Ashley Brinton Exclusive Interview By Scott McGlynn

Super talented 15 year old singer Ashley Brinton has just signed with Mogul Music productions Executive/Songwriter/Record Producer, & long time J-Lo Executive Producer Cory Rooney. I sat with Ashley to chat about 2017, Music, Acting and her inspiration in the music industry.    Scott McGlynn: Your successful single “All I Need” is a huge hit! How’s everything beenContinue reading “Ashley Brinton Exclusive Interview By Scott McGlynn”

Marc Zammit Interview By Scott McGlynn

British actor Marc Zammit has been inspiration to many people in the acting industry!  Being in number of amazing Movies / TV I sat down with Marc to find out his back story on how he became a successful actor, How he deals with Dyslexic, Bullying and His future features coming in 2017!  Scott McGlynn: Tell usContinue reading “Marc Zammit Interview By Scott McGlynn”

Pandora Boxx Interview By Scott McGlynn

Exclusive interview with RuPaul’s Drag Race S2 Pandora Boxx, We talked about Experiences, Costumes, Donald Trump and MUCH MORE…   Scott McGlynn: Firstly I love your work and your performances! How did it all start off for you? Pandora Boxx: I fell in love with drag from the first drag performance I ever saw, whichContinue reading “Pandora Boxx Interview By Scott McGlynn”