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Daniel Alexander Interview By Scott McGlynn

Daniel has noticed big changes in the music industry since he began recording 6 years ago. In the beginning of his career, producers tried to force their vision of what he needed to act, dress and sound like. Fearing his music would lose it’s identity, Daniel resolved to remain true to his artistry.

Daniel Quoted “The freedom to express myself honestly is what makes me relatable.”

I met up with Daniel, To see more about his career, LGBT, and who would he love to perform with…


Scott:  How did it all come about getting into music? 

Daniel: There isn’t one specific answer to this. It was more of an affinity I’ve always had. Since I was 6 years old, I was fascinated with Pop culture and music. My first cassette was Madonna’s “The Immaculate Collection.” Shortly after, my first CD was Britney’s first album “Baby, One More Time.”

When I was 8, I wrote my first song entitled “Clouds.” It won the school literary contest. Shortly after, Madonna’s “Evita” came out and I started singing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” and my mom took notice of my voice. I started lessons then eventually auditioned for one of the top performing arts magnet schools in the country and I was admitted for my freshman year of high school. After high school, I was in college for 5 minutes and I realized that school wasn’t going to teach me how to achieve Pop stardom, so I dropped out. I started working with producers, emailing everyone imaginable and the rest is history!


Scott:  Your new EP “Beautiful” tell me about it? 

Daniel: My single “Beautiful” is all about empowerment and plain fun! 

At the moment, we live in an extremely divided country. We all need to express our individuality and let ourselves go. It’s about liberation, originality, sex and all the things that make us up as human beings. Confidence is the theme!


Scott: Whats your ideas of the music video for this song? 

Daniel: My ideas for the video are grunge, downtown Pop. I want to get some dirt on my boots and just have a good time. Whether it’s being pushed around in a shopping cart or using the concrete urban backdrops of Miami, this video will be an expression of how I’m currently feeling.


Scott: Being a gay music artist, Do you or have you found its hard to break the industry? 

Daniel: Not at all! I think we live in a time where being gay has no influence or negative cloud over a commercial career. While there is still work to be done as far as equality is concerned, the commercial market has made being gay a much more mainstream topic. At the end of the day, I’m an artist, not just a “gay artist.” Whether a male artist says “boy” or “girl” in his music, It can still resonate with many different people. I personally don’t shy away from being myself.


Scott: Whats your thoughts on Disney and kids movies bringing out LGBT characters? 

Daniel: I personally considered Disney’s movement on the equality front groundbreaking! I respect their fearless expression of all different kinds of people, regardless of the backwards, negative opinions of those who may not understand. Disney embodies what it is to be inclusive. It is telling all those little boys and girls who may not have the proper support systems that they are not freaks. They are beautiful just the way they are! That’s the most important message we can deliver. 


Scott: What music did your grow up on? 

Daniel: A lot of Pop! Madonna, Britney and Mariah Carey were the artists who inspired me to become who I am today. They are responsible for helping me find my talent and discovering that I had a voice. 


Scott: If you could perform with anyone who would it be and why?  

Daniel: Currently, my two main picks would be Lady Gaga and JoJo. Both of these woman express themselves and use their talent as they see fit. They make no apologies and stay completely true to themselves. As far as males, my first pick would have to be Zayn. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest voices and songwriters of our time.  His voice is once in a generation. 


Scott: Whats your plans for the summer of 2017? 

Daniel: My plans for the summer of 2017 are getting over to the UK to perform and break the market. That is my current goal! 



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Cecil Interview By Scott McGlynn

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Cecil the Berkshire born artist’s music has grown in notoriety over the last year most notably being featured recently on BBC Radio 2. She has been championed regionally by BBC Introducing Berkshire and has performed live for both BBC Coventry & Warwickshire and BBC Oxfordshire respectively as well as featuring on many other radio shows in the UK. I caught up with Cecil to find out more…

Scott: What inspired you to be a music artist? 

Cecil:  Music has always been a big part of my life very early on in my childhood, as my mum used to play drums in a rock band and they would get together every weekend to jam. I think that instantly makes my mum cooler than me?!

Scott: Can you remember you first single or EP download you bought?

Cecil:  Well there was no such thing as downloading in the days where I bought my first record! God that makes me sound old! It was actually Green Days American Idiot album I bought. What a rebel I was!

Scott:  Tell me your top 3 music artists / bands you love and why?

Cecil: Coldplay have to be my first I just love them always have always will. I like how current they always keep themselves but always with their signature Coldplay touch.

Frank Sinatra, as who could deny, old blues eyes and silky vocals! And also most importantly he reminds me of home and my mum and dad. 

Also…Lana Del Rey I just love how artistic she is. She is very magical and it’s quite rare what she does, which I completely admire. 

Scott: Tell me about you experience with BBC Radio 2, That must of been a huge highlight in you career?  

Cecil:  Yes! I honestly couldn’t believe it I was over the moon. I actually found out I had been played by someone commenting on a YouTube video saying they heard my song on BBC 2, so as you can imagine I frantically told everyone I knew even the neighbors dog, Amber who is super cute! 

Scott: Tell me more about you debut EP “Silly Business” 

Cecil: So my EP Silly Business was released this April 7th! Get your copy on iTunes now guys ;). There are songs I have written on there that are years old and some I have written late last year so quite a journey of songs! It’s mostly about heartbreak with a previous relationship I had on and off for years. So I think the songs are pretty relatable! It was such an exciting creative process and I’m so happy with the outcome.

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Scott: Are you working on your album? If so, Tell me about it 

Cecil: Yes I’m currently working on the album, it’s going to be a lot more up tempo than the EP, thought I’d ease people into me first haha. Sorry I like to laugh at my own jokes. I’m super excited about the album as it shows me growing as an artist creatively and is a lot more modern sounding so I’m hoping it’s going to connect with a lot more people.

Scott: Other than music, what else is you passion? Do you like acting or theatre? 

Cecil: Well I really like musical theatre but unfortunately I can’t dance to save my life, so that was a no go for me! But I actually prefer performing my own songs it gives me way more of a buzz! 

Scott: Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself?

Cecil: Well I broke my nose at 5 years old running into a stone post, I’ve always been so clumsy, it never got fixed so it’s actually still broken to this day and when my nose wasn’t swollen anymore and having a follow up at the doctors my mum actually remembers the doctor saying “people would pay to have their noses look like this”. So we decided nothing needed to be done, so a win win! 

And also splitting my lip so bad just a year later after my nose breaking while falling out of bed on holiday in Italy, it was basically hanging off my face. My mum and dad had to rush me to the hospital,as you can imagine they were beside themselves, my dad actually fainted in the operating theatre! They hit the jackpot with me didn’t they. 

My birthday falls on St Patricks day so there is never an excuse not to go out! It’s always eventful. I’m promising myself one year to go to Dublin on my birthday and celebrate it it true Irish style!

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Scott: You have a few performing dates coming up, Can you tell us where and when? 


Surya, LONDON – Apr 22nd 

Lock Stock & Barrel, NEWBURY – Apr 28th

New Cross Inn, LONDON – Sun May 7th

Gullivers, MANCHESTER – Tues May 16th(supporting Eleanor Mcevoy)

Notting Hill Arts Club, LONDON – Weds May 17th

Lechlade Festival, LECHLADE  – May bank holiday weekend 27th or 28th

Brightfest, OXFORD – June 3rd

Samfest, SURREY – June 24th

The Royal Henley Regatta, HENLEY – Weds 28th Jun – Sat 1st Jul

Henley festival, HENLEY  – Fri Jul 7th 7pm Bedouin stage

Godiva Festival, COVENTRY  – sat 8th

Jagfest , ALLESLEY – sun 9th

Wellowfest, NOTTINGHAM – Sat 15th Jul

Priory Live Festival, ORPINGTON  – Sat Aug 12th

BBC Radio 2’s Carfest (south), HAMPSHIRE – Sun Aug 27th 1:30-2pm


Silly Business [Live @BBC Radio Oxford]


For more information on Cecil please visit her Website, Facebook, and Twitter links below: