Tim Oliver Interview With Scott McGlynn

Tim Oliver is best know as a Ricky Gervais lookalike, We talked what it’s like living the life of being a lookalike and the show channel 4 show lookalikes.


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Scott –  We all seen you on the TV show “LookALikes” as Ricky Gervais how did it come about?

Ive been in the entertainment industry for many years and have been a Ricky double for 12yrs. When Ricky became famous as David Brent in “the office” I was running my own entertainment business. I was constantly being asked “are you that bloke from that documentary on BBC2?” or “oi mate, do that dance” etc
My secretary finally convinced me to be a Lookalike in 2004 and I had a photo shoot and sent my pictures to lookalike agencies. I immediately got a booking from an agent called Fake Faces, the owner Jez Lee, asked me where I had been hiding, he said he has Del Boy, Basil Fawlty, Ali G, but he had been searching for two years for the latest and funniest comedy character to come out of Britain, a David Brent. I haven’t looked back since.
Scott – Was there any audition process for the show? If yes what did you have to do?
Tim – I was approached a long time ago, along with Andy Harmer aka David Beckham & Martin Jordan aka Gordon Ramsay, by Knickerbokerglory the production company for Lookalikes. We were on BGT in 2010 as “The Chippendoubles” where we got through to the live semi finals. We have had over 40 million views on youtube and still perform together at many different events. After BGT, we were asked to be on Louie Spences Showbusiness and had cameo rolls on five episodes, we kept in touch with Knickerboker after that and were asked to head up Lookalikes last year. Series one has been such a overwhelming success, we have been asked to work on story lines for series2.

Scott –  Do you get stopped in the street people actually thinking you are Ricky Gervais? 
Tim – People are funny!. When they have had a drink you get approached all the time, but during the day its not so often, however, a woman walked past me in Victoria the other day and paused and said hi, I said hi back and thought, where do I know her from, have i seen her on tinder? but then I realized, she thought I was Ricky. Even after this long, I sometimes forget i look like Ricky. 

Scott –  What so far has been a highlight of yours?
Tim – I have many highlights, the five that stand out the most, are when I was asked to be Rickys body double on the Muppet movie. Meeting Ricky and chatting for a couple of hours. being asked to perform in Australia for two weeks. Performing on BGT with my 6 brothers the chippendoubles. Staring on the Lookalikes TV show for Channel4.

Scott – Have you got any embarrassing moments you can share with us? 
Tim – A lot, but cant really share them with you, however, heres one just to give you something. I was meeting & greeting at an event as David Brent, fully in character at the front door. A pregnant lady walked through the door and I said “alright love, we met before” she said “really” I said “yeah, about 9 months ago hahaha” as David Brent would, she said “fuck you mate, im not fucking pregnant you cunt”. suffice to say, ive not made that mistake again.

Scott –  I know you met Ricky, What was he like? What was his reaction like meeting you?
Tim – We had a great laugh, he said he reckons his Dad shagged my Mum, He looked at my teeth and said “your fangs are straight and mine are crooked, you should have plastic surgery to look more like mine” i said, “no Rick, im not having anymore plastic surgery operations to be like you, ive already had a penis reduction, boom!…. He pissed himself laughing.

Scott –  Has there been anyone else people say you lookalike?
Tim – I sometimes I get mistaken for George Clooney or Ryan Reynolds

Scott – Can people higher you for events and personal appearances as Ricky? 
Tim – Yes, I have relied on that fact for over 12yrs, I host award ceremonies (Golden Globe Ricky style) I do personal appearances and speeches at Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries etc, I perform spoof motivational speeches as David Brent at conferences and sales meetings etc. I produce Corporate Videos for all types of businesses, but my favourite thing is my recent performance as a David Brent Tribute Act, singing all of Ricky’s songs from his upcoming movie “Life on the Road, with David Brent”
Scott –  The show is full of comedy, Is this something you always been into? Have you ever done stand up comedy?
Tim – I am a massive fan of Ricky and comedy in general, I often perform stand up as a mix up of Ricky Gervais and David Brent with a bit of Derek rolled into the mix, I like to get some audience participation as it makes the whole evening more personal to them and if the customer has the budget, I bring a brilliant Gareth Keenan aka Brett Sirell into the stand up with his health & safety presentation and a bit of close up magic thrown in, its hilarious and its my favourite thing to do.

Scott – What advice can you give someone starting out in the lookalike business or acting?
Tim – Don’t just take it from ya mum saying, “ooh, you really look like them”….No, If you are approached on the street by absolute strangers during the day, then take it seriously, learn your character, hone your craft and focus on the most famous and recognizable thing your celebrity has done. Its the most rewarding thing you will do. Its a fact you look like a celebrity, don’t waste it, embrace it, it will be the best thing you have ever done.


Follow Tim on Twitter here… https://twitter.com/RickyGervais2

Official lookalikes Twitter – https://twitter.com/LookalikesC4

Haydn Blower Interview with Scott McGlynn

Haydn Blower who has a passion for singing, modelling and dancing, He’s well know for uploading his first freestyle dance video, this video had 37,000 views in just over a week, I caught up with Haydn to talk more about YouTube, Modelling, Fashion and more… 



Scott:  We know for YouTube channel, Your freestyle dance video got huge hits, What was you feeling from all the support? 
Haydn: I think the feeling was shocked at first, so crazy that someone out there liked what I did and that’s a great feeling 

Scott:  Your channel is full of mix videos, what’s been your favourite bar your dance video?

Haydn: Well I like the singing ones cause you can show passion when you sing and I think everyone enjoyed it and could connect.


Scott: You do a lot of modelling how did you get into it?

Haydn: Just posting random pictures on social media and got asked by a brand by the name of OnePiece if I would model some of their stuff in return for goods and opportunities 


Scott: What’s been your best shoot so far?

 Haydn: Along with the OnePiece one I did one for my website which was great fun cause I could do whatever

Scott: Any advice to people starting out in modelling you can give?

Haydn: Don’t stay in your comfort zone try new style of clothes and always bring your personality out in photos you take it puts you from the rest of everyone else

Scott: You a brand ambassador for “OnePiece” what can you tell me more about the brand?

Haydn: Well the company was founded in 2007 on a Sunday morning in Oslo Norway the idea came of tying together a hoodie with a pair sweatpants using a giant zipper ended up in what would become the OnePiece Jumpsuit, the very core product of the brand. Some said it would look stupid, some said it wouldn’t last, most people agreed it wouldn’t work out. But they became a global movement of slackers, counting 10 Concept Stores, over 1000 retailers selling in over 100 countries and over 1 million fans worldwide – and the slumber party has barely just started…


Scott: I recently brought out my first book called “OUT” its my autobiographical story of being gay in high school age 11 and getting bullied for who i am, What advice would you say to people getting bullied?
Haydn: I got bullied myself at a young age moving schools and even been having to be pulled out a one point as it was affecting my grades but I chose to go back to school cause I know that school was just a small part of my life and that I was going on to do better things then the people who put me down, so my advice would be stay cool headed and surrounding yourself with good friends at school or wherever and just think you in the end will come out on top
Scott: We love to see you come around the UK any plans for this?

Haydn: I will be doing a few tours of the UK with events coming up
Scott: What’s the 3 most things you can not live without? 


My iPhone

My family/friends

And air 🙂
Scott:  What does 2016 / 2017 hold for Haydn? 

Haydn: I hope to be even more involved in brands etc and maybe even a career in dancing or music.



Haydn Social Media links..

Website: haydnblower.com

YouTube: youtube.com/HaydnBlower