’s Keeping up with the Kardashians
My very first pair of heels were 8 inches tall
I always have a glass of water with a lemon wedge

Scott: What made you want to start your YouTube channel?

Brendan: Watching other people on YouTube was on of the influences that inspired me to start a channel. I really wanted to make a place that was all my own where I could talk about the things that I want to talk about and share it with others.

Scott: You have an amazing following and support, Did you ever think it get to this level?

Brendan: Honestly I never thought it would reach out this far, but that’s one of the cool things about life—it just kinda throws things at you and you have to take it. I love everything that comes my way and really appreciate it all!!

Scott: The best video you filmed so far?

Brendan: The best video I filmed was probably the on where I met Gaga. Just talking about the life changing experience brought me back to it!

Scott: The most famous your met?

Brendan: The most famous people I’ve met would have to be Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Queen Latifah, and Tyra Banks!

Scott: It must feel amazing going viral from such a young age, How’s it changed your life?

Brendan: Going viral has changed my life so much. Sometimes I like to think what my life would be like today if none of that ever happened. I’m so thankful for it everyday and has changed my life for the better.

Scott: Whats next for you? Your goals in life?

Brendan: My goal in life is to just be happy with how I live it. I’m very happy right now and I hope it continues this way. I just want to live a fun, busy, and entertaining life.

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Kye Sones Interview By Scott McGlynn

From X- Factor to Calvin Harris Kye Sones has stormed his career performing with top artist’s and releasing his EP, I caught up with him to see what’s new and what the future holds…



Scott: When did you realise that you wanted to be a singer / performer? 

Kye: I was very young probably about 8/9 and my older brother , cousin and me we’re all big Michael Jackson fans. We’d always be playing the Bad album and dancing around to it. Then I was lucky enough to be taken to see the Dangerous tour at Wembley stadium and that’s when I thought yes I wanna do that!

Scott:  Who was your idol / inspiration growing up?

Kye: Michael Jackson! 

Scott:  You wrote music for some amazing people, Can you tell us more about it. How it all came about?

Kye: Sometimes it’s easier to write for other people than for yourself as your less judgemental with it. Most of the people I started writing for where friends first which makes it easier as there’s no ego in the room. Then I started looking to who I’d like to work with and I’d write a song with them in mind and send it over to them. In Dance music this works better as they generally don’t write songs they focus more on production.

Scott:  What will be your advice to anyone trying to break the music industry now? 

Kye: Do it for love not for money. Because it’s getting harder and harder to make any money out of working in music. My advice to my self has always been ” never give up”. You take a lot of knocks and many times you think about doing something else but if you stay strong and never give up you’ll get something out of it. Eventually…

Scott: Your EP “Seven” on Itunes what can you tell us about it, Why did you call it “Seven”?

Kye: Seven’s always been my lucky number and it just felt appropriate for the EP. It’s essentially a break up record. The few years surrounding it were tough so it’s a breakup record with those few years really and everything in them.


Scott:  Can you remember the first record you bought?

Kye: I remember having Bad and Dangerous. The first one I actually bought though I think was Maria Carey music box.

Scott:  If you could choice to perform / write for any artist who would it be and why?

Kye: At the moment I’m in the dance world and writing for a lot of guys in that genre. I’d like to write with and for anyone like Calvin Harris, Diplo and Major Lazer Chain Smokers etc. Then also be the featured vocalist and perform with them.

Scott:  You shared the same stage as Calvin Harris, How was that experience? 
Kye: Ibiza rocks was one of the best experiences as a performer I’ve had. The energy was incredible. It’s something I’ll never forget.

Scott:  Whats your plans for 2016 / 2017 ? 

Kye: I have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline. We almost have a video ready for a song called “Colors” which is with a guy called ATTLAS who is Deadmau5s main man and signed to Mau5trap records. I’m very proud of that song and ATTLAS is an incredible talent and a really nice guy. It’s been a pleasure working with him. Then I have a song on quite a big up and coming album out in October. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who yet. But his last 3 songs went to number one in multiple countries so I’m super excited to be a part of his album. I then have another few singles out on Armada records. One at the end of August called ” beautiful enemies” with an artist called JYRA. Then one caller ” eyes wide shut” on the new MOWË album which is also out on Armada and then another in November with JYRA again.

I’m hopefully going to release another EP before the end of the year too and generally see where life takes me. I’m open to life.

The Amazing Arabella Interview By Scott McGlynn

I sat down with the amazing Arabella a blogger / Vlogger who is the

No 1 Global Teen Influencer. Find out more with a fun Q&A we did…


Scott: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Arabella: Hi I am Amazing Arabella and I am a Teen Blogger/Vlogger – I am 12 years old and have recently been recognised as 1 of 10 Global Teen Influencers along-side Brooklyn Beckham, Bella Hadid & Lily-Rose Depp.

Scott: What made you start blogging / Vlogging? 

Arabella: Well my Mum formed a collective called Meet The Vloggers where my family Vlog and Blog about Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Beauty and Kids/Teens Stuff – It looked like great fun – so I decided that I wanted to start too! 🙂 My brother has a vlog too his name is “Jaadin the Kid”

Scott: You have had amazing achievements from your blogging, One being “N0.1 Global Teen Influencer” How did that make you feel?

Arabella: Well it was a shock, there are so many amazing bloggers out there, and it was a real honour to stand out amongst them! I feel very privileged to be named along-side these celebrities.

Scott: You been to some gorgeous locations, which has been your favourite so far?


  • Dubai
  • Spain
  • France
  • Turkey 
  • Morocco 
  • Italy 

Scott: Tell us the top 3 things you cant live without?


My Family

My Camera & Laptop

Oh and My Cat Louis Vuitton 😛

Scott: Who inspires you?

Arabella: My Mummy, Angelina Jolie and Beyonce! 

Scott: If you could give any advice to people starting out blogging what would it be?

Arabella: Erm! Choose what inspires you – what you want to blog about – if you wake up in the morning and you want to write about Unicorns then do it – you will find it interested and be passionate about it! 

Scott: Whats next for you?

Arabella: I have some really cool stuff coming up! I have a music single coming out soon called “Bloggerholics” It’s all about Blogging, Selfies and Social Media. I am going to attempt to hold a record for The Guiness Book of World Records and I will be exhibiting at a massive Kids Show Styling Kids/Teens called “Style Me Fix Amazing Arabella”. lol You should come down it will be great fun! 



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Check Out Arabella Links Here.. 

YouTube – Arabella

Twitter – Arabella

Hughie Maughan Interview With Scott McGlynn

Big Brother runner up Hughie Maughan exclusive interview with Scott McGlynn.

After last weeks interview with his partner Ryan, It was a huge request to get Hughie featured for a Q&A we talked Ryan, Future Plans, Puppies and much more…


Scott: How did you get involved in Big Brother? Was it something you always wanted to do? Was it an easy audition process? 

Hughie: I’ve always been a massive fan of big brother and reality TV shows since I was a kid. At the start of the year I wrote a bucket list and getting on big brother was on it , so I searched online found an email address for a casting producer and emailed them about myself and why they should have me. After that there came a rigorous process to get on the show of phone calls, Interviews and meetings in London until I was chosen as a housemate. Getting in that house is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Scott: We all know about the romance between yourself and Ryan, Was it love at first sight? 

Hughie:  I wouldn’t say that for either of us not that I didn’t think he was attractive or anything but I didn’t know if Ryan was being himself on the first night I didn’t know if we would get on, I thought we might clash. But by the 2nd day I knew he was himself just that he had a fantastic personality. It wasn’t until we were separated when he went over to the main house that we both really started to miss each other and when he came back I kissed him on the first night and it went from there.

Scott: I loved you in the house, Not afraid to stand up what you believe in, Natalie was a horrid woman! Have you seen her since the show? Did she make your experience more difficult? 

Hughie:  I’m a very honest person and I say how I feel and I’m really glad that people seen that because it could of went another way that I came out looking bad because I argued quite a bit but i didn’t thankfully. I’m just really passionate about the way I feel. Natalie is a disgrace of a women. horrible in every sense of the word .. I hate even talking about her because I know she wanted to be seen in a controversial way and be the “bitch” of the series. She had a dark presence about her she was always dressed in black and wearing dark Sun glasses. And sitting in the smoking area throwing in comments left right and centre when she deemed necessary to people. Me mostly. I was top of the list for this twat. I chose in the end to ignore her and I let the public do the talking and boy did they . She would have ruined my experience if I had let her but I didn’t. She made me uncomfortable at times though and I was glad to see the back of her. I hope to never see that thing again.

Scott: Since you been out, I know you had a lot of positive reactions which is amazing! Any not so positive things or rumours you can share with us / clear up? 

Hughie:  Yes I’ve had an amazing reaction from the public which I am so happy about. Thank you to all of them. But strangely I haven’t really had any hate online or in the press just positive really. I mean I get the odd comment saying Hughie kicks and screams when he’s not getting his own way .. but that is the extent of the negativity as far as I’ve seen.

Scott: In my last interview with Ryan, He said about you moving to London sometime this year and live together, You looking forward to the big move? Hows your family feeling you moving from Dublin? 

Hughie:  Yes I am looking forward to moving to the UK and starting a new life . My family are happy if I am and I’m an adult so I control my own life now. Ireland will always be home but I’m ready for a change.

Scott: We also talked about people online saying you and Ryan should get your own show, Do you think we be seeing it? 

Hughie: So many people say that all the time. Literally thousands of people have said that . There are threads on Twitter and pages dedicated to us being back on there screens again. I really want to do more reality TV and I’m going to make that happen for myself but if I got to do a show with Ryan it would be amazing. I think one about my move to the UK would be a good concept.

Scott: How’s it been being a public figure, Everyone knowing you, and the TV / Press? 

Hughie:  It’s so weird but funny as well because I am such a fan of people who know me as well and follow me online and speak about me on tv . Reading about myself in the paper is so strange as well. The weirdest thing to happen is a police man in Oxford street who was about 55 years old asking me for a selfie. That was just not the type of person I thought was watching. But I’ve always wanted to be on television so it’s a dream come true.

Scott: I brought my first book out this year called “OUT” its my true life story about coming out as gay and getting bullied in school for who I was, Did you every suffer from bullying, How was your coming out? 

Hughie: I was horrendously bullied as a kid , always called homophobic names by adults and kids . It was horrible and ruined my childhood but I’m happy now. My coming out story is different to others because a lot of my family and friends found out on television when I was talking about it on the show. I only told who I deemed necessary beforehand . But every 1 has been amazing. It’s at a stage in my life now where I don’t care how others feel about it if I had a family member who had a problem with it I would cut them out of my life now a days. I have to think of myself.

Scott: When you an Ryan move in and settle down, Are you going to get any pets like puppy’s? What;s your favourite breed? 

Hughie: .Ryan doesn’t Care to have a pet but I want a French bull dog called harry. A boy one. I want the blue grey colour.  They are stunning. Ryan can dog sit for me haha!

Scott: Ryan did say he will be starting a Youtube channel, Are you going to join him or start your own channel? 

Hughie: I’m sure I’ll make the odd appearance on his channel. I would like to do my own sometime but I’m not very good with social media. I need to learn more before hand and come up with a theme for my videos and site.

Scott: What is planned for Hughie, Anything you love to do like another TV show, Clothing range etc? 

Hughie:  I really want to do another reality show. Something fun and young like Ibiza weekender. I think I would’ve really good on that. There is so much that I want to do in the industry if I have the chance but I am still young I’m 22 at the end of the day so I can go out and work for anything in my opinion. I’m going to make things happen for myself.


 I just like to say thank you to Ryan & Hughie for working with me they are 2 amazing guys & I hope you work with them in the future! 

Also their fans for all your support on Twitter and enjoying my work, 


Ryan Ruckledge Interview By Scott McGlynn

TV personality Ryan Ruckledge exclusive  interview with Scott McGlynn, We seen him on The X Factor, MTV and recently Big Brother 2016! We talked future plans, Fans and Mr Hughie



Scott: We see you on a few things The X Factor, Judge Geordie and recently big brother, How did you get involved in these show?

Ryan:  I’ve appeared on a few shows over the years and made an absolute joke out of myself on the like of the X-factor and judge Geordie but it was all to just try and build and profile and to get the producers of big brother to recognise me, I applied for 8 years to get on big brother and it was eighth time lucky I got on, genuinely think it’s fate I never got on any of the previous series as I was meant to meet Hughie! I’ve been a joke over the last couple of years and caused a bit of controversy when I never really wanted to, it was all to get on big brother and I’m glad I’ve changed a lot of people’s opinions of me on the show for just being me and people could see I’m different compared to the other shows I’ve been on in the past. 

Scott: How was your Big Brother experience?

Ryan:  My big brother experience was the most challenging and mentally draining thing I’ve ever done, there was times when I wanted to just quit and leave but kept telling myself I would regret it and I’m so glad I never! I mean what do u do for 24hours a day with no phone no tv no nothing and what do u talk about! The days are so long and 24 hours feels like 24 days! When days was bad they was bad and when they was good they was incredible! Best thing I ever did and won’t ever forget it.

Scott: We all know about you a Hughie, I love you guys BTW! Was it love a first sight?

Ryan:  Aww thank you, and to be honest it wasn’t love at first site! I initially saw this tanned guy who was quite confident and a bit like me in some aspects and instantly thought we was going to clash, after a few hours tho we got on so well and formed a good bond and I knew we was going to be At least good mates but never thought anything more of it! It was till after I got chose to go to the main house after the first three days I realised I had stronger feelings than just friends, I was really missing him! Then I think it was day ten when I got sent back to the others house I couldn’t wait to see him and that’s when he went in for a kiss and it just progressed from there! If he hadn’t of made a move on me I’m not sure if I would of dared because I hate rejection, especially on national TV so I’m glad he did haha!


Scott: Are you a official couple? It nice to know the long distance isn’t going to effect you both and make it work! 

Ryan: Yeah me and Hughie are 100% official and in a relationship, the long distance thing does bother me slightly only because I can’t see him whenever I like but we are seeing each other as much as we can and he’s recently just been to Blackpool to meet my mum and family! We are planning on moving in together in the next few months when he moves to the UK!

Scott: People on twitter, keep saying you & Hughie should do a TV show, If you had a chance to, what would it be about?

Ryan:  The demand for me and Hughie to get our own reality show is crazy, almost every tweet is about it! It’s flattering, we would both love to do it! I think it would be a reality one like Katie and Oeter following our lives and him moving in with me in the UK and stuff! Just being us the jokers that we are!

Scott: Any of your ex housemates you don’t want to see again?

Ryan: I don’t want to see Natalie, Jason and Marco!

Scott: Tell us 3 facts that people may not know about yourself?

Ryan: Three facts id say, I used to do athletics when I was younger for about 10 years! I once fell over on a gravestone and chipped my front tooth on it that’s why it’s chipped haha and i once got four stick-men tattooed on my arm as a dare.

Scott: What’s your top 3 grooming tips?

Ryan: I’m not really good with grooming to be honest I always say tho I love a good tan, white teeth and Vaseline on your eyelashes makes them grow!

Scott: What’s your perfect date? 

Ryan:  I don’t really have a perfect date and I don’t really go on many I get too nervous! I’m very spontaneous and crazy as I’m sure you’ve gathered and I’d love to do something like a bunker jump or a sky dive then get drunk after haha! No ones been brave enough yet, I’m sure I can persuade Hughie 🙂

Scott:  What’s next Ryan?

Ryan:  I’m not sure to be honest what’s next For me, I do know that I’m looking forward to being with Hughie and meeting his family! Then the next stage is to move in together which is so exciting! I’m sure this won’t be the last you guys will see of me tho x


If you have any questions for Ryan, Please comment below..

Being Me Campaign

Hi everyone, 

I don’t normally talk about other things than interviews on here as you may know,  But i wanted to share with you something you may be seeing me tweet and RT a lot, Is “Being Me Campaign”this charity personally to me it’s something i struggled with growing up, So it’s great we have a charity to help others to be yourself and embrace who you are!

See more about the charity here..


“The BeingMeCampaign was founded in October 2015 by Kieran Stanbridge & Tracy Shayler. Our charity is about owning and celebrating any differences you have. We believe it’s awesome to be who you are and our differences should be celebrated not suppressed.”

Through our website, workshops, social media channels & campaigns, we give everyone a voice to share their story & advice to inspire others to be proud of who they are!” We are delighted to have Jodie; Trent & Luke join us as official Ambassadors for our charity. Their commitment and passion to helping us spread the message “It’s ok to be you” is second to none, and we are delighted that they have got on board. Many young people and adults across the world are scared to accept their differences and be proud of who they are, our main aim is to support those who don’t fit in with society’s “norm” and let them know that their differences are AMAZING and should be celebrated.

Jodie Marsh, Trent & Luke are outstanding role models, and we are looking forward to supporting many young people and adults with their help.Kieran Stanbridge & Tracy Shayler Founders.


Being Me Campaign Trent and Luke are the UK’s biggest LGBT male couple on YouTube. In two years they have accumulated over 20 million views and 250,000 subscribers. “We are honored and proud to be Ambassadors for the Being Me Campaign. The message we try to give out on our YouTube channel is that it is ok to be yourself. Learning that we will never be perfect has allowed us to grow as individuals. It’s our imperfections that complement each other as a married couple. The challenges we all face do eventually help us to grow, our differences making us stronger. Thing’s change, People change but you will always be you. Stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone or anything. Know you are amazing and never alone. #ItsOkToBe You!” -Trent Owers & Luke Shayler




Jodie is an internationally renowned TV Presenter, Model & Anti-Bullying Campaigner. She is a regular on TV, with her investigative documentaries for TLC/Discovery. 


Words can’t describe how proud I am to be involved in this charity. Not only is it the first TRUE charity I’ve come across (meaning, it’s NOT being run as a business where people are making money) but it’s the only charity I know of that is 100% dedicated to its cause and therefore to helping people.


This charity’s sole aim is to make the world a nicer place by celebrating each and every human on this earth! The message is clear: It’s ok to be YOU! And what that means on a deeper level is that we should embrace our differences instead of ridiculing them. No one person is the same so why should ANYONE be a target?! It’s ok to look or act differently – it’s NOT ok to pick on people for how they look or act.

ad_211450649-e1467290834413When I had bright red hair, I was told I needed to dye it back to brown in order to make a serious documentary about bullying. I was outraged; it felt like I was being told I wasn’t good enough simply because of the colour of my hair. I refused to dye it back and the show got made anyway and I didn’t do a better or worse job because of my hair……. How ridiculous that I was made to feel small and sub-standard just because I had a “crazy” hair colour. The red hair didn’t change who I am as a person, apart from actually to make me feel BETTER about myself and more confident (which can only be a good thing) and it certainly didn’t lower my brain power OR alter my mind and compassion. If everyone could embrace everyone else’s differences as well as their own, then we would see the end of bullying forever and the world would be a much better place.


This charity will do BIG things – by giving people a voice and the confidence to be proud of who they are, the Being Me Campaign will change people’s lives and futures. It doesn’t matter if your hair is brown, red or green, it doesn’t matter if you are gay, straight or bi, it doesn’t matter if you love animals, computers, violins or are scared of footballs (FYI I AM scared of footballs!), it doesn’t matter if you listen to country music or hip-hop, it doesn’t matter if you have tattoos or don’t. The point is that you are YOU and that’s ok!”



More Information


Twitter & Instagram – @BeingMeCampaign